My Vampire System Chapter 1492: New Gen is here

There was quite a bit of land between the Shelter and where the Dalki mothership had landed. At the moment, a single vampire was leading the charge, running across the dry land.

The land they were currently on was pretty open. Almost an empty wasteland with next to no green or water. There was bound to be some more habitable place on this planet, but this wasn’t it. However, that might be a good thing, for this area was destined to paint the land red and green.

On camera, it was a strange sight to behold, for Sunny was running out front, while an army of around 10,000 creatures were following her from behind. Some of them flew while others galloped, and there were even creatures who crawled beneath the ground.

While this was taking place, the livestream was showing the events that had been recorded in the Shelter. Due to the drones, there were multiple things that had been filmed at once. All the footage that Void was taking would then be edited by another team of helpers, allowing the viewers to not miss anything.

Right now, during this time, the viewers were watching each of the devastating creatures attack the Dalki. They had mainly seen the attack from the flying owl-like creatures known as the Strzyga. Now they were witnessing the other creatures in action as well.

“Did you see those Dalki? They could hardly do anything! Maybe we can win this war. I was beginning to lose hope.”

“Clam down, they mostly just went against one spike and two spikes. These were just a few leftovers to look after the Shelter, this doesn’t mean anything.”

“Yeah, but hardly any of those creatures died, do you really think they will have trouble taking over the fortress?”

“You are all worried about the wrong thing. Did you SEE those creatures?! What do you think would happen if they decided to attack us instead?! What if there were still humans at that Shelter?!”

“Calm down, small brain. Didn’t you see, she can control them? They’re all following the MILF!”

“My point exactly, ‘genius’, THEY can control them! For argument’s sake, suppose they’re on our side NOW, what do you think happens once the Dalki are gone? What’s stopping them from attacking us after all of this is over? I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.”

“I’m tired of this. What’s the point of all this fear mongering? The vampires are helping us now. They didn’t attack us before, even though they had all these things. So stop complaining.”

“They only got involved in this fight because we were losing the war. They just couldn’t sit around and watch their food source dying out.”


‘So the vampires have joined in the war as well.’ Graham thought to himself as the Dalki leader looked over at a smashed glass container. Previously, it held the original body of their creator, but now it was empty. ‘Your predictions are all going wrong.’

“I believe you said there was a low chance of them getting involved. Even if the vampires did join this fight, it would only be when the humans were on their last legs. When we were attacking Earth, I somewhat believed you. If you were still here, I would have cloned you, just to hear your pathetic excuse for being wrong this time.” Graham mumbled to himself as he continued to watch the livestream.


Eventually, the Dalki fortress came into sight. It had the large towers and the thick black walls that were prominent in all the Dalki fortresses. It was more guarded as well, and the moment could be seen straight away.

On the wall, around a hundred Dalki were seen looking out towards them. On the ground. There was also a small army. However, Sunny was focused on a certain someone. There was a Dalki that stood on top of the wall, as if he was overlooking the entire situation, one with three spikes.

Out of the leaders, Sunny wasn’t known to be the strongest, and she was known to be gentle due to the nature of her ability. However, there was a difference between what the vampire leaders were like before meeting Quinn and after.

‘I have to remember what they taught us. Activate the beast gear.’ Sunny reminded herself.

Energy started to pass through the beast gear, and in turn, the vampire felt a rise in strength. Her whole body felt lighter and stronger. The next second, she ran across the field, running ahead of all the creatures.

Then, when she was close enough, she leaped over all the Dalki that were on the ground. Seeing her in the air, two of them jumped off the wall and tried to intercept her. Focusing more, it was time for her to bring out one more item.

In her hands, she held two what looked like solid metal bars. However, in between them there were links, small chains. In total, there were six links making it look like a whip. The large rods between the chains made it, so it didn’t look like a whip. The head at the bottom and top had a spear head.

Immediately, she started to swing it above her head, and swung it down, cutting one of the Dalki across diagonally. It had gone through it smoothly in one motion. Its blood had gotten on her Inner Blood Weapon.

The spare parts of the strange weapon started to fill with the green blood, and when she swung it again, this time it was extending and getting longer. More links of solid rod parts to the weapon were forming seemingly out of thin air, and now the weapon had reached a length of four metres.

Sunny spun it again, slicing the other Dalki’s arm off before it could reach her. The weapon then went around the back of the Dalki, and the vampire grabbed the other end. Suddenly, from the solid parts of the weapon, a red aura similar to that of a Blood swipe was fired from the weapon. Pulling it forward, the Dalki was sliced in half.

A rain of green blood dropped down and she avoided most of it, but made sure to take some of the Dalki blood inside her as well. Giving her more strength.

All of this had happened while Sunny had still been in midair. Eventually she had landed right in the centre of the fortress, on top of them all. She kicked the three spiked Dalki in the chest. He didn’t fall, but he was certainly pushed back.

His body skidded across the wall until he stopped by the edge. All the others on the wall had come towards Sunny, but with her weapon she sliced them all up. Swinging it about, the chained spear was Sunny’s Inner Blood Weapon, and it looked like all her training had paid off, as ten Dalki had been dealt with in an instant.

The Inner Blood Weapon, the training with the other leaders, and the beast gear. Before the vampire leaders would have struggled to fight against a three spiked Dalki, perhaps she had similar power to that of a four spike, but with all the improvements the leaders were no longer the same as before.

“We’re going to take back this planet.” Sunny claimed looking at the three spiked Dalki. The creatures below had slammed into the Dalki army. The flying subclasses had landed on top of the wall and were already attacking the Dalki on the walls as well, and it didn’t take long for Sunny to finish off their leader.

Next on the list was the mothership, but the world had already seen what they wanted to show them. That the vampires had joined in this fight, and that they wouldn’t allow the Dalki to have their way like they had done so far.


Seeing all of this from his lab, a certain Dalki leader smiled. The sound of the door had just closed as he had been delivered some news from the others.

‘Haha, what perfect timing. Just as the vampires have made their attack, we are finally ready to make ours as well. The new generation of Dalki has finished their training, and I can’t wait to see how effective they’ll be out on the battlefield.’ Graham thought to himself, his smile turning to an evil grin.


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