My Vampire System Chapter 1505: Another one joins the list

The current rush of attack from the human and vampire alliance was in full swing against the Dalki. So far, nearly every planet and group were accomplishing their goals with ease without having encountered too much trouble. Unfortunately, the Dalki’s defence force were nevertheless strong enough to have all factions suffer casualties.

At the moment, Sam and his group had just finished taking down the Dalki fortress in front of them. Dealing with the Dalki mothership itself was still a tricky business, but with users of the shadow and each group having one crystal, each one should be okay.

The only worry was that the group that entered had to be strong enough to either open up the ship from the inside to allow the others to come and join the fight, or to take down the system that would create the Dalki shield.

For his group, he would be relying on Layla who held the special storage crystal, along with Dennis who knew how to use the Shadow well and could also perform the Shadow travel. However, unlike Quinn’s version he could only take a few people with him, since his space was small. This allowed him to take Vincent along with him, who was a strong leader in many senses.

Currently, Sam was standing in the destroyed fortress with the rest of the Cursed faction and vampires who were in on the attack. He was looking up at the mother ship that was a little away. The others had already gone inside, and they were just waiting for them to act.

“You look concerned.” Logan commented, who was standing by his side. He wasn’t fully involved in the fighting as much as the others, but then again, he and Sam were busy trying to see the bigger picture of the war and react to any sudden changes.

“I am.” Sam admitted. “We’ve come far, but… everything has been going far too smoothly for my liking. I had planned for so many variables yet not one of them has occurred yet. It’s as if they’re just letting us retake our planets one by one.”

“I would take that as a good thing. Our power has increased, and I think they know it.” Logan replied. “So far the Dalki have always acted based on them being the stronger race, having the stronger forces that are able to overwhelm us. Maybe this time we have managed to overwhelm them.”

It was then that Logan brought up something, a hologram of the solar system that seemed to somewhat back up what he was saying. There looked to be little counters by each of the planets out in the beast solar system.

“What is that?” Sam asked intrigued.

“Some time ago I went back to my parents’ lab and used the knowledge gained from Richard to create something else. After creating the Demon tier beast finding system, I thought to myself if it’s possible to find those beasts, why can’t I create something that would help us get a read on the Dalki energy?

“The energy reading of a single spike Dalki shows as one. I have not enough data on a two spike or three spike Dalki, but they would certainly produce more energy than a one spike, giving out the reading of a higher number.

“I used my funds to create self-piloted ships that would drop off my devices on the planets. I’m sure it will be awhile till they find them, since the Dalki are too busy dealing with other things. Anyway, although we can’t use this energy reading to give us an accurate number of how many Dalki are on a single planet, it will at least allow us to see where most of their forces are.”

Looking at the numbers, they were all quite similar, as if equal forces had been placed on each of them. At the same time, many of the beast’s planets were showing no signal at all.

“Are they planning to just defend?” Sam wondered. “It looks like they have set up defences on nine different planets, which is also equal to the number of attack groups we have. I was hoping your little energy radar would have picked up where Graham was.

“For now, all we can do is stick to the plan. The most important thing about this plan is to keep going forward. If one group gets left behind, we can’t go back to help them, otherwise it will leave the Dalki with an opportunity.” Sam explained, as he looked back towards one planet, that hadn’t moved on from their position yet. The planet where Sach and Samantha were on.

Unexpectedly, while one group seemed to be moving slowly, there were two who were moving faster than any of the others. Blitzing their way through planet after planet, reclaiming what was once there’s.


Rodeiro was a desert-like planet that had dark grey skies at all times throughout the day. Its gravity was around 1.5x stronger than that of Earth. Yet for Peter, who stood on top of a slanted rock looking outward towards the Dalki fortress that had been set up, this didn’t seem to pose any problem.

He stood, walked and even ran as if everything was just fine, and the same was true for the vampires under his commands. Only the humans from the Cursed faction were still having a little difficulty adjusting to it.

“Don’t worry, you guys rest for now!” Peter shouted as he looked back at his relatively large army of around 10,000 or so, but at the front were the vampires and one of the vampire leaders, Jake Muscat of the sixth family, along with his close family.

“He’s going to do it again.” Jake smiled, understanding the meaning of their commander’s words. Peter had shared his strategy of how he was going to help them win, and initially Jake thought him to be slightly mad. The vampire forces numbered only in the hundreds.

The Dalki were strong, and they knew that, but he was sure he would see the same spectacle as he did before.

“Everyone, get ready to move onto the next planet, make preparations!” Peter shouted to the humans of the group, and they soon got to work.

It was then that Peter began to run through the crowd, and in doing so there were two others that were following him. A short while and Peter started to run across the plain hard desert and so did the others, but they were a cold distance away from Peter and the other two.

Readying his fist, Peter charged ahead, in front of his two Lesser Wights, and immediately punched down the large gate in the fortress. Shaking the whole place. The fortress had dented slightly as the chains had pulled back.

Seeing this, Peter punched it again and again, each time pushing the gate bit by bit. The Dalki, seeing this, had decided to stop him by jumping down the walls, but before they could even reach him, three of them got sliced in half, their bodies falling to the ground.

At the same time, on the other side, they had been struck right in the chest with a palm thrust and the two went flying back. They’ve been dealt with by a headless wight. This time it looked a bit different as it had body armour in its body as well.

Through more testing, Peter had learnt more about his Lesser Wights, and he didn’t know if it was just something unique to him, but Hilston’s body was still able to use the power of beast gear. His body was still as strong as it was before, and there was now this as well.

However, during his conquest, there was something else Peter had discovered and learnt. Throwing both of his fists back, a strange glow started to appear around them, and throwing them both at the same time, a stronger strike than before blasted the doors.

Swinging them off their hinges and hitting the Dalki that were standing just behind the door. Peter, who thought he would never learn such a thing, had learned some form of Qi. The only strange thing was, he could only coat Qi on his fists, and it was quite visible when he did so. It was a strange phenomenon, especially for someone who thought he had none, but Nate told him to just go along with it.

Yet there was one more trick up his sleeve, as Peter placed his hand on one of the Dalki that had been killed by the door.

“Wake up!” Peter shouted, and the body started to get up by itself. The two spiked Dalki that was by the ground Next, Peter placed his hand on another as well.

“Wake up!” And another Dalki rose, yet, the other two were still Lesser Wights belonging to Peter.

The Wight was now able to make more Lesser Wights than before, and had become a strong being that was able to match up to the previous Big four with his powers and strength.

With the large door down, the vampires came rushing in, as it was time for them to start their massacre.


The second group that was also making fast progress came as no surprise because this family was the Blade family, and they had just landed on the first Dalki owned beast planet.

“We need to be careful.” Vorden cautioned those under his command, as he flapped his large wings on his back. “I have a feeling it won’t be easy from now onwards.”


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