My Vampire System Chapter 1495 – Everywhere On The Move

There was one group of people that were made aware of everything that was taking place before the livestream had started. That was of course the vampire settlement. Before the attack had begun, families were split with their forces and were being sent off to help the split Earthborn groups, Graylash groups and the Cursed groups.

The leaders had made an announcement to the people exactly what was going on. Each of the families had decided to bring along the forty from their families that lived in the castle area. They would be taking one of their Vampire knights with them, leaving the other behind, and also would be taking three quarters of those from the inner castle area to participate in battle.

It was a large chunk of their force, and it meant that while away from the Vampire knight, the ten vampires who resided in the castle and those left in the inner castle would be the strongest forces left to defend the place if the Dalki decided to attack them.

As for the vampires in the pooling area, aside from a few that had volunteered, everyone else had been left behind. Although vampires were stronger than humans in this fight, after the Dalki had invaded the Vampire planet, those vampires had been made aware of their difference in strength.

This was the best option for them, while also protecting themselves if there was an attack, but, of course, there were vampires that disagreed with what was going on. Walking through the marketplace, it was the talk between most of the vampires.

“Have the leaders gone mad? They have sent out a bigger force than what they have left behind. I can’t believe they are willing to help those humans to this degree.”

“You fool, this is just a testimony to how big the threat is! I mean, you saw those things called the Dalki, right, and at least they are taking the fight to them rather than allow it to happen here again.”

“But that also means that we will be open to a counterattack! If they start regarding us as a threat, won’t they try to destroy this place again?”

The vampires who had overheard some others talking started to look around. The settlement had vastly changed in a short period of time from what they could all remember. After Quinn had taken over as King, he had made vast improvements to all the castles and even the walls.

“Can they even do anything? The new King had set up so many defences in place. You saw how impressive they were, and I’m sure if they ever attacked us, he would return to defend us. I mean, it was our King himself who asked the leaders to make this decision, they had no choice.”

“Yeah, you’re right, the King saved us all before, and now he wants to save the humans as well. I’m not worried about winning this war. Us vampires are strong, and the leaders will be able to defeat the Dalki with ease. I’m just annoyed that no one seems to be caring for us.”

After the leaders had left planet Daisy, they set out with their forces to help those that needed it. Right now, the Graylash family were on the move and were heading out. Since Owen had defeated the Dalki that had attempted to take over his current planet, they had the easiest time moving to where they wished.

His grandfather, Grim Graylash, had agreed that it was wiser to split up. Unlike the Earthborn group that had split into three, or the Cursed faction that had split into four attacking forces, Owen’s side had split into two.

However, there was a reason for this. Rather than concentrate on taking back the planets the Graylash had lost, they were moving like a spear straight ahead. They focused their forces and were going to attack planet after planet as they headed towards the Dalki part of the solar system.

The weaker forces were what had stayed behind, and Owen was confident that even if the Dalki attacked the main Graylash planets, those he had left behind could handle themselves. As such, he was trying to go deep into enemy territory to see just what they had.

Currently, Owen was on one of the Graylash planets. He was just outside a Dalki fortress and the Graylash forces were busy attacking, and by his side, he had one of the vampire leaders with him, the first family leader Nicu Cain.

His arms were folded, and his face showed more than mild annoyance.

“Why aren’t you utilising any of the vampire forces? It feels like you are wasting our time here. We could have created our own attack force if you were just going to make us stand by.” Nicu complained. “Do you doubt our ability to take on the Dalki forces?”

Owen couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I’ve never underestimated your power for even a second. I know you and your people are strong, but so are ours.” Owen replied. “You see, what I plan to do is continue our attack non-stop. Once we take back this planet, We will immediately move onto the next one.

“However, in a fight like this, fatigue is a real thing. At least it is for us humans who have to rely on our bodies and MC cells. We need rest. It’s impossible to keep on attacking, and I assume this should also be true for you vampires, even if it might be to a lesser degree.

“Don’t worry. After this, we will rest, and you will get plenty of time to show off your skills. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I just hope you won’t disappoint me then.”

Nicu understood what he was saying, if Owen really planned to continue attacking, they all required rest, including the vampires. A rotation was sensible as they continued to move forward, and even travelling in the spaceships there was no guarantee they were safe.

“Two hours and twenty minutes.” Nicu replied. “That’s how long it has been since we have attacked this fortress. You hear that!”

The first family members behind stomped the ground in response.

“I will make up for my mistakes, and show you the strength of us vampires. The next fortress we will take out at an even quicker pace than you have done this one.”

Looking out far in the fortress, when spotted a one spiked Dalki up in the air. It was then, using his finger, Owen fired out a lightning bolt at the Dalki, hitting it right in the chest, making it fall to the ground.

“I didn’t realise you were making this a contest. I guess I should get involved myself then.” Owen smiled.

But stopped before running into the battlefield.

“Are you coming, Nate? Or are you on their side?”

Nate punched his shield a couple of times, before running off with Owen. Even though he was a vampire, Nate didn’t like Nicu. He also regarded himself more as a human. In the first place, he had been sent over to help the Graylash faction by teaching them how to use Qi.

He was more of a personal teacher to Owen, though, and he would use his own methods to pass this on to the rest.


The Cursed faction group led by Sam, as well as Vincent, the tenth leader and tenth family vampires were present. They had just landed on the planet and would be getting ready for battle. Although Sam was getting information on what was happening to everyone so far and their movements.

He would constantly update it, on his model of the Beast solar system, so he could get an idea of what was currently happening.

“Things are going well, but I always feel so nervous when things like this happen.”

“That’s normal.” Vincent replied, looking at the same map. After all, he hasn’t made his move yet, and from then on we will have to adapt the plan depending on their actions.”

As for who he was referring to, it was naturally Graham, the strongest Dalki leader. As they pushed forward and reclaimed more planets, he was bound to appear at some point. The only question was where and when.

Would it be before they infiltrated the Dalki part of the Beast solar system?

When they finally attacked the base of the Dalki? … or would he get involved even before that?

“Don’t worry. All we can do now is keep pushing forward, as for Graham, I know someone who wants to deal with him personally. I hope Quinn is doing okay, and I’m sure, just like always, he will be ready by then, and stronger than ever to kick Graham’s lizard head in.”


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