My Vampire System Chapter 1494: The best reinforcements

All three groups had shortly started to move out as soon as Sunny’s attack had begun. They felt like this was the best course of action. Not only would they catch the Dalki off-guard, but the general public who weren’t taking part in it were also unaware of it.

However, out of all of the groups, one struggled to move out more than the others, and it was the Earthborn group. A Dalki fortress was set up on all the captured Earthborn planets. Even on those where the humans were currently still present, but the motherships had left a long time ago.

This caused frequent scuffles on the planets, with either side trying to hurt the other seriously. With the plan set in motion, the group relied on all of the attack forces to get rid of the Dalki on their planet. They would then set off and attack the other planets taking back what was once theirs.

If they were too slow, the Dalki would call on reinforcements or prepare themselves before they arrived. However, hopefully, the Dalki would have other problems to deal with.

One of the Earthborn groups was being led by Longblade. He had been promoted since the war had started.

He was able to acquire many accomplishments after what had happened with Quinn. It wasn’t just him; rather, it was almost as if his whole group was now working as one unit together. Allowing them to take on whatever was in their way.

His teamwork and communication were what they were relying on. Even if he wasn’t the strongest amongst those in the Earthborn group.

The third Earthborn group that would be on the attack was one that they were most worried about. For this one, instead of being led by any of the Generals, it was being led by a vampire leader.

This was all due to the incidents that had occurred at the event. There was no one significantly strong who could lead. At the same time, this group had the most vampires in it. In total, three families were a part of the group: The fourth family led by Jin, the twelfth family by Ken Killton, and the eleventh family by Dillan Scutter. The abilities of these three families were some of the strongest abilities the vampires had, and with them, they had brought those from the inner castle who shared their abilities.

To get faster with every strike, to harden a material to be impenetrable and the power of exploding blood. The Generals were aware of their power and would let them take charge due to Sach’s orders.

Out of the three groups that the Earthborn was divided into, the final group was the one that everyone was worried about the most because, on one of the planets, they would face One Horn.

Samantha and Sach had returned from the grand event, and Sunny’s attack had yet to occur. Currently, a meeting took place on the snow-filled planet in a tent deep inside the Shelter.

“We have sent all of those not battling to planet Billnick.” Sargent Fay reported to Sach. “There have also been sightings of One Horn, up until yesterday. While you were away, he did his usual routine; there was no change, sir.”

One Horn would constantly walk out in front of the Shelter for some reason, and he did this frequently. He would show up regularly every day. At times would be away for a while, but he would do the same thing after returning.

Higher-ups had instructed everyone not to attack him, and they had already learned their lessons the first few times. Anyone who attacked One Horn would be dealt with, but he would just stand there if they did nothing.

“If One Horn was seen yesterday, then it means he most likely will appear today as well. Just our luck, but we would have to face him sooner than later anyway.” Sach said, shaking his head.

“It’s not a big deal,” Samantha said. “If anything, it’s good if we can deal with him here. It would be worrying if the other two groups were to run into him. In fact, we might have to change our plans and derail them just to face him. We beat him here, and he’s done for.” She clenched her fist and had almost banged it on the table, but someone grabbed it before it could hit.

“Don’t hurt your hands, and is One horn really that strong?” Fex asked.

As promised, the Cursed faction stated that they would be sending some help to the other groups. The Graylash group and Earthborn had requested helpers, and some of them were still on their way. They had stated that some preparations needed to be done on the Daisy planet before the rest of the help could arrive.

“He is. Just like Slicer, he’s a five spike.” Sach replied. “We haven’t seen many five spikes, but from those that we have, we can tell that their bodies all seem to evolve and even have a special trait. The scary thing is, when we fought against him in the past, he hadn’t used anything like that.”

“So we’re not sure if he used his full strength back then,” Linda added, who was also at the meeting. Quinn had told her to stick close to Samantha since they were the same subclass type. Whenever they had the time, she would guide and teach Samantha about her powers and her struggles.

Samantha had been the busiest out of everyone, along with Linda. She was pressed for time and had a whole new body to get used to.

“Sir!” Just then, a man came running into the tent, huffing and panting; he looked panicked and frightened. The Livestream hadn’t started yet, and so far, the Dalki hadn’t made an attack even while they were away, but Sach had a bad feeling.

“It’s One horn… he’s here again!”

Outside the tent, countless Earthborn group fighters were already in their beast gear, ready to move out at any second, preparing for the attack, but Sach chose to wait. He had stated that there would be more to help in the fight, and they would arrive only a little after Sunny began attacking; thus, he was waiting for the right moment.

But what if the Dalki attacked first? This was his worry. Passing through the guards, the ones in the meeting all ran up the wall and stared ahead. It wasn’t hard to find the enemy because One Horn stood alone out in the snow.

The snow was thick, going up to One Horn’s shins. He stood there with his hands crossed and a smile on his face.

“Wow, these Dalki really are smug, right. I mean, to walk right into the enemy base alone? I have a suggestion. Why don’t we give him a nice surprise? I mean, we were going to attack them anyway, right, and now their leader is right here in front of us, alone.”

Honestly, Sach and Samantha weren’t prepared for this, at least not yet. However, Fex was right. They knew they had to face him but was their strength greater than when they had Oscar and the Demon tier weapon? It was hard to say.

“Everyone!” Sach shouted. “Don’t get involved. You will only get in our way! Prepare for battle!”

Sach jumped and landed in the snow. He walked forward with Samantha, Linda, and Fex following him. But he was still unsure if the four of them would be enough.

They soon stood about a hundred metres away from the Shelter and twenty metres away from One Horn.

“Oh, you came out…I thought you would forever hide in your special little Shelter.” One Horn said, still with his arms folded. “Do you think you’re enough to go against me?”

“Eh,” Fex said, calm as ever, and folded his arms as well to imitate One Horn. “Maybe you’re right; maybe we aren’t strong enough to take you on. I mean, look at those muscles and the spikes on his back. I had trouble taking on three spiked Dalki; you’re far stronger than that.”

The others looked at Fex and wondered what act he was trying to pull off since he was the one who had suggested to face One Horn earlier. If even the new vampires they brought with them weren’t confident, what about the others, who somewhat knew of One Horn’s strength.

That was when they all realised that Fex wasn’t looking at One Horn but what was behind him. In the sky, something was approaching the Shelter.

“I knew they would send them… I mean, they had to, right?” Fex smiled.

From this distance, three figures jumped out from a large ship. They were like little black spots flying through the sky. Eventually, they landed metres away from One Horn, crashing into the snow and flinging it up everywhere. When the snow finally settled, the others had a better look at the trio’s appearance.

Among them was someone who looked like a Dalki, tall and dark-skinned, and it was hard to tell the number of spikes on its back. Then next to them was a female with a pointy hat, Mona, and finally, there was one more.

“Welcome, father-in-law,” Fex, with his arms spread wide open, said to the last one.


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