My Vampire System Chapter 1496: The blood gauntlet's strength

Before leaving, Sam had made sure to share his plans with Quinn. However, it had not just been one single plan, Sam had informed the Cursed faction leader about his multiple plans depending on how the situation would develop. They had been so detailed, that Quinn had gotten a bit of a headache trying to remember them all.

Still, the large variety had given him confidence that no matter the outcome, Sam had a solution and an answer for any action the Dalki might take. He couldn’t imagine anyone else preparing so much, and their enemies would surely be in for a surprise.

Right now, Quinn was on the dark planet that used to be used as the vampire settlement. It was strange to see when arriving at the place that there was no settlement at all. Where it used to be, it was nothing but a paved wasteland now.

It also made him realise just how much of the vampire settlement had been moved over to Daisy as well. The area that had been moved was a little over where the devices had been placed. The technology used was certainly incredible.

‘Oh that’s right, it wasn’t technology, it was some vampire magic right? Whenever I think of magic it reminds me of that God Bliss, she hasn’t made an appearance since then either.’ Quinn thought.

He was waiting for one of the ships from the fourth family to arrive. Once it did, it would escort him out to where the Nest crystal was discovered. On the way, he would receive updates on the situation.

Quinn didn’t mind that much, because it gave him time to do something else. Running through the forest, the Vampire King was looking for a good spot where he could lie low for a while. He went through the trees to give him higher ground and was using his ears to pinpoint the sound of a river.

During his travel through the forest, he had also come up against another ape-like beast with four arms. It stood on the other branch, blocking his view. It reminded Quinn of the ape that they also still kept from the Blade Island.

It had been tamed by Mona and even though she was so far away at times it wasn’t hostile to the humans on the Cursed ship. They would often use it to bring and deliver things to the ship, which Quinn found a bit harsh.

However, every time they gave him a banana to ‘pay’ it for his services, it was visibly over the moon. It seemed happy enough to be of service, in exchange for the tasty treat at least.

However, this ape was clearly blocking his way, and giving Quinn some sort of staring contest. The next second, it started to bang on its chest with all four arms. It vibrated and made a deep hollow sound, showing that it was quite strong.

‘Oh, is this a challenge? Maybe I could try something.’ Quinn thought.


[Vorti Ape – Emperor tier beast]

Seeing that it was at the Emperor tier level it was quite strong but killing it would be a waste for him. Instead, he wanted to try something else. Quinn’s eyes started to glow red as he looked it in the eye.

‘The Charm stat is said to work more on those that have a high level of intelligence, which is why skills like Phantom punch and Influence don’t work well on beasts. It might not be a humanoid beast, but since it’s an ape it should have at least a decent degree of intelligence, so let’s see if this works.’

Staring right into the eyes of the ape, neither of the two broke eye contact, but Quinn could feel it, the ape was getting influenced by his power, despite being at the Emperor tier.

“Take me to a quiet place where I won’t be disturbed, you can do that, right?” Quinn asked.

The ape, banged on its right pec once, which Quinn assumed meant ‘yes’, as seconds later it started to move. While following the ape, he was impressed with how far his powers had come, but after fighting Laxmus, and hearing the tale of how strong Graham was, the vampire knew this wouldn’t be enough.

To win this war, there was a chance he would need power on the level similar to when he had combined with Ray’s power.

‘I don’t know what this Nest crystal will do to my system, but I’m hoping it will bring you back, my ancestor.’

The ape was fast as it swung from branch to branch at an incredible speed. It wasn’t an Emperor tier beast for nothing. Eventually it stopped upstream by a river and then went up to a large cliff.

Inside the cliff, there looked to be several caves. The ape looked behind it, making sure that the one who had given him the order was still there. When Quinn reached the entrance, it pointed inside.

“So this is the place then, good job….Jesk.” Quinn decided to name the ape. “Protect the outside for me, make sure no one or nothing comes inside. You can do that, right?”

The ape responded this time by banging all four of its arms on its body once, and then proceeded to slam the ground under it. It had crushed the floor completely, creating a crater. The beasts on the planet were no joke, which was expected when beings as strong as vampires and Bloodsuckers, along with all the subclasses lived on it.

When entering the cave, he could see that it didn’t go very far in, but it was at least void of foreign creatures. That was a good thing because it meant that if anyone or anything did come and try to attack him they would have to do so from the front of the tunnel.

It was then that Quinn sat down and pulled out a flask. Shadow started to rise around his arm, and when it disappeared the black and red gauntlet he would usually have on, had come off, now on the floor.

This was the Blood gauntlet.

Looking at the flask, it was different from the usual one he would carry, which was silver in colour. This one had mainly a red body, and that was because it actually was made with different materials.

When Logan had obtained knowledge of Richard, he had also learned a lot about the vampires and how they created the flasks. In particular, Logan had found out about the strange magic circles that would come to be.

This, with the right set of beast crystals, could create something, and it allowed them to make multiple new flasks with what they had, without relying on the ones the vampires used. In total, Quinn had four of the red flasks on him which were filled with blood, and he also had two silver flasks from the vampires.

Ever since obtaining Arthur’s blood armour, though, carrying around flasks and his blood bank was a secondary safety measure. The reason Quinn had pulled out these flasks wasn’t for nourishment or anything of that sort.

Instead, he started to pour the flask and blood started to drip on the gauntlet. As it fell it glowed, producing a strange red mist and Quinn could see it was powering up. With his Inspect skill he could see that it had stored the required 10,000 drops of blood. However, he still had three more flasks with him.

After obtaining the special blood gauntlet, Quinn had asked Logan for a favour. To gather the blood from as many people in the shelter as possible. It would take some time, but they had over 50,000 people living at each Shelter, which meant there was plenty of blood that could be used on the gauntlet.

[1,846/20,000 Blood points required]

[The gauntlets active skill can be used three times]

Alas, the requirement of different blood had increased meaning it would be harder each time he used the active skill.

The question was, what equipment would he upgrade?

The first thing Quinn had in mind was his other gauntlet. Using the shadow, the red blood gauntlet was back in his hand, and now his other one was placed on the ground.

‘Time for you to upgrade to the Demon tier level.’ Quinn thought as he placed his hand on it and activated the blood gauntlet’s skill.


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