My Vampire System Chapter 1513: The Worst Outcome

A little while before Sam and his group had landed, they were carefully checking the planets nearby. Using Logan’s devices that had been adjusted to track the readings of the Dalki instead of the demon tier beast showed that there really were no Dalki on the other planets.

Surprisingly as well, they were still working and hadn’t been destroyed, including the ones on the planets with Dalki.

‘Condensing their forces, are they really just using the same trick as us when we first attacked?’ Sam thought. ‘It doesn’t seem to quite suit what they have done before.’

It was then, just before landing, that they had a call. It was from Vorden. He updated them on the information they had found out about a specific type of Dalki called the new Gen. The bad feeling that Sam seemed to be coming true, although there wasn’t much information other than the Dalki being slightly different from what they had seen before.

It seemed like the Dalki themselves didn’t know much about them either. Still, Sam needed to proceed with the plan and chose not to stray from the course. He also updated Vorden on what to do for the time being. He was to keep moving forward, for now it was fine if they left the Dalki as they were. Even if they attacked them from behind or went forward, it wouldn’t disrupt their plan.

Sam was interested in talking to them some more if things didn’t go exactly the way he wanted as well.

‘A split between the Dalki is a good sign, maybe I…We stick to the plan, keep going forward, and… we’re going to kill the Demon tier beast.’ Sam thought in his head.

The plan to kill the demon tier beast was Sam’s main goal all along. Doing so would ruin the enemy’s morale, stop them from creating more Dalki, and also, according to their information, killing one would mean that Quinn had obtained both of them due to the beast’s special ability.

Killing the current Dalki wasn’t going to help, and they needed to get rid of Dalki’s goal.

‘I’m not sure this is the right thing, but if Graham is planning what I think he is… then this will be our only chance.’

Upon landing on the Dalki planets, they noticed that they were less terraformed than the planets owned by the humans. Humans had tried to change the land somewhat to make it more habitable for every planet that they had.

Since the Dalki had low numbers, it made sense that they wouldn’t bother trying to change the whole planet and just the areas where they lived. Because of this, though, mostly the Dalki planets followed a similar pattern.

The planet was overrun with forest, large lumps of rock that constituted barren lands, and then there were huge ice capes similar to the one they were currently standing on.

Although the patterns they produced on the ground were quite interesting, they looked like waves frozen in place all over, some larger than others.

Walking through the tearing, they were quite cautious about everything, but they had a strong force with them.

Layla, Sam, Logan, and Dennis were from the Cursed faction leaders. Then from the vampire side, there was Vincent on his own, but he did have those in the tenth family as well. For one, Xander had come on the trip while leaving Timmy behind to take care of most things in the family.

The vampires in this group weren’t many, adding up to a hundred or so members at most, but they were vampires that Xander said he trusted within the family. Many of them had even volunteered, saying they wanted to help Quinn.

Lastly, from the other humans travelling with them, Peach, Ivy, and Ruby were there. Peach and Ivy were the leaders of the Daisy faction, and there was a large number of those from the Daisy group with them.

Ruby was close to Arthur, and the reason why she insisted on coming was that they still hadn’t found her daughter. Her daughter wasn’t on any of the planets they had reclaimed, and with no one to ask, they could only hope that the Dalki were keeping her somewhere for some reason.

“Do we really have so little information on this New Gen Dalki,” Layla said as they continued to move on foot rather than use the vehicles.

This was because Sam wanted to look at this new Gen before facing them. How many spikes they had was his primary concern.

“I can bet on a few things from the knowledge that is in here,” Logan said, tapping his finger on his head a few times. “The Dalki were created with a basis of different DNA that the vampires gathered at the time when they were trying to develop human substitutes, after all.

“Slight variations in genes perhaps would create a better substitute or wouldn’t come with the defects they were looking for. This is one of the reasons why there is such a difference in strength between different Dalki. If they can condense the information of all of the current Dalki and use that information somehow, they can create more useful Dalki.

“My other guess is using the energy of the other half of the Demon tier beast, they have created a stronger Dalki. Rather than try to create as many of the Dalki as they could, like Jim had originally done, they just focused on creating the strongest.”

Listening to Logan talk wasn’t giving them confidence, especially since the Dalki were a frightening existence to begin with.

“What’s the worst outcome? I mean out of the two.” Layla asked.

“That would be if they combined both of them,” Logan replied.

Since it hadn’t come up as one of the options, Layla didn’t want to think about it.

“It is troublesome. The Dalki being condensed like this isn’t good either. One Horn was incredibly strong. Imagine if they had attacked with Slicer One Horn and Graham at the same time.” Sam said.

“My guess was they were being cautious of Richard. Which is why he also had defensive measures in place, such as Oscar. If they managed to regain the strength that they have lost and are now fighting together, it would be tough.”

The group was coming close to the source of readings, so Sam told the others to get some rest, eat up, and reenergize themselves. While the leaders would continue ahead to scout the area.

After all, the energy readings didn’t tell them the numbers of the Dalki, so they were curious and alert. Eventually, after travelling a good distance away from the others, they came across something. It was the top of the fortress, and this one looked to be a bit wider than the others, but it was still quite close in size.

The group hid behind a giant landmass, and standing behind it, they could see far ahead and observed the fortress carefully.

“Remind me, do the Dalki have good eyesight like us?” Dennis asked.

“Not as good as vampires’,” Vincent said. “At least not the old ones.”

Looking out, they were trying to see if they could catch something important. It would be hard since the fortress itself was a solid wall, and most of the Dalki would be inside, but maybe along the top, they would be able to see something staring out, and to their amazement, they actually did.

The only thing was they had to rub their eyes a couple of times to make sure what they were seeing was correct.

“That can’t be… can it?” Layla asked while glancing at the others around her.

Although they couldn’t see how many spikes most of the Dalki had, one that stood in the centre appeared a bit more Human than the others. For one, its skin was mostly white, with scales running up it.

It reminded them of Borden when he would change slightly. There was still the tail feature and their gigantic size, but their frame looked different from anything they had seen before. However, that wasn’t the shocking thing about them.

No, it was because, without a doubt, this Dalki, in particular, had a resemblance to someone they all knew. Seeing the Dalki, tears ran down Layla’s cheek as she remembered what had happened.

“How could they do this…how could they use her like this?!”


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