My Vampire System Chapter 1520 – An annoying god

It was a bumpy silent journey so far in the specially made travelling vehicle the group was currently in. A large reinforced vehicle that was used by top Travellers to go hunting. It was reinforced on the outside that would block most sudden attacks from beasts, but as long as they kept moving, they would be okay and mostly ignored.

On the inside, it had everything one could need. Food supplies, beds, even a kitchen area to cook in.

Travellers needed to go hunting for days on end, and with this task, in particular, none of them knew how long it was going to take.

The journey so far had been mostly silent. They were a group of strangers, and no one felt like talking, all apart from one, Rafer, who couldn’t stop talking.

It was almost as if he didn’t want a moment of silence to go by, so whenever no one said anything, which was a lot, he would start yapping away. There were six in total heading towards where the Demon tier beast was located or where it was hinted to be.

Nervous looks all around filled the room, apart from two who were sitting down. Erin had her arms and legs crossed, sitting opposite Bliss.

She was scowling towards the other and made sure to keep her eyebrows furrowed. It was clear she wasn’t shy about hiding her disliking from the others.

“I think you’re going to burn a hole through her body if you keep staring at her like that,” Berg commented. “What’s wrong? You’ve been like that ever since she was introduced to the group. Do you know her or something?”

“Not that well,” Erin replied bluntly, and that was the end of Berg trying to break the ice with the only other person he knew once again. He had tried striking up a conversation with her a few times during the journey, but she had said nothing.

The ice queen still seemed like an ice queen.

The thing was, Erin was telling the truth. She really didn’t know this person well, but she vividly remembered her. She was one of the few people that had turned her life upside down. In a way, ever since meeting her, that was the turning point when she started to focus on her urges.

Each time she killed a vampire, the words that the person spoke to her would come to mind, and after all that, to suddenly leave without explaining herself. Of course, Erin had a disliking for this person.

What was worse was that every time Erin gave her a look, Bliss would just smile back.

“Berg, it is now our turn,” Rafer claimed, walking over to his side.

Not following what was going on, he stood up but remembered what they were meant to do and started to speak about himself.

“Hey, that’s that Sunsheild kid from the big four.” Connan nudged the other Traveller Brook who was next to him.

“I am from the Sunshield family, correct, and I am proud of it, but I am not proud of myself. I wasn’t with the rest of the group when the Blade’s came and attacked us, but I knew about them and was to keep the whole thing a secret.

“I didn’t want to go into hiding, but the rest of us had to. Scared that they could still be out there. I then tried to get stronger every day, vowing to get rid of the Blade that made our family this way and then I saw the broadcast..of him getting killed.

“Now, I honestly don’t know what to do, but it has led me to this place.”

It was an awkward introduction, and the others didn’t expect Berg to go into his back story, but it seemed like some of the comments from the others during this trip had rubbed him the wrong way.

“Okay, now Erin was it. Would you like to introduce yourself?”

Erin said nothing and just looked away. Rafer turned to the others, hoping someone else would speak, but no one did.

Since no one had volunteered or was doing so, he decided to tell everyones’ skills and powers for them. He didn’t know much about the others other than their name, so it was the only thing he could do. Although Erin’s was completely wrong, as it looked like Rafer still believed she had some sort of speed ability.

“Okay, everyone, now that I have introduced you all to each other. I guess it’s time to let someone else talk.” Rafer said, who had been talking this whole time.

The next one to stand up was Bliss, who looked strange during these times with what she was wearing. She would wear long robes, which looked to have next to no armour on them. They were blue and white in colour, bright, which stood out. Then there was her weapon which was a staff.

Still, Erin of course, wouldn’t let this fool her. For one time, she couldn’t even move after seeing this person.

“The Demon tier beast we are about to face is strong, we are going to its location, and I have no doubt that we will beat it.” After saying these words, Bliss just stopped there, smiled and sat back down.

“That’s it?” Berg was now shaking even more than before. “Rafer, didn’t you say she had details about the Demon tier beast or would tell us how to beat it! What is this?”

Rafer himself looked a little confused, but since he was one that didn’t like confrontation much, he wanted to try and let the matter go.

“I agree. We are risking our lives here.” Conan stood up. “Please tell us you have more. Otherwise, I won’t support you.”

“Fine,” Bliss spoke again. “I can see you are all troubled, so I will tell you why the Earthborn group decided to listen to my request and why I am so confident in us beating the Demon tier beast. Because my ability is to see the future. Not just a few seconds, but accurate representations of the future.

“I already proved this fact with the leaders of the Earthborn group. So they have come to trust me.”

Hearing this reminded Erin of the time the two of them met. She had said something similar to her as well.

‘Honestly, this all sounds like monkey balls, and I still think she’s talking cow balls right now.’ Erin couldn’t help but think.

“An ability to tell the future, I’m not sure I have ever heard of an ability like that. At least not like this?” Brook had his finger on his chin and was tapping away. Just like his smile, his voice was gentle as well, which didn’t suit the whole look he had.

“If you really could tell the future, then you could have stopped several fights and wars by now. I don’t believe it for a second.” Conan crossed his arms. “Hey, why don’t you tell me how I’m going to die.”

“Usually, I can’t tell such specific details like that, but I do have this information,” Bliss replied. “But do you really wish for me to tell you that? There are many paths to the future, and perhaps me telling you your fate is the reason it is caused in the first place. Since you asked…”

It looked like Conan was somewhat regretting his actions and was about to tell her not to say anything. Now that he thought about it, knowing how he would die would be a very scary thing, but perhaps he could prevent it.

“Your death will be a cold one, a very cold one.” That was all that Bliss said, and now Conan was wondering why he was even worried in the first place.

“The reason why I know we will do well on this task today in hunting the Demon tier beast, is because of her. She will be the one that we will rely on to defeat the Demon tier beast.”

Looking up, Erin could see that Bliss was pointing her staff right towards her.

‘Right, I really don’t like this person.’ Erin thought.


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