My Vampire System Chapter 1512: A White Flag

A little while ago, Sam had received news of the loss that the Earthborn group had suffered. Honestly, he hated to say it, but even the loss of Sach and Oscar was within his predictions. If he was being more honest, he thought there was a good chance that the Earthborn group would fail, and all of them would be lost.

If they were really struggling, and if the situation looked completely hopeless, Sam had instructed Linda to contact him. In that scenario, she would contact Quinn, and the latter would be the one to deal with One Horn. Thankfully it seemed like it was not needed. However, one thing he didn’t expect was Samantha’s willingness to accept the situation.

With her help, if the Earthborn group listened to them during these times, it would be much better, and hopefully, there would be fewer issues.

‘I hate that I think this way.’ Sam thought while sitting down in one of the combat ships. They were currently heading to their next destination. Thanks to certain groups in the Cursed faction army, they had successfully taken back eight of the nine planets that the Cursed faction once owned.

He and his group would be heading out to the first planet where the Dalki had gathered. Now, this was where the real battle would start, as they moved onto the planets that the Dalki owned, Sam had informed the other groups where the Dalki were located since many of the beast planets in the Dalki’s side of the solar system, as it was called, were empty.

The groups knew where they needed to go, but Sam wondered how to use the advantage they had right now. For one, Fex and the others were quite far from where they were.

In the end, Sam had told him to ignore the other groups and come straight to the Dalki-occupied beast planet of the solar system. He imagined that ‘help’ that he had suggested would be best used there.

‘Just one more planet for them to take over, and they will be moving out as well.’ Sam thought, looking at the list.

The plan was proceeding quicker than Sam had imagined. The only reason he was entering the Dalki-occupied part of the solar system, which was left untouched since the treaty, was because the Blade group successfully dealt with the Dalki fortresses quicker than expected.

They were currently taking on the ninth and last planet that used to be owned by the Cursed faction.


The Blade family were currently on a planet named Erty. It was a planet that mostly had water with one big continent. This made it easy for the Blade group to find the fortress they were looking for.

Upon landing, they could feel the humidity in the air, and getting off the ship a distance away, the Blade family were ready to move.

“Is everyone ready!” Vorden called out to the people behind him. He was leading the army for now, and they were only groups with no vampire leaders by their side. It was just a small army compared to others.

Honestly, they had hardly lost anyone as well because there wasn’t much work for the other ability users to do with Sil and the rest. The two now Demon tier beasts were unstoppable forces. Sil had a large pool of abilities to choose from since he had an army of ability users behind them.

Then there was Borden, who had more spikes than most of the Dalki in the enemy fortress. The others would just stay back for support, and most deal with stray Dalki who tried to escape.

The group began to march off, bringing along some of their equipment, trailers, vehicles, and more that would transport a large number of the group. Currently, the Blade family were riding ahead, leading the charge on a large four-wheeled vehicle.

The land was a bit rough and bumpy as the surface wasn’t exactly the smoothest. Still, all of them looked off into the distance carefully with Raten behind the wheel. Although a demon tier beast, he could transform himself, and he was getting better and better at controlling his mud powers.

He essentially looked identical to a human while controlling things. That was when up ahead they could see something.

“Is that a Dalki?” Borden asked.

“It is, and it looks like it’s holding up a white flag. Are they trying to surrender?” Vorden thought. For years, a white flag has been a sign of peace and surrender, but this has never happened when fighting against the Dalki.

“What do you want to do?” Sil asked as he was getting his hands ready to deal with the Dalki in front of them.

“It could be a trap, but at the same time, if we can solve this without fighting, then it will save more lives. It would be best if we talk to them.” Vorden replied as he stood up and placed his hand out, gesturing to the rest of those behind them to stop advancing.

In the meantime, the vehicle continued forward, and when they were close to the Dalki, they all got off. Borden was still in his little form, and he would only take injections when needed, so he mostly stayed on top of Vorden’s shoulder since that was his favourite brother of the lot.

The group looked around to see if they could see any Dalki. They could see the tip of the fortress in the distance, but it was too far away for them to come running towards them suddenly.

In the end, Vorden was the one who took the lead. Using his new black wings, he flew up and landed directly in front of the Dalki, who had no less than three spikes. However, in front of a beast-like Vorden, the two figures looked equally frightened. Their heads matched in heights, and a human seeing this wouldn’t want to run into either of them.

“What’s with the white flag?” Vorden asked.

The others didn’t get too close, worried that they might make the Dalki feel anxious.

“We wish to surrender. We know what has been happening, and you have taken over every fortress so far. We don’t wish to fight, but we just want to survive.” The Dalki responded.

It was strange. Vorden didn’t understand why now of all times.

“This is not based on our leader’s orders but on us as a fortress. I can see you are confused, but we feel the other Dalki have abandoned us. We have received no help, and communication has completely been cut off from the main base. Please..we Dalki just wish to live.”

There were concerns with whether they were telling the truth or not. For instance, the Dalki had a nature similar to beasts to kill those who weren’t of the same kind. This nature even caused them to fight amongst each other for power.

At the same time, if they were to leave the Dalki, then what if the latter changed their mind and attacked them from behind. There was one more thing as well.

“You…you killed a lot of people in the shelter that was originally here. Some people want you all dead. You have to…you have to give me a reason to stop them. Your desire to live means nothing to them,” Vorden stated. “First, tell me, why would the Dalki even abandon you?”

The three spike Dalki looked back for a second at the fortress behind him before turning around to the others.

“We have a short life span, and there is only one Dalki at the moment with a mind great enough to make it so we can live for a long time, like beasts which live on for thousands of years. However, our lives have been tossed to the side. With what little time we have left..we do not wish to waste it over meaningless conflict.

“You seem to know about us…you should know that there is a human side to us as well. The human side wishes just to live, and we know fighting against you would be a waste. If you really want, though, we will fight for our lives.

“As for your other questions..the reason why Graham has given up on us…is because he has already created something better than us..and he calls them the new Gen Dalki. If you continue onward to our part of the solar system, you will come across them..there is no longer a place in this world for us.” The Dalki said.


At the same time, far away from here, Sam and the others had landed on the first Dalki planet that had condensed forces. Logan looked at the readings and could see the number of enemies was very high.

“We’re close… we’re close to the finale of this war.” Sam smiled.


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