My Vampire System Chapter 1498 – Without An Ability

Standing towards the cave entrance, Quinn was observing Jesk, after the gorilla received the power boost from the gauntlet. It was a great way to test the new active skills and how they worked.

‘Since there Is no way or hint to evolving my body, I always just left that Quest alone, but after feeling Ray’s power. I know it’s possible to still change, so there must be a way.’ Quinn thought, as he had felt a strain when he had absorbed the grey gorilla’s power, which had only disappeared after he had shared it with Jesk.

‘Once I find a way to complete that Quest and become something beyond a Vampire Lord, then I should be able to use this Demon tier gauntlet to its full potential.’

A big clash occurred in the centre as the two gorillas locked into each other. Quinn could see eight hands tied up, both beasts were attempting to overpower the other. Unsurprisingly, with Jesk’s new-found strength and with the grey gorilla weakened, the former was able to continue pushing the intruder back.

The ground was being torn as the gorilla was being pushed, and eventually its back slammed against a tree. With its bottom two arms, Jesk had let go of the grip he had on the gorilla, while still holding its other two arms at the top and keeping it in place. It then knocked the hands away before using its lower arms to continuously punch the gorilla in the stomach one after the other.

“HOO! HOO!” Jesk bellowed while it continued to punch the one that had hurt him. The grey gorilla was bleeding from its mouth, and to finish it off, Jesk lifted the other gorilla over its shoulder and slammed it on the ground.

‘I took around a quarter of the energy away from the other Emperor tier and added it to Jesk, it seems that the experiment was a success.’ Quinn thought, a satisfied smile on his face.

However, he was baffled as to what happened next. Jesk had clearly won the fight, but he now stood over the other gorilla and then punched at its chest once again, this time piercing through it with its bare hands and sheer strength. Quinn thought it was simply finishing off its opponent at first, but he soon saw that the gorilla had pulled out the other’s beast crystal.

‘Wait is it?’

A few seconds later, the gorilla was already consuming the crystal raw. Seeing this, Quinn was reminded of the actions of the humanoid beasts, whose bodies were currently inhabited by Vorden and Raten.

It was a natural way for beasts to evolve, only that it was rare to see them do it. Quinn could have easily gone and stopped Jesk before the gorilla ate the crystal, yet it would have been rude. One Emperor tier crystal would not have made much of a difference for the war, while the gorilla might benefit a lot more from it.

As if to prove Quinn’s thought process, Jesk was beginning to evolve at the same time. The vampire wasn’t sure if Jesk had already been close to an evolution, if it was due to him absorbing a compatible beast crystal, after all, they were both gorillas of the same species, or if he had stumbled upon a secret extra benefit from his Energy Share ability.

‘They can wait just a little while.’ Quinn thought, as he noticed the ship land on the planet.

The gorilla looked to be in pain. Unlike the humanoid tier beasts, it looked like it didn’t know when it evolved that it would be in a vulnerable state. It was easy for any beasts to come and kill it. Since Jesk had done a good job in defending the cave, Quinn thought he could at least defend it from any others that would try to attack him.

The strange thing was, while Quinn waited, he could tell that other beasts were heading their way, making him wonder if evolving beasts were giving off some type of energy that served as a beacon. His eyes started to glow red, and Quinn stomped his foot on the ground, sending a bit of his Qi force out towards the forest area. After the initial second, where everyone had frozen in place, they had all runoff in the opposite direction.

It was clear who would win in a fight, and the beasts seemed to know it as well. Eventually, Jesk’s evolution was complete. He was now a white furred gorilla with six arms, the new ones had come out from his sides. The third pair were a little smaller, but his body had grown in size to the point where Jesk was now as big as a Dalki.

“Congratulations on becoming a Legendary tier beast now, you look strong.” Quinn said.

The gorilla beast was only a few metres away and Quinn noticed one thing, his Influence skill was weakening on the beast now that it had evolved. Not because its intelligence had decreased, but just because it was harder to control such beasts at this level.

In the end, Quinn had already gotten his use out of Jesk, so he decided to let the beast go. When doing so, Quinn had half expected the gorilla to attempt to kill him straight away. Instead, Jesk put his six knuckles to the ground and bowed its head.

‘Is he kneeling?’ Quinn thought. “Are you thanking me?”

The gorilla lifted its head and started to nod. It was now in debt to the person who not only saved his life but had managed to help him grow to this state.

‘Did I just tame a beast without an ability? I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. The humanoid beasts before could also be reasoned with. I guess it’s just the lower tier beasts and the unintelligent ones that are aggressive.’

“I will be leaving this place, Jesk.” Quinn spoke, not sure if the monkey could fully understand him or not, so the vampire did some actions with his fingers as well. “I hope you do well and continue to grow strong.”

Turning around, Quinn felt like it was his time to leave, he needed to get going after all. At the same time, he wanted to try out how much faster he was without using the Nitro Accelerate skill. He had to get used to the speed, so he could use it in the fight.

Walking a few steps, Quinn then suddenly ran through the forest. He was careful to avoid the trees, and it was good training for him. He needed to focus with his speed. The difference didn’t seem too great for Quinn to deal with, but he knew that this was just a taste, because when Nitro Accelerate was used, that was when the real trouble would start.

A couple of minutes later, Quinn arrived at the empty wasteland, where he could see a medium-sized battleship had landed. Outside, already waiting, seemed to be his escort group. There were four people, and they looked to be on guard until Quinn slowed down his stride.

“Your Majesty!” They all stated as they lowered their heads, soon lifting them again.

“Sorry for making you wait, I hope you weren’t too worried.” Quinn replied.

“Of course, we just landed ourselves. We weren’t waiting at all. I am Earl Ronsten of the fourth family, and I am in charge of this expedition. I will do my best to assist you, Your Majesty, and shall inform you to the best of my abilities wherever possible.

“The two by my side are Viscount Norvic and Viscount Nian. We are all inner castle vampires.”

Since Ronsten didn’t bother to introduce the other one, Quinn could only assume they were low ranking vampires. Titles such as Earl and Viscount were only given to those from the castles, but Quinn had never bothered with any of that stuff, and it seemed like that was a trait shared by those from the tenth family, since no one had informed him of any such thing when he became leader.

Essentially, the Earl was the captain of the group, and the two by his side were similar to platoon leaders of the group. Ronsten, looked to be quite the young adult around twenty-five and had spiked hair that suited this era’s hairstyle. Which was a bit unusual for the vampires. Still, Quinn knew not to judge vampires by their appearances.

Then there was Nian, a female who had her hair in a single potty tail and sharp eyes. Her expression hadn’t changed once since Quinn had arrived. He had seen plenty of her type among the vampires, then finally there was the Viscount Norvic, who had quite the large belly and looked a bit older. It was the first time Quinn really had seen a vampire with what people often referred to as a beer belly.

“Let’s get going, and you can explain to me on the way, why you are having trouble procuring the Nest Crystal.” Quinn ordered. As they were about to move, they all heard something come from the forest as tree branches were heard breaking. All three moved in front of the King, getting their hands ready to protect him.

A few seconds later, a large white furred beast with six arms could be seen coming through.

“Everyone, stand back.” Quinn ordered, stepping forward. “He’s a friend. I guess that means you wish to come along with me, Jesk?”


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