My Vampire System Chapter 1506: Back from the grave

The planet that Sam was most concerned about was struggling for a valid reason, because right now, they were dealing with one of the most feared Dalki for all mankind, one of their leaders, One Horn.

A few moments ago, Sach, Samantha, Fex, and Linda were frightened about what they’re about to face off against. They were worried that they wouldn’t be enough to go up against such a titan. However, just as their worries were starting to take over, a ship could be seen in the distance and crashing down from it were three figures that were there for support.

The headless knight, Oscar, Mona, and by her side a Dalki. With this support, the others were confident, and they were all waiting to see who would be making the first move.

“Haha, come on, I heard your name was One Horn, right? Well, after today you’ll have to rename yourself No Horn!” Fex taunted the Dalki leader as he realised his threads were aimed straight for the crooked horn that was on the Dalki’s head.

One Horn didn’t regard them as a threat or anything he needed to worry about. He was ready to just break through the strings, but at the same time everyone else took that as their signal to make a move.

Mona had charged in with her Dalki heading in first, and Sach had run around the side and jumped in at the same time as the Dalki did, pincering One Horn.

“Should we move in as well?” Linda wondered.

“Not yet. All the five spike Dalki seem to have a special ability, and we still have no idea what his is. The best time to attack is when the opponent is trying to attack you!” Samantha shook her head, as she could see something happening soon.

Seeing the others move, One Horn ignored the string allowing it to be tied around his head, while at the same time he punched Sach’s leg sending the Supreme Commander back through the snow, and punched the Dalki at the same time, able to plot his focus.

Sach got up quickly from the snow, his leg throbbing and stumbling a little.

‘Damn, it hurts this much from a single hit, despite my blood aura and hardening ability. Thankfully, my leg isn’t broken this time. There needs to be a way to hurt him!’

However, the other Dalki who had attacked at the same time and was a three spike, was not in a good condition at all. The right side of its body was missing as green blood dripped from his body. It looked like it was already on its last legs, and the only reason it had survived was because Fex had pulled it slightly to the side.

‘What a waste.’ Mona sighed, as she placed her hand on the Demon tier Amulet. Not long after, the Dalki had fallen to the floor, the energy being transferred over to herself.

She activated her beast equipment as well, knowing that they would soon be in for a brawl. Samantha, Fex, and Linda hadn’t moved in after the pincer attack, they still felt like there was a chance for an opening, but One Horn’s counter attack had been too fast for them to find one.

“We have to get close!” Linda said, as she inched towards One Horn, while Mona on the other side charged in fully.

“If you’re in danger, I’ll try to move you out of the way with my strings. From back here, I can see things a little clearer than you two.” Fex suggested as he threw out his needles, piercing the two girls in the back.

Agent 11 was still back in camp, the vampire was aware that he would hardly be able to do much to the Dalki leader. As for his blood weapon, unfortunately there wasn’t a good target to use it on.

When Mona charged in, she had done so quite confidently, feeling stronger than she had ever done before. At the same time, she was making sure she was breathing correctly. One Horn turned around, throwing out his leg behind to hit her, but she leaned back just in time avoiding the hit, and moved in quickly hitting him in the chest with a hook.

In retaliation, One Horn tried to chomp down on her, but by moving slightly and spinning to the side, she punched the Dalki leader twice in the side quickly. The blows didn’t look like they had hurt him much, but each time she successfully hit One Horn loud bangs could be heard by everyone watching.

They all knew each strike had great power in them, and everyone was just amazed at how skilful Mona was. Right now, in a life and death situation, she was able to fight so calmly and skilfully.

“That is the power of the Big Four, alright.” Sach smiled. “We have to wait for the right time.”

The woman continued to avoid the strikes, but although One Horn was getting pummelled, he didn’t seem to have lost a single drop of blood. Eventually, Mona made a slight mistake as she lost her footing in the snow, slipping slightly.

This was the opportunity One Horn had been waiting for and his large fist aimed towards her head. Mona barely managed to place both her hands over her head.

‘Crap… I messed up… a five spike Dalki hit will kill me in one blow!’

Before the fist hit Mona, though, the others had taken action. Both Samantha and Linda appeared by her side. With all their strength they threw their fist towards One Horn’s, and at the same time, in the air from above, with his knee forward hitting the fist as well, was Sach.

All of their strength striking at once it still felt like it wasn’t enough, but the two powers colliding had bought Fex enough time to act as well. Piercing her with a needle, he pulled Mona out of danger.

The two girls could feel that the bones in their forearms had shattered, including those in their knuckles, but they still pushed forward, until they felt the strings pulling them away as well.

With only Sach left, One Horn’s strength, although not at the power it was before, continued to push forth. It had sent the Supreme Commander flying through the air, once again crashing into the snow.

“You little ants are only delaying the inevitable!” One Horn stated coldly.

“Why did you guys do that?” Mona asked, now that she was out of harm’s way.

She then saw that their arms and the bones in their body were healing, recalling that neither one of them was human any more.

“You don’t have to worry about us so much.” Samantha reassured her. “We know we are not strong like you. You’re one of our best chances at beating him. So you keep attacking him, and whenever we can, we will protect you from getting hit.”

At the same time, seeing that Mona really was their best shot and being the only human there, Fex had a suggestion as he pulled out the black needle from his body.

“This should give you a bit of a power boost. Don’t worry, I won’t try to control you. You’re a better fighter than me, so I won’t interfere.”

Quickly recovering, Sach stood up, his knees now shaking.

“Hahaha, you call us ants, but we sure are giving you a hard time.” Sach proclaimed.

His ability as well as his new vampire body was giving him great strength, and he was putting up a much better fight compared to the previous time.

“What else should I call you?” One Horn questioned, stomping his foot. “Look at me! Despite all of you teaming up in your feeble attempt of bringing me down, you have yet to injure me to any meaningful degree. Tell me, how do you think you can kill me?”

Sach just smiled back at this face.

“You’re right… we might be unable to… that’s why we’re counting on him.”

Sharp bones rose from the ground, piercing through the hard scale of One Horn, going right through his legs. Turning his head, looking behind him, he stared at the armoured being who hadn’t even moved yet.

Then, when looking at the dead Dalki, it no longer had a head on its body. Walking forward, there was a bone sword in Oscar’s hand.

“ArghhH!” One Horn shouted, moving forward, and breaking the bones that had pierced him. Part of them were still in his leg, but turning around he was now looking at who had done this to him, and he could see a familiar looking head shoved right in front of his eyes with a strange smile.

“What?! How’s that possible? Didn’t I kill you already?” One Horn shouted in confusion, before he even realised that his body was unable to move.


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