My Vampire System Chapter 1507: Crushed like an Ant

The others had seen the Dullahan use his strange power to freeze his opponents once before, when his head made eye contact with one it wished to slay. The only thing was, the others hadn’t expected that such a thing could work against the Dalki, especially the five spiked Dalki leader.

Yet they were all witnessing it right now. The muscles on One horn’s body were tensing in an attempt to move. His calf was expanding and bulging yet nothing was working.

“What kind of freakish monster are you?!” One Horn shouted at the top of his lungs.

A bone from the ground rose, and held onto the head making a hand at the end to grab it, just like it had done the time before. At the same time, gripping onto the bone sword tightly with both hands, it looked like Oscar was ready.

He swung it out towards One Horn’s neck. It was a clean hit and at first the sword looked to be going through until it suddenly stopped.

The veins on One Horn’s neck were showing even through his thick black scales. Green blood could be seen rising up in that area. No matter how much Oscar tried to push the sword through, it wasn’t budging, despite his great strength.

“Let me give you a hand!” Mona shouted, as she came rushing forward. The woman jumped, kicking the back of the sword with her legs. This time, Mona had the black needle in her back, and power was surging through her body. She had the power of the amulet, her beast gear and now a blood weapon.

A loud bang was heard, and it pushed a sword around an inch further. More green blood started trickling down One Horn’s neck.

“I see now.” One Horn stated as he grabbed onto the Bone sword itself, and snapped it with his large fingers. He quickly pulled out the shard of sword that was stuck in his neck and hurled it towards Oscar’s head that was still being held up by the bone.

Before it reached it though, Oscar had jumped in the way anticipating the move, and the shard had gone right through his armour. It had stopped when hitting his flesh, but there was no blood dripping from his body.

“I see you really are a monster.” One Horn added as he closed his eyes and moved his head slightly, looking away from the head.

‘That’s not good. It appears as if he figured out that it only works on eye contact. Oscar’s trick won’t work again, and that might have been our only chance just now. However, if we hurt him once… we can do it again.’ Mona thought, pushing off her two legs and going towards One Horn like a rocket. She bashed into his back, pushing him slightly.

At the same time, Oscar had retrieved his head, which was now by his side, forming a brand-new bone sword in his hand. From the ground rising through the snow, several weapons appeared in the area.

They were spear, axes, giant swords and small ones, but each one of them looked to have been created from bones. One Horn attempted to hit Mona who was behind him with a back fist, yet it missed and hit nothing but the air.

Despite her boost she wasn’t faster than the Dalki leader, just able to predict his moves when needed. It was tiring and wasn’t a hundred percent perfect, and with an enemy like him, a single miscalculation could be the end of her.

However, seeing One Horn’s strength, letting him live might spell the end of the human race. He wasn’t feared as humanity’s bane after the first war for nothing. Oscar barged into One Horn, with the side of his shoulder, and tried to knock the Dalki down who quickly took a swing for his chest.

The sword had been grabbed, and split apart once again, for One Horn to deliver a great punch to Oscar’s head. It knocked off the helmet he wore, that went flying and landed far off into the snow.

Now, where Oscar’s helmet once was, a strange smoke could be seen appearing at the top of it. Grabbing another sword from the ground that he had created. Oscar swung a bone axe, hitting One Horn in the ribs, chucking him back a few steps.

Blood was drawn again, but none of the blows were deep enough to be fatal.

“You ants are starting to seriously piss me off!” One Horn shouted as he punched his two fists together. He then started to claw at his chest, creating two more large scratch marks, allowing his body to bleed more, giving him a boost in power.

When the axe had hit One’s Horn’s body it had broken, but picking up a spear this time, Oscar hurled it towards the Dalki. Seeing this, he hesitated slightly, before charging forward. Spinning his body, he avoided the spear and grabbed it.

The next second, the Dalki had it back towards his opponent. Mid-air, jumping towards it, was Mona, who attempted to grab onto the handle. It seemed like it did nothing as it took her along with the momentum…

A few moments later though, Sach, Linda and Samantha were all standing behind ready to catch her as her body hit theirs.

It looked like One Horn was going towards them, but before it could even reach them, Oscar was there and this time he held up his head in front of him. It stopped One Horn’s charge, slowing it down, causing the Dalki to close its eyes.

At that moment, a giant hammer made of bones was swung down, hitting the top of its head. It crashed in the snow and against the ground creating a large creator underneath and even shook the Shelter they were away from.

Oscar was proving in this fight that his strength was no less than the five spike.

“When we all fought One Horn last time… no matter what we used, he was able to overwhelm us…” Samantha couldn’t help but utter as she saw her father figure contend with his quasi murderer.

“Everything’s changed.” Sach explained. “None of us are human, for one. Before, a single punch from him would have knocked me out of this fight. This time I’ve already taken a couple and I can still keep going. This time there’re more of us as well. Your father is a lot stronger!”

The second the bone hammer had crashed on top of One Horn’s head, it broke, but seconds later Oscar picked up another one. The new weapon also smashed down on the Dalki leader, again with enough force to shake the ground.

The crater got deeper underneath the two of them. Another hammer was formed, and it was thrown down again, making it even deeper and large cracks began to appear. Snow was falling through the fissures that had been created.

Not stopping again, a large hammer was created, and it was thrown onto One Horn’s head directly again, only this time, a hand was lifted above it, grabbing the weapon before it could reach its target. He pushed back against it, and soon another hand appeared to help the first one. Something was strange, though.

Grabbing on the large Hammer, all of One Horn’s fingers could be seen, it was almost as if his hand had gotten…bigger.

Standing up from the ground, the hammer was grabbed by both hands, and by the second they realised that they weren’t just imagining things. One Horn was indeed growing in size. Blood spilled out of his mouth, but his size was getting bigger by the second. He was already a large two metre tall Dalki, yet he seemed to be growing even bigger.

“This has to be it!” Samantha exclaimed. “The special trait we were warned about. Dad, get out of there!!” Samantha screamed at the top of her lungs.

Now, looking at One Horn, he was ten metres in height and was a colossal giant. Large Dalki wings sprouted from his back, and a tail started to grow as well. It wasn’t special like Slicers but right now they were looking at a giant five spike Dalki, whose head could even tip over the Shelter walls.

“Holy crap, it’s like what happened on those TV shows!” Fex exclaimed. “Power blamers! Wait, why doesn’t that sound right?”

Looking down, One Horn could see Oscar below him, smaller than his foot. He smiled, before lifting it up, and slamming it down on him.

“This time, I’ll make sure you stay dead, ant!”


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