My Vampire System Chapter 1502: Quinn Vs Quinn

Just like last time, everyone seemed to be having a tough time against their counterpart. Although their plan was to help out each other by switching opponents for a short time, it was almost like their enemies were prepared for this and made it impossible to find an opening. At times they would even move so they could block their way. Not only were their movesets the same but so were their thoughts. Making them worry that their plan might not work out as they intended.

Meanwhile, Jesk and his doppelganger didn’t rely on any particular strategy, instead opting to use brute strength. Their fight wasn’t too different from the gorilla having fought the grey member of his species back on the Vampire Planet, only that he and his counterpart had three pairs of hands each. Unable to overwhelm the other, they had entered a dogfight, exchanging their fists and at this rate, both the beasts would end up falling eventually.

Quinn, who had been whacked away from where the others had been fighting, quickly got up from the ground, only to find his own doppelganger rushing towards him.

‘Well, at least now I won’t have to worry about it going for any of the others.’ Quinn thought, as he readied himself to do combat. The first thing the doppelganger did, now that it had reached the Vampire King, was a thigh kick. Seeing this, Quinn was in the middle of deciding what to do. Whether he should block it or not, but his natural reaction in seeing this was to send out a kick himself.

Both of the legs clashed, shin on shin, hitting each other and sending out a shockwave of strength. The sludge that they were standing in had created a small wave that was being sent outward.

‘Damn, the first hit he got on me was because I was distracted but that kick just now proves it. He didn’t just copy my base stats, but seems to have copied my strength with the best gear on!’ Quinn shockingly realised, as he continued to attack his doppelganger counterpart.

Quinn wasn’t holding back when using his speed or strength, though he wasn’t using his Qi energy either. He was afraid that this might attract the other beasts towards their location. Their group was having a tough time dealing with one doppelganger each, no need to add to their numbers.

At the moment, he hadn’t seen the Nest crystal yet, and until he did. He doesn’t want to risk attracting them all.

‘Besides… let’s see if there is a way I can beat myself.’ Quinn decided.

With his palm in a claw-like shape, Quinn was attempting to grab the beast and absorb the energy. He wanted to test his theory to see if the beast also had the same energy as himself. When he threw out his hand, though, the Quinn in front of him had disappeared with a flash step.

The next second, the doppelganger reappeared behind him. Quinn quickly turned around and whacked the fists of the opponent away, attempting to kick him in the stomach, but this move was avoided as well. It was going to be a tough fight.


Meanwhile, a little away from where Quinn was, the others were struggling, but they needed to initiate their plan soon.

“Damn this ugly bastard!” Moe cursed.

“Have you never taken a look in a mirror, that’s exactly what you look like in real life!” Joy shouted back as she backflipped, avoiding a punch, and charged right in, throwing a fury of punches herself. Her doppelganger did the same, and their fists were colliding with each other head on.

“Don’t we have to try to see if His Majesty is okay? The fog has gotten thick around here, and it’s hard to see. I’m a little worried.” Rick voiced his concerns to the others. Unlike the others, he wasn’t attacking so much and just avoiding the blow until the order was given.

“The King will have to help himself, if we break formation we’ll all die!” Norvic shouted in frustration. A few moments later, Earl Ronston finally gave the signal.

“Switch!” Norvic shouted. It was time to put the plan into action.


Quinn had been fighting his doppelganger only for a short while but during that time he had tried out a number of different things to get the advantage, his Muay Baron skills, the vampire fighting skills, and even the military training he had received.

Unfortunately, it looked like the doppelganger knew everything that he did, meaning that they clashed without a real winner. The fight felt like it could go on forever, and it didn’t look like Quinn could outsmart the beast.

“I really wanted to play and try to find some way to beat you fairly, but I’m afraid the others really need my help.” Quinn sighed, as he charged in once again. However, this time he aimed for the body, the largest part of Doppelganger Quinn.

When attacking, he didn’t slow down, ignoring the possible retaliation. The doppelganger aimed at the same region as the Vampire King. It was at that moment that two powerful blows struck their stomachs at the same time.

‘So this is what it feels like to take a punch from myself.’ Quinn grunted with a bit of blood trickling from his mouth, but the doppelganger was clearly hurt as well. Smiling, Quinn threw another punch holding on, and they were both hit once again.

‘Alright, let’s back it up a little.’ Quinn thought as he stepped back and pulled the flask out from his side. Of all things, he had never imagined that this would come in handy now of all times.

If Blood skills attracted attention, Quinn was worried about the blood armour as well, but he knew the flask that had nothing but blood in it wouldn’t be the same, and there was one thing that the doppelganger looked like it couldn’t do and that was heal.

‘Alright, time to finish this.’ Quinn thought.


Following the command, just like they had practised, each one of them broke off, and went to attack the doppelganger of another vampire. The two Viscounts were going to help the Earl quickly, helping him face the toughest opponent. Meanwhile, the group went on the defensive but switched opponents.

“Haha, I’m so happy I got to smash your ugly face in!” Joy shouted as she continued to punch Moe, again and again.

Each of the group had revealed their weaknesses to each other. Maybe they couldn’t beat themselves in a fight, but their plan seemed to be working. Of course, with the Viscounts gone they were struggling and unable to deal with them but defending and just holding on was a different story.

In the end, the two Viscounts along with the Earl were able to deal with his doppelganger once again, and quickly rushed back to help out the rest. Now outnumbering the beasts, they were easily able to get rid of the rest of the doppelgangers including the one Jesk had been fighting to a standstill.

Finally, the group had defeated all the beasts, and they just needed a moment to catch their breath. Some of them were hurt but not nearly as bad as the previous time.

“Is everyone okay, where is his Majesty?” Ronsten asked.

They all nodded and looked off in the direction Quinn had flown off to. The fog behind them had gotten thick that they were unable to see. Walking through the mist, though, eventually they could see Quinn walking through and waving at them all. He had a little blood on his armour, but mostly looked uninjured.

“He must have gotten lucky if he managed to take care of his beast.” Moe commented.

Meeting up with the others, Quinn was happy to see that their plan worked, but he was wondering how they should progress next. In the middle of this thought, a sound was heard.

*Plop *Plop *Plop

Each of them looked at each other in horror, for it sounded like they were about to go for another round against the doppelgangers.

“It’s okay!” Nian shouted. “We went against them once, we can do it again. We have a plan now!”

A metre away, the beasts started to form in front of them, but this time something was different. As they began to take shape, a lot of them noticed that it no longer looked like them. Instead, they all had taken the form of Earl Ronsten.

“What is this?” Joy asked, her hands shaking in fear. “This didn’t happen before.”

“They must have taken the form of the strongest one of us? Were they just playing games before? If we all have to fight the Earl, none of us will win against him.”


A loud slapping sound was heard, as if something had smacked into water. When tilting their heads to see what had just happened, they could see the King, Quinn, standing in front of a headless Earl.

“This is much easier than fighting myself.” Quinn announced with a large grin.

The others couldn’t believe it, but Rick had seen it. He had been watching the King, and so had the Earl. It was a single punch. Faster than the Ronston would be able to move or react, and based on the strength, it had the power to kill him in one hit.

“Remind me which one of you said the king was weak again? I think we’re about to see a massacre.” Rick smiled.


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