My Vampire System Chapter 1497 – Upgrade Everything

After thinking about it for a while, Quinn decided on what he wanted to upgrade. Given how much he had left, he imagined he would be able to increase the tier of his equipment by around six times in total. Based on how high the blood requirement was going up each time, he used the gauntlet.

This would allow him to use the active skill of the blood gauntlet on all pieces of the Blue Fang armour set.

‘The Blue Fang armour set has been one of the best armour sets I’ve ever used. On top of that, it was gifted to me by her. It would only be right to upgrade the armour set to help me out in this war against the Dalki.’

At the same time, it wasn’t as if Quinn had time to go hunting demon tier beasts while everything was going on.

Using the active skill, the white coloured gauntlet started to light up in a red glow as the power was being transferred over. He could feel the gauntlet changing and its shape started to change slightly as well.

It was getting a little thicker in size, while keeping the rest of the gauntlet design intact, and finally when the red glow started to fade. Quinn could see his normal gauntlet in front of him. But it wasn’t just the same any more.

‘Finally, a Demon tier weapon that I can use.’ Quinn thought. The smile was so large on his face, he felt like he could feel the edges of his mouth reaching his eyes.

[You have successfully upgraded the Drainimo Gauntlet into a Demon tier weapon.]

[Energy Sap has been upgraded to Energy Drain]

[When this skill is activated, as long as the gauntlet touches an entity containing energy, that energy will be permanently drained and added to the wearer. Alternatively, this energy can also be used to re-energize the wearer’s stamina]

[New active skill learned]

[Energy Share]

[When this skill is activated, as long as the gauntlet touches an entity, it will permanently take energy from the user and share it.]

[+ 80 Strength]

[+ 10 Agility]

[+ 10 Stamina]

Looking at the active skills, it was better than he thought. Not only did he get a boost in stats compared to when it had been at the Demi-god tier level, but the effects of the active skill had changed.

Before, the active skill would allow him to absorb energy from others, but that energy would only temporarily stay with him. Here, the change in text was subtle, but it stated the words permanent.

‘It reminds of the skill that Ray told me he had…this gauntlet, it now can weaken the others while increasing my own strength as well. I just have to be careful about one thing. How much energy my body can hold from those I take.

‘If I were to use it on every creature I come across, taking in their energy and my body was at its limit. Then I would no longer be able to use this active skill to weaken my enemy during the fight. There is a chance it could strain my current body.’

Quinn knew that his body was already holding in a large amount of Qi and Blood energy and although this skill was good, it could do more harm than good if he didn’t keep his own limit in mind. He had seen the negative effects of such a thing happen with Agent 2.

‘Luckily, this new Energy share skill, seems to be the perfect solution to the problem. I can give energy to others. I wonder if the energy given to others is permanent as well. If so, it might be an easy way to increase the power of everyone’s Qi without having them train.’

Thinking about this active skill, it reminded Quinn of the dry bodies he had seen. Perhaps this was somewhat similar to what Pure had been doing in those secret labs.

With the one upgrade done, Quinn decided to follow up with the Blue Fang set. He was a little worried that upgrading just one part of the set would make it, so the active set skill might no longer work. He could only hope that as long as all the pieces were upgraded, that it would ensure he could keep using it.

Quinn began with the chest piece, and continued on the rest. As predicted, the rest of the flasks were enough for him to use the active skill a few more times and now, his whole armour set had been upgraded to the next tier.

The thing was, if Quinn wanted to use the gauntlet’s active skill again, he now would have to gather 80,000 different blood types, and he was unable to use the ones that he had already used. The amount had jumped far more than he had predicted, as it didn’t seem to follow a set pattern like Quinn first thought.

‘It looks like it’s going to be a long time until I can use that skill again, but I can’t be down.’

[Demi-god Blue Fang chest piece]

[Demi-god Blue Fang shoulder guard]

[Demi-god Blue Fang leg piece]

[Demi-god Blue Fang boots]

All the pieces had gone from Legendary tier to Demi-god tier, and without a doubt Quinn thought he had to have one of the best beast armour sets now out in existence.

Before, the Blue Fang set had blessed Quinn with a total of 90 extra Agility points, and that was without using its active skill. Now all pieces increased it by 120. Although the improvement didn’t seem big for getting all pieces onto the Demi-god tier level.

This meant, if someone wore a complete set of Demi-god tier equipment, they would be faster than Quinn without any beast gear on. For once, Quinn was happy that beast gear wasn’t able to be used on the Dalki, and that obtaining such high level equipment was rare.

The important thing that Quinn wanted to see a change in though was the active skill.

Looking at it, Quinn was glad to see that Nitro Acceleration was still there. The only disappointing thing was that it had not changed either.

In the past, using Nitro Acceleration would bring his agility up to 220, now with the increased stats and his system being fully uncooked giving him more speed his speed would reach around 280. Making him three times as fast as if he didn’t have equipment on.

He doubted that there would be anyone faster than him, and with this speed and his strikes he was sure he could do some serious damage. The two-minute usage time was the only small downside to the whole thing.

‘Huh, wait…there’s no new active skill… Was the Gauntlet just a lucky coincidence? Do I only gain an extra skill when something reaches Demon tier?’ Quinn thought, and now wondered if should have kept the upgrades for something else. Still, it was an improvement nonetheless.

Placing the Blue Fang set on him, and using the Blood gauntlet and now the Demon tier gauntlet on himself. He felt it was time to leave the cave. During his little upgrade spell, he could tell that there was some fighting going on outside.

Exiting the cave, Quinn could see Jesk was badly hurt. The gorilla now had cuts all over his body, and it looked like he was going up against another gorilla of the same species. It had grey fur and four limbs but was larger.

It was clear this beast had come along more than the one that Quinn had controlled. Seeing Quinn, Jesk immediately went by his side and started to beat his chest again. Even though he was covered in wounds, it looked like it was determined to continue following Quinn’s order.

‘I could kill that beast myself… but I’m sure you would prefer your own payback. It would be rude of me not to reward your loyalty.’ Quinn ran behind the other gorilla, and held it by the back of its head. At that moment, he started to use the effects of the Energy drain on his gauntlet.

The grey gorilla attempted to hit Quinn, and honestly he let it hit him with his hands as it did next to nothing. Absorbing some energy from the newly arrived gorilla, Quinn quickly went back, and touched Jesk on top of the head.

[Energy Share]

‘Let’s see how much energy you get from this thing…and maybe me and you, Jesk, can be friends for a while longer on this trip.’

Jesk started to grow a little larger and its muscles were starting to budge. Its wounds looked to be ignored, while the one opposite felt a little sluggish after being drained. At the same time, in the air, Quinn could see that the ship had arrived to take him to where he needed to be.

“Go Jesk, I chose you! show him what you got.” Quinn smiled.


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