My Vampire System Chapter 1514: Searching for the leader

Sam’s group wasn’t the only one heading into the Dalki part of the Solar system. The Earthborn group was still busy reclaiming the lost planets in their section, and they were moving unhurriedly since many vampire leaders were helping them out.

Cooperation wasn’t their strongest strength, and at the same time, they were waiting for an update on the situation with Sach. Still, after dealing with One Horn, they would soon start to speed up ahead. The Graylash family, led By Owen and Nicu, proceeded remarkably quickly, only a little behind the others.

From the Cursed family section, the one leading the charge of the war with the vampire subclasses was Sunny. She was also on her way, heading towards the Dalki part of the solar system. Bonny and Void were no longer with them since the task was far too dangerous and sent back to one of the Earthborn groups instead.

During her flight through space, Sunny had received an update from Sam.

“Sunny, you’ve done a good job, and the subclasses lost were under our estimations. I must congratulate you on your performance.” She heard Sam’s voice on the ship intercom. The latter was yet to land on a planet.

By her side, Sunny still had Rokene and another Female vampire who was there for support, listening in on everything. Sunny was one of the very few vampires who had left most of her castle vampires and inner castle vampires back in the vampire settlement.

“Thank you, but you don’t have to flatter me. I know what needs to be done. I assume you didn’t call me just to congratulate me.” Sunny asked, wanting to get straight down to business.

“You’re correct. We have received an update from Vorden regarding something new happening with the Dalki. He was unsure of trusting them, but in the end, I decided to let them live in return for information.

“There is something that you need to be careful about. There is something called New Gen Dalki, and they might be stronger than what you have faced before. If that is the case, I would suggest, at the worst, abandoning the subclasses and regrouping with another of the Cursed faction groups. Let the subclasses do as they wish.

“But I hope the situation won’t come to that because I have another task for you. When gathering information from the Dalki, I asked where Graham would be and what planet he resided on. The answer was surprising, to say the least.

“Their base isn’t located on any of the planets; rather, they ride in a ship that’s the size of a large moon. Apparently, they had taken large parts of land from the planets or the moons near them to create it.

“I would like you to locate this ship. This is where Graham is most likely, and this is where the beast we are looking for will be.”

Sunny had no problem with the mission and had accepted it. During her fight on the Dalki fortress, she realised that although the leaders were strong and able to take out the Dalki, what would have happened if they had attacked the vampires.

For one, the leaders would have never used beast gear, nor would they have had inner blood weapons. The leaders also didn’t have haste to train and get stronger as Quinn had drilled into them.

It was quite possible that the Dalki would have quickly annihilated the whole vampire race as well.

“I guess everything that has happened has been for a reason.” Sunny smiled.

The ship was heading towards one of the beast planets and was close enough to feel its gravitational pull onto the ship when Sunny was about to give instructions to steer away from the planet to search for the main Dalki ship.

They suddenly heard a beeping sound in the ship before she could order the move. Rokene rushed to one of the monitors to have a look at what was going on.

“Nina, activate the ship’s defensive shields now!” Rokene shouted.

Nina quickly went over to the panel and followed the command. Usually, if an energy blast was detected, the shield would come online on its own. However, the ships the vampires used didn’t have as strong shields as the Dalki motherships, but it was enough to survive a couple of attacks.

Quickly, Rokene rushed to the windshield, and he could see a black object heading their way. It wasn’t large, but it was coming at a great speed, encased in what looked like flames. As it touched the shield, the shield could do nothing to slow it down as it pierced through it and hit right through one side of the ship.

“We’ve been hit, and it looks like more are coming our way. What do we do?” Rokene asked.

Sunny had to make a quick decision. The planet they were about to land on was one of the beast planets that showed readings of the Dalki, but she had just been tasked with something different. The question was can they get away? And if they failed and the ship was destroyed in space, they would lose all the subclasses as well.

While thinking, another object hit the ship, and the ship automatically sealed off that section to minimise the damage.

“Land the ship!” Sunny shouted.

Quickly, they activated the thrusters. The ship was large in the first place since it was a drop-ship filled with countless numbers of the subclasses. It started to head towards the planet, and at the same time, the enemy attacks had stopped.

‘Was it trying to get us to land? And I don’t see any of the Dalki fortresses anywhere…’ Sunny thought. ‘I guess I will have to deal with the Dalki here and whatever was making that attack and then head off to search. It will delay the mission, but I think we can deal with this quickly.”

The ship was slowly approaching the orange-like wasteland of the surface. As they got closer and decided to steer in the direction of the enemy, they spotted someone on the ground.

“Is that just one Dalki?” Rokene asked, doubting her eyes.

What they were seeing was indeed just a single Dalki. It stood there surrounded by countless black spears dug into the ground. The black spears didn’t actually look like spears but were just long and pointed at the end. It was a simple object created from the Dalki material.

It was then that the Dalki smiled and picked up one of the spears while staring at the ship.

“Too slow.” It said as it threw the spear, aiming right for the back engine part. The spear passed through, and a loud explosion shook the ship as it began to tilt due to the impact. The front of the ship opened up, and the vampires jumped, landing on the ground. At the same time, the ship crashed not far away from them.

“Don’t worry,” Sunny said after getting up. “If there is a Dalki here, there will be another ship, and that won’t be enough to kill the subclasses.”

Sunny was right, as the containers were in good condition even against the attack. Soon the doors started to open on the containers, and out came rushing all of the subclasses at once.

“Now, this is interesting,” Dalki said. “This will be a nice test to see if I can take you all on.”

A single Dalki… Sunny couldn’t imagine there was only one Dalki on this planet when she was expecting to face a whole colony. However, something else was distressing her even more. In the description of Dalki, Sam said they were all to look out for and to report immediately if they saw a Dalki sporting human clothes.


On a distant and far away planet, not in the beast solar system. There was one person who was going through an immense amount of pain. Not for a second had the pain receded since starting this process, but he couldn’t give up.

Still, to make him aware of his progress and how long he had to continue suffering like this, the system was there to tell him.

[System Nest Crystal absorption progress]




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