My Vampire System Chapter 1508: Giant Dalki

The large foot slammed into the ground and chucked up the snow and pieces of the ground with it. It was clear that not only had One Horn’s size changed, but his strength had drastically increased as well.

Most of the others stumbled as the strike was unexpected and as they lifted themselves out of the snow, Samantha looked towards the snow and could see One Horn’s smile.

“NOOOOO!” Samantha screamed and squinted her eyes. “I…I…”

She was scared that she had lost her father once more. It was a pain that had taken a long time to heal, and Samantha wasn’t even sure if she was actually over it. Seeing Oscar appear in his new form, how he had been with her, she had felt like a piece of her had slowly been coming back.

Samantha still felt guilty about the choice she had made at that time, but she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed spending time with Oscar, even the way he was now…

Closing her eyes, there was a striking pain in her heart. Suddenly, they heard a loud neigh going off in the distance. Looking up, she could see that Oscar was now on top of his familiar. The large black horse spewed green mist out from its nostrils.


“Still alive.” Mona finished the sentence, giving Samantha a hand and bringing her back up to her feet. “But that one needs to be killed.”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out which one Mona was talking about. The Dalki leader that even those inside the shelter could now see. Seeing the large head made those patrolling the walls shake in fear.

The battle was taking place around two hundred metres away, but those from the Earthborn group were frozen still.

“If that Dalki were to jump from there to here….it would destroy the shelter in a couple of hits.” One of them uttered on the wall.

Fortunately, it seemed that One Horn was far more concerned with the surrounding ‘ants’. Seeing Oscar still alive, he thought he must have been imagining things. Lifting his foot up, there was only a large imprint on the ground with a few crushed bones from the weapons, yet no body.

Which meant that the figure on top of the Horse was indeed the one he had been fighting so far. Angry, One Horn attempted to swat the horse away, yet the familiar jumped over the large hand, moving at a speed that surpassed even most vampire leaders.

Its feet hardly touched the ground as it looked more like it was gliding. However, the power behind One Horn’s attack was so powerful that it created a wind force that managed to uproot the trees some distance away.

‘How…how do we kill something like that?’ Fex gulped down hard, as he looked up at the Dalki. He took back his black needle, he imagined Mona just had been getting tired of her blood being drained, and now instead he had placed it in himself. The Royal Knight immediately felt the surge of power, and he started to twindle his fingers making his red string go over each other again and again.

“What are you planning?” Sach asked as he approached his side.

“It’s going to take a while, but I believe I can create a string thick enough to at least hold him in place… Honestly, I have no way of trying to kill him. I can only tie him up and make him trip or something, and he might even still break out.” Fex replied. “Still, keeping him in place, might help the rest of you to somehow deal with him.”

The others were thinking hard as well, but could think of nothing. Seeing Fex like he was, they all felt like they couldn’t just sit back without at least trying to help out.

In the meantime, while the others were thinking. Oscar was taking action, he had brought out a bone whip. Galloping on top of his familiar, he had tried to wrap it around One’s Horn’s large leg quickly. Pulling on it, the bones pierced his hard scales and green blood painted the snow.

Unfortunately, it seemed to do nothing, as One Horn simply lifted his foot and stomped down again. The bone whip broke, yet they still weren’t getting closer to a solution.

Instead, it looked like One Horn was going to act. He pulled back both of his hands, and shortly after threw them down at the ground one after another. Unlike the stomps with his foot, these blows weren’t slow by any means.

Each fist hit the ground, creating large craters along with a piece of land to be thrown up. It felt like the whole planet was shaking with each hit. Eventually, one of the strikes even caused a pool of water to form in the crater.

The others tried to get out of the range of the attack, as One Horn seemed to be solely focused on Oscar. The Dullahan was constantly moving and still avoiding the strikes by One Horn, but then the Horse did something different. When avoiding one of the strikes, it looked to have galloped on the air itself.

Hitting the air, it created a cloud of green smoke from its hoof. It continued to move upward as if hitting a solid hall this way. The horse was somehow flying, without actually flying. Now getting close, it made One Horn’s position slightly awkward. In Oscar’s hand he had formed quite the large bone spear, but something strange happened, and it was as if the Bone itself had stopped forming before the spear could be finished.

Once again, Oscar could no longer rely on his bone powers. Somewhat similar to how ability users would run out of MC cells. Still, he threw the unfinished spear as hard as he could towards One Horn. Bending down slightly, One Horn allowed it to hit his forehead just to the side of where his Horn would be.

It had pierced its head but stopped short. Still, it looked like it had hurt him more than he had anticipated, as he flapped his wings in anger.

“Stop delaying the inevitable!” One Horn screamed in frustration.

Seeing this, the horse started to neigh in response constantly. Like it was scared or trying to say something. Back on the ground, watching everything and not being able to interfere, Fex’s earring started to glow, and a few seconds later the little bull Ham appeared.

“Master, master, I have an urgent thing to tell you. It’s the Horse King who wants to ask you all of a favour!” Ham urgently said. “He says, to keep the big monster occupied. Give him some time, and he’ll be able to defeat it. Find a way to hold it still!”

Listening to these words, the others looked at each other. It was the only hope they had. Now, covering their faces from the heavy dust of winds, they could see that One Horn was following the familiar into the air.

The horse quickly turned away and started to run through the air, leaving clouds of green smoke behind, yet the Dalki leader Horn followed.

“NO!” Sach shouted out. “That’s… they’re heading towards the Shelter!!!”

The others quickly started running after, but were far too slow to keep up with the likes of One Horn and the Horse King, even for a group of super beings.

A short while later, still on their way, the whole ground shook countless times. They could only imagine what was happening, and when they got closer they could see what was happening as well. The sound of screams were heard throughout, but it was being drowned out by rumbling and explosions of power.

Eventually the group had arrived, but it was not the same place they had come from.

The walls had been destroyed, dead bodies lay in the snow on the ground, too many to count. It looked as if not a single person had survived. In the middle of the entire shelter. Walking through the walls, none of the structures were what they used to be, and it was hard to imagine that a single person, out of their army of fifty thousand-ish had survived the onslaught.

In the centre though, there were two beings, One Horn was no longer flying, and Oscar was there as well.

‘Why…why did he come to the Shelter? He should have known everyone was here?’ Sach thought.

Listening to this, and the fact that the Horse had run in this direction and what was ordered of them. She had some ideas, but she didn’t want to say it. She didn’t want to say what she thought in case it wasn’t true.

“Come on, Sach, you’re our Supreme Commander! We need to kill One Horn, once and for all! We can’t allow the sacrifice of everyone here to have been for nothing! Pick yourself up, and let’s do the job that we came here to do!!”


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