My Vampire System Chapter 1517 – Constant Internal struggle

A mixed bag of emotions. Honestly, when Erin had decided to leave the others and go on her own, away from her friends, she was heartbroken inside. She had already lost her family once, and because of that, she naturally pushed others away.

Yet, slowly, some people had managed to move into her heart once again, and Erin became a little soft towards them. She had decided to get stronger because she wanted to protect those around her, but the one thing she never thought she would have to do, was to fight those closest to her.

It was a thought that she couldn’t bear, something that she couldn’t imagine, and in the end, she had decided to leave the settlement. The teleporter in the tenth castle had been used to send Erin back to the Cursed ship.

When Erin reached her destination, she didn’t greet the others or inform them of what she was doing. Instead, she had decided to do something else, and that was to get as far away from everyone as possible. There were a few things she had learned about herself, like, similar to a vampire, Erin could also use influence skills on people.

Although it seemed like this wasn’t as strong as her counterparts, it was enough to convince the person-in-charge of the teleporter room.

‘I have to get away from the Cursed faction and any of the vampires. Even on this ship, I can still feel it,’ she thought.

Eventually, she headed through the teleporter. After going through several steps, she found herself on one of the three Earthborn Planets that were considered safe. The planet seemed quite peaceful, having hardly suffered from Dalki attacks, and there were plenty of people in the Shelter.

In fact, there were so many people that Erin felt a little trapped. After all, many from the other Shelters had to come to this place, including Civilians. In the end, the Earthborn group had to build two shelters on the planet to accommodate everyone.

One, for the general civilians and a group of men to protect the place. While the original was for the bulk of the military. They built the Shelters relatively close to each other; if there was any trouble, the military could come and help.

In the first place, they only considered this safe to do so because the Dalki attacks were so scarce.

One day, covering herself in a grey robe, Erin walked down the street and entered a tavern. Unlike vampires, she needed to eat regular food.

Eventually, the server came and served a steaming hot meal. Pulling out a money card, she proceeded to pay the man with her credits, but there seemed to be an error when attempting it to go through.

“Right, sorry, but it seems like the payment didn’t quite work. Do you have another money card on you, perhaps?” The man politely asked.

The money card she was using was her own, and this money was from what she used to get from being part of the Cursed faction. They would hardly ever need to use it, though, for two reasons: Being close to the Cursed leaders meant it was almost impossible for them to pay for things, and if they did need money, they had a member of the Green family who was happy to top up their cards whenever wished.

Seeing her beautiful long blonde hair and pretty face, the man was almost getting red just looking at her.

And just as she was about to use her powers.

“It’s okay, the meal’s on the house.” The man suddenly smiled and walked away.

She was left alone, in the corner with her food, and dug in quite quickly.

‘I can’t keep using my powers like that…it feels wrong.’ Erin thought. ‘But that means I’ll have to come up with a way to make some money.’

After finishing her meal, she eventually saw that everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen. As for what they were watching, it was none other than Quinn. He had returned from the vampire world, and right now, they were heading to the Daisy faction base.

She continued to watch every bit of it, as Quinn was filled with anger and had killed the Dalki with ease. Those in the shop couldn’t stop talking about the whole event. When the broadcast ended, they continued to discuss it for hours while Erin was left with her own thoughts.

‘Quinn, you have gotten so strong. I thought maybe I could get as strong as you…but now I’m a little scared of what will happen if I do.’

Right now, she couldn’t feel the urge, but it was because she could tell that there wasn’t a vampire in the Shelter they were currently at. Perhaps if she lived a successful life away from vampires, away from them all, she would be alright.

Still, there was something at the back of her mind that was itching her bit by bit, even if there weren’t any vampires. Thankfully due to Leo’s training, she could control it, at least this much.

Putting on her hood, Erin continued to wonder for the next couple of days, but that wasn’t all she did. At night she would wander the streets, even though she didn’t know why she was doing it, but it was as if she was looking for something.

Then one night, while roaming through the streets, it hit her like a wave. An incredible feeling rushed through her mind, and her back was covered in sweat. Like radar, she could quickly pinpoint where this sensation was coming from. Running through the roads of the Shelter, she turned down an alleyway and saw two glowing red eyes.

Without a second thought, she pulled out her smaller katana-like blade and dashed forward, slashing at the vampire. The attack was swift. The vampire didn’t even have time to react and was killed on the spot, sliced in half.

A human was trembling and frightened on the street floor down the alleyway.

“Thank you…thank you so much that man came out of nowhere.”

Turning around, Erin looked at the person, a young woman. Walking forward, she had the biggest smile on her face.

“No worries. I’m glad to see that you’re alright.”

The woman didn’t know why, but getting up, she immediately ran away and headed back home. What Erin didn’t know was her smile didn’t look like one that was happy, but one of someone who was enjoying the moment.

Touching her face, she could feel the edge of her smile not going down.

“What have I become…what is this…but that feeling, I can’t forget that feeling,” Erin muttered. She knew that she had enjoyed the sudden feeling of killing the vampire.

She was afraid that even if she chose to live a life in seclusion, she would eventually lose out and seek this feeling once again. As she was deciding if she was ready to give up or not… but a certain person’s smiling face flashed in her head.

“Layla… I miss the days when I just talked with you; I missed seeing you drool over that idiot Quinn; I miss the scaredy-cat Peter and the charismatic Vorden. I just want to go back to those days. Is that so much to ask?” Erin sighed.

Getting up from her feet, she took a deep breath and placed her blade away.

“I have to control this urge, and I have to do it if I ever want to return to them one day. And I know I will overcome this.”

Knowing Quinn’s plans were: the alliance between the humans and the vampires. And she was an existence that could sink that plan, so no matter what, she needed to control her urges if she wanted to help in this war.


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