My Vampire System Chapter 1493: The Cursed forces

The live stream continued even after Sunny had beaten the suspected leader of the fortress, but instead of a battle, everyone witnessed a massacre. It was clear that the Dalki could not deal with the strange variety of creatures the vampires had brought with them.

At the same time, Sunny’s strength herself was too overwhelming for any of the Dalki present to handle.

They were panicked, and at the centre of it all, Sunny was taking on the stronger ones, making them lose any hope they were holding on to. However, what the viewers were interested in was how the vampire and subclasses would take on the Dalki ship.

All of the Dalki ships had a force shield that could withstand humanity’s old weapons, and even the latest ones struggled to take them on. Even the weapons they had created powered from beast crystals couldn’t penetrate the strong shield.

The only one who managed to take down the Dalki motherships was Quinn. That was due to him having two different skills, the Demon tier Amulet controlling a Dalki pretending to be one of their own and the shadow ability, which allowed him to pass through any material.

Noticing that the ship was on its last struggle, Sunny had called for help from one of the Strzyga. She then climbed up on the latter’s back in the next instant and then went to the ship above.

‘Crystals power the force shield, and it can automatically detect when an attack is heading its way. It doesn’t coat the ship itself but the area around the ship. So if one can get right up to the ship and touch the exterior, then physically hitting it will also work.’ Sunny thought. ‘The only problem is, no one in the past had even gotten close to one of these Dalki ships in the first place, and usually the Dalki wouldn’t let you just hit the ship as one wished. At the same time, the exterior of these ships is as strong as the walls of our castles.’

It was then that Sunny pulled something out from underneath her shirt that looked like a strange crystal. It was as clear as glass, but inside, it was a dim glow, and with how she held the Crystal, it looked as if the glowing thing inside the Crystal was moving, floating like water in a glass.

‘Using this will be a lot easier. I hope the testing was worth it.’ Sunny thought.

Getting close to the ship, she leapt off from the Subclass, and it quickly went back to join the others that were taking out leftover Dalki’s in the fortress. Sunny had grabbed onto the exterior at the ship’s back to balance herself.

Then she held the Crystal carefully and started to focus. It didn’t take long until she felt that her body was phasing through the ship and soon appeared on the other side.

‘It worked, and that was far easier than I thought it would be. If Quinn is right, there’s a chance of a few four spiked Dalki in the ship, so I will have to use all my strength.’

Placing the Crystal away for safekeeping, Sunny was happy to inform the others that they now had an easier way to infiltrate the Dalki motherships. After discovering that Pure had used a particular type of Crystal that allowed one to store abilities, the vampires had sorted through their Crystal to find more about the Crystal in question.

They had many different types of crystals, and the fourth expedition team had even brought back some of what were suspected to be the storage crystals. One of the abilities that some vampires had was a phasing ability. It allowed them to go through any object. Still, it was considered a weak ability due to not directly increasing one’s combat powers.

It had its uses, and it was one of the abilities that vampires and humans could both learn. They had learned through various tests that the storage crystal could take the ability from the user and place it inside the Crystal without the need to kill the original ability owner.

However, then that said person would no longer have any ability and wouldn’t be able to learn a new one either. The Crystals’ power was similar to Truedream’s, with minor distinctions.

For one, the Crystals couldn’t pass on the ability to another person, but anyone who held them could use the said power. The second thing was that the capability of the stored ability was far weaker if only taken from one ability user. The power taken wasn’t equal to the power stored in the Crystal.

And last but not least, only one ability could be stored and used in the Crystal, unlike Truedream who could store multiple. They had done a few tests. For the sake of the war, they distributed these crystals to the leaders and a few others.

The Dalki’s were thoroughly suppressed in the current battle. The cameras, of course, could no longer follow Sunny after she had entered. Regardless, It didn’t take long to defeat the fortress, and soon the ship too began to descend from the sky and land.

Sunny had taken over the mothership, and they had reclaimed another planet. For the Cursed faction, this was a complete victory.

Sunny appeared, and she soon gathered all of the beasts. Around one-tenth of the forces had perished in this battle to reclaim the planet, still leaving about nine thousand creatures. This gave the viewers faith that they could also reclaim the other planets.

Without wasting time, Sunny moved and headed back to the shelter with her army and returned to her ship with the other crates. In the meantime, Bonny and Void had an announcement to make.

The Livestream had switched to the two inside the ship as Bonny began to speak.

“As you can see, one of the vampire leaders who is working under Quinn, the Cursed faction leader and our ally in this war, has just reclaimed the planet. And before we end the stream, I have an announcement to make: This doesn’t end here. The attack has just begun!”

Many didn’t know what Bonny meant by that, but soon the whole world would understand. While Sunny was attacking the planet, the other teams were also moving. There were no reinforcements for Sunny because everyone else was occupied with their own task.

The Graylash family had three operating forces moving out. Along with the vampire leaders and more, same with the Earthborn group. Then finally, there was the Cursed faction as well. Their first task in their attack was to quickly eradicate the Dalki, which had set up bases on the forfeited planets, and from there, the attack would continue full force ahead of the Dalki planets and finish the Dalki off once and for all.

The Cursed faction had planned to have the most impact in this war.

Three large forces from the Cursed faction had just landed on their respective planets. Leading one group was Sam, with Layla, a few of the other Cursed leaders, and a large force, mainly from the Daisy faction with the two sisters by their side. There were also a select few vampire leaders.

Then, another force that had confidence in this war consisted of the members of the Blade family. The three brothers and half-brother were all together, leading a strong, unmatched force.

Including Sunny, four great forces from the Cursed faction were taking battle and strong enough to take a fortress on their own. When the Cursed members and the other groups were informed about the Cursed faction’s plans, even though the former believed in the capabilities of this group, they were mindful of two of the four Cursed faction groups.

One of them being Sunny’s group. No one had a clear idea of how strong the Subclasses were, but she had just proved herself live. As for the other group from the Cursed faction, it was led by Peter.

“We don’t have to worry about him at all.” Sam smiled as if reading others’ thoughts, “That guy…is a monster now.”


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