My Vampire System Chapter 1510: A great cost

Ever since One Horn grew in size, the group was constantly thinking of a way to kill him. His large size wasn’t just for show. He had gained great strength, and on top of that, whatever attacks they made on him, it was no different than a mosquito bite to him.

In the end, they all had to put their trust in the Dullahan, Oscar, who had claimed he, or at least his familiar, had a way. It seemed crazy, but what other choice did they have?

Now seeing what trick Oscar had up his sleeve, they looked at the giant skeleton warrior and couldn’t help but have a sliver of hope that this was enough to deal with One Horn just because both were similar in size.

“Hold him steady!” Mona shouted as she jumped off the back of One Horn. She had used her spears and the string to tangle the wings as much as possible, but they still needed to be somewhat held on with her hands, and it wasn’t something she was confident in doing.

Luckily, the knots and tangling of the string did most of her work, and she was just relieved the string was somewhat holding out.

“We need to let that giant Skeleton deal with him! Only with him can we win this!” Mona cried again.

As the effect of the green smoke wore off, One Horn noticed the Giant Soldier in front of him and began to come to his senses. He tried to move his legs, but Linda and Samantha put all their strength to hold him down.

They dug their fingers hard into the scales, pulling downward as much as they could. If they were to break off their concentration for an instant, they would take off along with One Horn’s legs.

The giant soldier moved its sword in front of him. He then took a stance and started running across the shelter floor the next second. The Skeleton was very heavy, as with each step, the ground shook and crushed whatever was beneath its feet.

It charged forward and thrust the sword right at One Horn’s chest, but there was one thing that One Horn could still move quite well and hadn’t been tied up, and that was his hands. At the right time, One Horn slammed them both making a fist punching the sword from both sides.

But the momentum of the Skeleton prevailed, and the sword continued to push forward, piercing the Dalki’s chest. A great amount of green blood was sprayed out, gushed on the surface for the first time.

However, One Horn smiled as the sword came to a standstill and no longer went further in his chest.

“I think maybe you all forgot something!” One Horn shouted. His voice so loud their ears boomed, “Even in this form, the more blood I lose…, the stronger I GET!”

One Horn pushed the sword out of his chest still with his hands. And just when he was about to make a counterattack, he suddenly felt something strange on his leg – they were stuck in the ground, and he couldn’t move them.

With the string and the two Girls, he could barely move.

“GET OFF ME!” One Horn screamed, trying to force his leg upward.

The thick strings looked like they were at their max tension, and a few of them began to snap.

“My…string,” Fex said, collapsing on the ground. He had used his ability far too much and was exhausted from running around the enemy.

At the same time, the Skeleton soldier took another swing, and the Dalki threw out its fist. It moved its legs slightly to try and give more power into its punches, but the two on the ground continued to hold on tight. Their fingertips were bleeding as they rubbed against the hard scales.

“Keep holding on!” Linda shouted.

The sword clashed against the Dalki’s knuckles, cutting the skin slightly, but couldn’t reach the bone before One Horn flung it away again.

‘We need to get a clean strike somehow.’ Mona thought, looking up.

It was at the moment, though, that for a split second, Samantha’s fingers had lost grip. Now, moving his leg somewhat more comfortably, more string broke off as One Horn raised his leg.

“NO!” Samantha shouted. She jumped up, grabbed the leg again, and attempted to pull it down.

“Get off my leg!” One Horn shouted. And he immediately stomped onto the ground, shaking the whole area and causing Samantha to lose balance and fall on her back. One Horn realised that he would need full momentum to defeat this Skeleton.

Intending to get rid of one of the ones causing him trouble, he lifted his leg and slammed it down on Samantha’s body. She lifted her arms and pushed back the foot. She could see the scales, but for some reason, the strength didn’t seem to be as much as she had expected.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Sach shouted.

He was now under the foot. Blood Hardening was covering his arms as blood dripped out of his mouth. His eyes were almost bloodshot red. His bones and his strength were the only things holding up the body. Such a small figure was doing so much.

“I don’t understand how I’m able to do this either. Maybe it’s similar to one of those situations where the mother lifts a car to save her baby! Anyway, get out of here; that’s a direct order from your Supreme Commander!” Sach shouted.

Samantha didn’t want to move, but then she thought that perhaps she could push One Horn’s leg from the side if she got out. She quickly rolled her body to the side and stood up, getting ready to push the leg.

However, when she saw Sach, she noticed a smile on his face. With her now safe, all his willpower slowly disappeared. Holding up the leg of One Horn for that long was already a miracle in itself. Even with his ability and vampire body, the pressure crushed his bones, and eventually, the foot had flattened on the ground, crushing Sach.

“NOOO!” Samantha shouted as she willed up all the strength in her fist and punched One Horn’s leg as hard as she could. It caused it to twitch back slightly, and One Horn looked down as he felt the unexpected impact.

‘How strong is she?’ One Horn thought he needed to get rid of her first, but in that split hesitation of thought, the Skeleton had charged forward-looking to produce the same attack once again.

The sword was already close to him and was about to pierce his chest and then right through his heart. A moment of distraction was going to lead to his downfall, and there was no way to stop it.

“If I’m dying here today…then I’m taking you with me!” One Horn shouted as he moved forward with all his strength, breaking all the string and pushing away Linda.

He had run right through the sword, allowing it to pierce through his chest and heart but not before using his own hand aimed straight through the skeleton’s chest, and he punched right through it. The bones shattered instantly, and a small figure was chucked out of the back, flying through the Shelter.

The whole Skelton began to crumble and fall to the ground, and the others felt as if their hope of defeating One Horn was gone at that moment. However, One Horn’s body began to sway a few seconds later.

The rest of the group moved out of the way as he fell on his back, crashing down in his gigantic size. He took his last few breaths until, eventually, he was no longer breathing.

“Is it…over?” Fex broke the silence.

“I think it is..” Mona said. “The question is…at what cost..”

The Shelter around them had been destroyed; not a single person from it seemed to be alive. Samantha rushed over to Sach as she wanted to see his state…or whatever was left of him as tears streamed down her face.

“We…lost Sach.” Fex eventually said in dismay. The two hadn’t known each other for long or had spent a lot of time together, but fighting side by side with someone as brave and strong as him, Fex hated to lose to Sach. But now… the latter had gone ahead.

“I don’t think that’s the only one,” Mona said, looking off in the distance where Oscar’s body had landed.


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