My Vampire System Chapter 1511: A loss or a win?

The others stepped towards the large crater caused by One Horn’s foot. There were many craters in the Shelter, but this one, in particular, was larger than the others showing how much strength had been used in the attack.

They hoped to give Sach the respect he deserved by proper burial, especially since he sacrificed himself and was the Supreme Commander. It was something that others around the world would like to see.

Unlike the others who had been absorbed by the Dullahan, there should have been something left, but when they reached the crater, they were stumped by the scene in front of them.

None of them could recognise Sach. A red splat on the floor with the organs and bones completely flattened was in the centre, and there was nothing left of him. Witnessing this made them all realise the reality of what they had been through.

Samantha was still on her knees sobbing. She still couldn’t believe that Sach would sacrifice his life for her.

“Why..why…me.” Samantha started to cry.

“We can’t do anything about this one, but we should at least check if the other one is alive,” Mona conveyed as she was already heading to where Oscar was. On the other hand, Linda had decided to stay by Samantha’s side.

While Fex headed off with Mona, he wanted to stay with Samantha, give her words of comfort, but he didn’t know what to say at this moment, and he himself was distressed as well. He felt like perhaps Linda would be the adequate one to comfort Samantha.

Eventually, Mona and Fex came across the Dullahan. His body had crashed into a large pile of rubble. What was once a building was now just rubble with the Dullahan laying on top of it.

“Is he alive?” Fex asked. There was never a heartbeat with Oscar in the first place since he was an undead creature, so it was hard for Fex to tell just by looking at the body. The armour on him was destroyed, and his body seemed quite crushed.

Not in the same way as Sach, but it was hard to believe that the Dullahan would be able to walk again. Fex eventually saw a round object not too far, looking around the area. Running towards it, he picked it up off the ground.

It was Oscar’s head, but it no longer looked like what it once did, with half of it being crushed from its head and one of its eye sockets. The only thing that was still intact was the creepy smile. He walked back with the head in his hand, returning to Mona.

“I think.. he’s…dead as well.” Fex eventually said. “We lost a lot…the humans lost the supreme commander, and now, someone who was strong enough to take out One Horn is gone as well. While we were….”

“We were enough,” Mona answered. “All of us took part in defeating One Horn, and if he had continued to live…just look at this Shelter, it’s thoroughly destroyed. One Horn would have gone Planet to Planet destroying the Shelters with ease. Perhaps even halting the human race’s progress compared to what it is now.

“And…” Mona clenched her fist in anger. “Maybe it’s better that he’s gone.”

“What do you mean by that?!” They heard a shout from behind.

Turning around, the two could see that Samantha and Linda had caught up to them. The former’s eyes were glued to the head that Fex was holding. She stomped over, and he immediately handed it over as she snatched it from his hands.

Samantha fell to her knees again, holding the head and bringing it into her chest as even more tears rolled over her cheek. She had already cried a lot when she had lost her father once, and now she was going through the same thing again.

But soon, the tears of sadness were turning to anger.

Raising her head, she stared towards Mona, who had said the earlier words.

“What do you mean by that? What do you mean it’s better that he died?! Don’t forget that it was because of him that we defeated One Horn!”

Fex was wondering what to do. The one thing they didn’t want now of all times was infighting, but he also couldn’t comprehend the reasoning behind Mona’s words.

“For one, we all took part in taking One Horn down. I doubt if any one of us weren’t here today, then he would have easily slaughtered the rest! And I don’t want to say it, but can’t you see what he did?! Oscar came this way, and it was because of him everyone at the Shelter died, including my people, whom I had brought here.

“If you haven’t figured it out, Oscar uses the dead’s bodies to utilise his powers. I understand that it was to take down One Horn, but that doesn’t justify what he has done. Nor does it help me quell my anger and feel sad for the ones I have lost!”

Honestly, Samantha hadn’t actually thought about what Oscar had done a lot. She thought he had just run in this direction, but now looking around, she could see that there were no bodies at all. Where did all the fifty thousand corpses in the Shelter disappear to?

“I’m sorry, but that man wasn’t completely your father. I have spent more time with the new Oscar, at least more than you. Yes, a part of him was still in there, but most of him was a monster created by Richard Eno to help us win this war.”

It took some time for the rest to get a hold of the situation, and it was worse than they had thought. Sach, the supreme commander, was dead, the strongest force out of the Earthborn group was annihilated, and Oscar was no longer, so what were they supposed to do now?

“Without the Supreme commander, how will the Earthborn group function?” Samantha asked.

“Now you are thinking a bit more with your head straight,” Mona nodded. “With Sach gone, someone has to take over his role. This war is important. It’s still hard to judge whether this is a victory or a loss for us, but we must continue with the plan, and someone has to lead them.

“Samantha, Oscar, and Sach, the past two Supreme commanders, risked their life for you. They both deemed you as someone more important than themselves. You need to take up the role. Report to Sam everything that has happened, plan, and lead the Earthborn group further. We need to win this war… we have already lost too much.”

Samantha thought about Mona’s words. She wasn’t as strong as Mona, she had kept suffering loss after loss, but she wasn’t the only one. Everyone would suffer more losses if this war were to continue.

“You… you don’t have to do this alone,” Fex said, kneeling beside her and offering his hand. “I’ll be there to help you… Even though I’m not like Sach or your father, I will stand beside you.”

Nodding to this, Samantha finally stood up and looked around at the entire Shelter.

It was time for them to make their report.

Before leaving, Fex turned his head at the large Dalki corpse of One Horn. His body was still lying in the Shelter, and it hadn’t shrunken down in size at all. Linda, who appeared next to him, was also staring at it. At the same time, Mona and Samantha were making the report.

“It’s scary, right?” Linda said. “All the five spike beings are this strong. Slicer…One Horn… and there’s still another one. It just makes me wonder if One Horn was this strong and wasn’t the leader… then how much stronger is Graham?”

“We don’t know if Grahm is stronger than One Horn, and sometimes the leader isn’t always the strongest,” Fex replied. “Also, I think having a large body here in front of us, filled with the blood of a five spike Dalki, might benefit us all a lot.”

While staring at the corpse, an idea had flashed in his mind.


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