My Vampire System Chapter 1516: New Gen Succeed

At first, when Owen could see the number of three spike and four spike Dalki, he thought they were in for a serious problem. For a second, he even believed that the new generation of Dalki had to be referring to them.

After all, the group had never come across such a large number of high spiked Dalki, and the enemy could have easily used such Dalki in the first war to take over the earth if they wished.

This all changed when Owen’s eyes focused on the human-like Dalki standing on top of the fortress in the crater.

Although he had the same number of spikes as the others, the level of threat Owen felt from him was very high.

Immediately, the Dalki started to run up the crater and charged towards the army. The platoons also got into the action and moved forward to take down the enemy once and for all.

‘What do I do? That Dalki doesn’t seem to move anytime soon, so should I stay here and protect the others…or should I be the first to make a move against the new Gen Dalki.’ Owen was in a dilemma.

That was until he saw the chaos on the battlefield. The Dalki at the front were hit by countless different abilities and even got slashed with beast weapons, but these attacks had a negligible effect. One of the four spikes punched the ground, destroying the ground beneath them. At the same time, another Dalki delivered a kick so powerful that it killed a row of men, despite them wearing their gear.

At the same time, even those from the Graylash family were struggling. Their lightning powers were effective against the Dalki but could barely hurt the latter, much less kill them.

Owen could see one of his white robbed men jump and then moving like a lighting bolt, he had hit the Dalki straight in the stomach and caused it to bleed on its scales, but before the men could go for another attack, the Dalki placed its hand on former’s head and ripped it apart from his torso.

“This is chaos!” Nate shouted as he punched a three spike Dalki right below its chin, sending it in the air, but he had no time to finish it off as another came towards him. He lifted his trusty shield in time, and as the Dalki’s fist hit the shield, a smile appeared on Nate’s face.

It began to glow, and the energy blasted the Dalki into the crater’s curved part in the next second, destroying it. For Nate, the shield was great for combat if the enemy was attacking him from all sides.

He was faster than most Dalki, and it didn’t matter if his own powers weren’t enough to kill them; the demon tier shield would do that for him.

“You are a troublesome one.” A voice asserted; Nate saw a hand in front of him, about to reach his face upon turning around. He looked into the Dlaki’s eyes for a second, and all he could see was darkness. This was the humanoid Dalki, who had left the fortress and joined in on the fight.

‘He’s fast, faster than me…I can’t get the shield in time. I’ll have to use the shadow.’ Nate immediately reacted.

Before the hand reached him, though, a strong Blood Swipe came and slightly changed the hand’s trajectory. A red sword came swinging down the next moment, slashing at the Dalki’s arm.

“Nicu!” Nate was surprised.

“Our people are dying, and this one is too fast for you,” Nicu said. “Your shield can deal with most of them; leave this to me.”

For a second, Nate wondered if he should help or not, but the next few actions from the two had proved what Nicu said was right. This Dalki was unusually fast. The more spikes they had, the faster their speed and power, but this one could keep up with Nicu without getting any injuries on its body.

Others around them heard several clashes just in a few seconds as Nicu slashed with his sword, and the Dalki tried to counterattack, going for his head. Every single blow from the Dalki had the power to finish off the young leader in one shot, but Nicu was somehow able to hold out.

Looking around, Nate could tell their army was losing men and losing them incredibly fast. The enemy only numbered to a hundred or so and was fighting against an army of close to a hundred thousand people, yet it was the army that was being slaughtered.

‘Right now, I need to do what I can.’ Nate thought as he went into the fray, hoping to deal with them as instructed.

Meanwhile, seeing that Nicu was dealing with the strange Dalki, Owen decided to protect his people as much as possible. Eventually, summoning his soul weapon and throwing it up into the sky, he moved to change the tide of the battle.

Each lightning strike from above would stun the Dalki for a few seconds, giving him a chance to take them on one at a time. Just as Owen was getting ready to move forward, three four-spike Dalki surrounded him.

“Get out of my way!” Owen cried in anger. A single bolt from the sky struck the Dalki, stunning one of them on the spot. Owen quickly hit another in the stomach, but it stood its ground and kicked Owen right in the chest, sending him flying back.

Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, but he needed to get up and deal with them quickly.

‘I need to stay calm…I need to think of a way out of this.’

The fight continued between the humans and the new set of Dalki. Every time Owen would see some type of opening and deal with one of them, stronger ones would charge towards him, and honestly, he was getting quite tired.

With Nate, the understanding of what his shield could do started to spread among the enemy Dalki. Even with his vampire and Qi powers, a four spike was still difficult for him to deal with. Thankfully, the Demon tier shield gave him extra stats to help him deal with a few of them.

Yet, it was clear there was a certain strategy in place. All those that would give the Dalki trouble were targeted and surrounded. At the same time, they weren’t necessarily trying to kill them and were slowly being forced down, not allowing them to help the others.

Even Nicu, who was trying his best to hurt the four spike, had eventually caused some cuts and bruises here and there, but the Dalki hadn’t changed its own attack pattern and just continued.

It was hard for them to tell how long had passed, but they had been fighting non-stop, to the point where each of them had to now worry about their MC cells. Nicu and Nate were in a better state since drinking some of the Dalki blood of their fallen targets gave them an energy boost.

Nate had used his shadow in a dangerous situation, even protecting those around him.

On the other hand, Nicu was getting frustrated and was making more mistakes and even got hit on his shoulder by the human Dalki, and was now forced to step back.

Eventually, Nicu, Owen, and Nate had backed themselves up towards each other without realising it. Around ten or so vampires were still fighting, and nearly two-thirds of the Dalki were taken out, but out of the hundred thousand they had brought with them, these vampires were the only ones left.

“Regroup!” Nicu shouted, and the vampires soon came towards them, and now huddled up and tired, they all wondered what to do. Owen no longer had his soul weapon out because it was using too much of his energy.

“We have to get out of this,” Owen said.

The Human Dalki was smiling at them, and the other Dalki started to walk ahead towards them as well. Around twenty of them were still alive, and only the last few people from the attack group.

“Is this how it ends for us?” Nate gritted his teeth. He tried to contact Sam upon seeing the disadvantageous situation during the fight, but there was no response. Honestly, he was worried that everyone at the moment who was in the Dalki solar system was facing a similar problem.

“There are not that many left.” Owen smiled. “Why don’t we have a competition to see how many we can take out.”

While saying these words, Owen found it hard even to lift up his arms.

The Dalki charged at them, and the group of vampires was ready to protect their leader. But after a few steps, the Dalki noticed something from the side; however, it was a little too late for them as a tunnel of ice came out from the side.

The second it touched the Dalki, their bodies began to freeze on the spot. Soon, three Dalki were caught, and half their bodies were frozen. Just then, a large blade appeared and sliced one of the Dalki in half the next second.

“….What is she doing here,” Nate said in disbelief. “I’ve never been this pleased to see her.”


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