My Vampire System Chapter 1509: A cruel power

Mona’s pep talk had snapped the rest out of their daze as they realised the real threat that was in front of them, but what could they do? Just how were they meant to hold One Horn down and make him stay still!

The Horse once again started neighing, and Fex, not having put Ham away, nodded as he began to relay the information to the others.

“He’s going to start the process now, so you all need to do something. Just keep him in the general area, and make sure he can’t fly.” Ham translated.

“I think I can do something,” Fex answered. “I kept rethreading my string powers over and over. Honestly, I’m pretty exhausted, but I think this is the strongest string I have ever made in my life.”

While running, Fex had never stopped making string, even during the attack. He had it wrapped around his arm; it looked like he was carrying multiple thick scarves as the other end of it hung and touched the surface.

“To stop him moving, the two main things we need to wrap are his wings and legs, but…I don’t know how we’re going to do that.” Fex said, holding onto the string and pulling it a couple of times for good measure.

“I have a plan.” Mona smiled while staring at One Horn.


A few moments later, everyone was moving into action, heading towards One Horn. Seeing this, it looked like Oscar was putting faith in his colleagues. For one, he jumped off the Horse and landed on the ground.

He jumped backwards a few times using his powerful legs. He jumped like a grasshopper towards the Shelter and quickly got away from One Horn. Then placing his head on the ground, he was ready to take action, placing both his hands on the floor.

He was vulnerable right now, and if One Horn hit him with a single hit, he would be done for. Regardless, he could see a group springing into action.

The others were already in front of One Horn before the latter could even react. First, the Horse began to glide in the air, and he quickly charged towards One Horn and headed towards its head.

Seeing this, One Horn opened its large mouth and just chomped down on the Horse. The second he did, the Horse turned into green smoke and spread everywhere in the surroundings.

“What is this… there’s no blood!” One Horn was surprised and a little dizzy as the green smoke had some kind of woozy effect on him.

“This is great; the familiar is helping us out..but with it just having died, it looks like it will no longer be able to help Oscar avoid those blows. This is going to be our only chance.” Fex shouted as he had a fraction of the string in his hand compared to moments ago and was getting ready to do his job.

Being somewhat blind and in a daze, One Horn was swinging rapidly, and someone chose to take this opportunity as she leapt upon One Horn’s arm. As he swung widely, Mona had to be careful and have a firm grasp of her balance. While he was swinging his arms trying to hit something, she had to hold on to some scales. Then when it stopped, she ran up the arm as fast as she could.

It felt like Mona was playing some kind of game. At the same time, in her hand, she held a spear. Mona had got this from one of the dimensional storage boxes she had around her waist. Rarely did she use weapons since her fists were always her choice, but once in a while, they would come in handy depending on what type of beast she would face.

Today seemed like their day. Tied around one of the spears was part of the string Fex had created. She hoped for her plan to work somewhat, but it would be tough.

Finally, running up, she was on top of One Horn’s shoulder. He still seemed to be affected by the smoke, and now that she was also closer to the gas, she also was feeling its effects. Still, she quickly held her breath to not let it affect her anymore.

Mona looked at the weakest part of the wing where the scales weren’t as strong. She thought there was a chance. She wasn’t exactly weak, so she hoped this would work. Hurling the spear towards the wing, the spear pierced through, but it was like a dot on One Horn’s wing. Anyway, it wasn’t exactly meant to hurt him.

‘One down, one more to go…I just hope the others will be okay. I don’t know who has the hardest job out of this.’

It was then that One Horn acted and suddenly began to flap his large wings again. It seemed like he was going to take off. Perhaps return later when he was feeling better after healing, but the group had to hold him down at any cost no matter what.

And at this moment, Linda and Samantha came forward. They were the best option right now because of their strength, and their bodies also grew in size as shadows wrapped around them.

Seconds later, the two had grown significantly in size and had armour around their bodies. Linda had kept both of their armour sets in her dimensional space for a moment like this.

Linda ran to the closest leg of One Horn while Samantha ran towards the other one. It didn’t take long for Samantha to evolve and get stronger with Linda as her teacher. At the same time, Linda, having been turned earlier by Quinn, was far stronger than she had realised.

The two of them grabbed onto One Horn’s legs and began to pull him down. Their height came just up to his knees. Even though the two girls could be considered giants right now, they looked dwarf compared to One Horn.

“What is this?!” One Horn grumbled. He felt like his wings’ coordination was quite off as they weren’t moving in sync with each other. This was because Mona was also busy doing her work, and so were the two boys.

Mona tried to get One Horn’s wings in a twist using her weapons and the string. At the same time, on the ground below, the boys swiftly ran around him, trying to tie up the legs, especially around the knees, to avoid the girls getting tangled up in the whole thing.

“It’s working; our plan is working!” Fex thought as he continued to run around fast and was creating more red string just in case. He felt as if he was about to faint as if real blood was leaving his fingertips instead of the blooded strings.

Still, they weren’t going to give up. It was only because of everyone’s effort that they could keep One Horn down, and they felt like if any of them made a mistake, One Horn would escape.

“Please, Oscar… finish him,” Sach muttered to himself.

While the others were busy holding One Horn, Oscar had been doing something that the others perhaps never wanted to see. As he put his palms on the ground, flesh began to fade from all the dead bodies around him. Soon, only their bones remained of everyone from the Shelter who had died.

This process was slow and took a while to complete, so he needed the others to distract One Horn. Now for the next step, their bones sank to the ground as well. They weren’t just sinking. The energy from their bones was going to Oscar.

From this, something gigantic was forming around Oscar’s body. The bones encased around him, and soon it was nearly impossible to see the original Oscar. The bones clad around his head and continued to grow in size, and eventually, he matched even One Horn in size.

It looked like a giant skull warrior was formed, and it had a single, huge double-handed bone sword. Inside somewhere around the chest area, was Oscar controlling such a creature.

“I think…this might be enough to finish the job.” Fex smiled.


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