My Vampire System Chapter 1491 – Black Crates Of Death

After the Dalki attack in the beast solar system, each of the three groups had decided to concentrate their forces onto three planets. They mainly moved using the active teleporters stationed at each Shelter.

Something that the Dalki were unaware of was the fact that their jammers no longer had any effect, thanks to a particular member of the Green family. This move had saved many lives and even forced the Dalki to stop attacks.

However, it seemed like the Dalki were now playing a waiting game. There was a mothership on each planet alongside a fortress with enough numbers to protect the planet from being taken over again. At least they would be able to hold off until reinforcements arrived.

As time passed, eventually, the resources needed for war, the crystals, would reduce, and the Dalki could then make their move. This was one of the reasons why the Dalki had yet to attack. One of the theories, at least. Another guess among those in the cursed faction was that the former might be planning something big.

For one, the Dalki now had half of the Demon-tier Dragon, which would be a huge boost to their already overpowering strength. Even the planets where Quinn had destroyed a mothership were eventually reclaimed—leaving each group with only three of the planets.

“All the teleporters on the beast planets are destroyed, so that’s why we need to travel by ship. Honestly, I’m quite surprised that Dalki didn’t retaliate to Quinn’s little stunt on the Daisy planet.” Bonny said, gazing out of the window as usual.

They were flying towards one of the Beast planets, but it was more nerve-racking this time since they were heading straight into enemy territory. Just like last time, Bonny and Void were in their own ship.

It was fast, agile, and small, exactly how they wanted it to be. Although it had no weapons or defences on board, it was a small target to hit compared to the other ships with them this time.

For one, there was a large dropship. They were one of the largest ships used in war and would often carry fleets of Mechs, which were predominantly used in the first war. Since abilities at the time hadn’t developed up to the current level thus, mechs were the most promising thing they had against the Dalki.

Bonny knew what exactly was inside the place.

“Hello everyone, you are now watching Bonny and Void’s live stream. Today, the Cursed faction has invited us to show you something spectacular once again. As you all know, Quinn had announced that those that we know as V, the vampires, have teamed up with the human forces, and today is the day.”

The Livestream had started as soon as they had approached the planet, with around a two-minute live delay.

“What is this? Is it a planned attack?” One of the users commented on the livestream.

“Another stunt from the Cursed faction. You know this is all fake, right? How else can they perfectly time things? I bet they’re working with the Dalki or something!”

“Fake? This is a Livestream, and all the other groups confirm it’s happening. I’ve even talked to some of those in the Daisy Faction who were rescued. How can you say it’s fake?”

“See the guy above me? He’s another person that’s just been paid or is a bot! Don’t believe them!”

The reason for the delay, though, wasn’t for the public or to censor what might happen. Rather, it was because they knew that the other side would be watching as well.

At the moment, Graham was in his lab. A place he hadn’t come back to, too often these days, and he had just received a signal that a certain live stream was starting. Once he found out what was happening, rather than panicking, he smiled.

“So you finally make your move. Did we take too long?” Graham had an amused expression.

The dropship hovered above the Shelter, which was mostly destroyed, like when the Dalki had taken over the Daisy faction. There was a group of around two hundred Dalki present at the scene.

But the mothership or the Dalki Fortress was not here. Still, it was perfect for displaying just how strong the attacking force would be.

The hatch underneath the ship was opened while still hanging in the air, and then heavy metallic crates were dropped from the sky.

As they fell from the sky and crashed on the Shelter, their sheer weight had crushed or flattened whatever was left of the Shelter. A One-Spiked Dalki had even jumped attempting to punch the crate, but it did nothing to stray its course and even crushed the latter’s body underneath as it crashed on the ground.

“Those crates look strong. I wonder what material they are made out of? According to the Cursed faction, the vampires have discovered many materials and elements that we have yet to discover, and I’m guessing that these crates are one of them.” Bonny reported.

As expected, though, Void started to move the drones and their small ship into position to get a clear view because they knew exactly what was coming out of those crates. Fifteen black crates in total, and inside them were fifteen different subclasses.

Steam escaped from the black crates as the doors slowly opened. As a small gap formed, a creature’s hand slammed out and scratched the crates. Gradually, its arms, legs, mouths, and whole body moved out. Once there was enough space, the horde of creatures went out in the open.

They spread around and ran as fast as they could towards the first thing they saw. From one of the crates, winged creatures stormed out like bats, leaving in groups and heading towards the Dalki, which were on top of buildings.

On one of the buildings was a group of five Dalki. It looked like they were on top of an apartment-like building. It was at that moment that the group of Strzyga, the owl-like creatures, had caught the eye of them.

Immediately, hundreds of them went storming through the air towards the group. Witnessing this, the group of Dalki wasn’t afraid. Before, they had faced hundreds of humans, so why would this be different? As the leader of the flying creatures pounced at them with its mouth open wide, the Dalki threw out a punch, hitting it right on the face.

“These are weak!” The one who had punched exclaimed.

His strength had come through, and the creature’s face was crushed, causing it to plummet in an instant. The situation was the same with the others, that was until the others Strzyga had pierced their fangs onto the Dalkis’ arms.

The other Strzyga clawed at the Dalkis’ skin, and there wasn’t a spot on their body that wasn’t under attack. Their claws and fangs tore through the hard scales on their bodies. The Dalki tried to fight back, ripping the creatures off thier bodies and slamming them into the ground, but he and the rest were overwhelmed again after a few seconds.

The Strzyga were just too many. Once they had created an opening in his body, they started to feed on thier insides. Then finally, their powerful jaws allowed them to feast on their skin as well.

After having their feast, the owl-like creatures all stood on top of the building, looking out and searching for their next target.

“These are weak…these are weak.” A few of them repeated like a parrot. As they mocked the last words of the Dalki, they had just feasted on.

The cameras had caught all of this. The Dalki being overwhelmed gave a different feeling from when they saw Quinn and the vampire leaders. The camera switched to the other creatures; many were dying but, but they were also quickly taking on the Dalki by overwhelming the latter and not caring about themselves.

The viewers once again were divided. Some were thankful that the vampires had the power to help them in this war and defeat the Dalki, while others thought at what cost. Perhaps they were being saved by creatures far stronger than their understanding.

Eventually, all of the Dalki in the Shelter were dealt with, and the dangerous subclasses began to look around for more.

“I guess it’s time for me to make my entrance as well,” Sunny said.

She jumped down from the large ship and landed directly in the centre. This time, she looked different and was covered with top-tier beast gear from head to toe.

Most of it was dyed in a white and gold colour. This was based on Sam’s advice. The dark colours gave off an ominous feeling to the human; thus, he wanted the vampire leaders to change their appearance. He felt this was perfect for someone like Sunny, who gave a motherly feeling.

Her armour was quite a unit, with broad shoulders. However, she wore a light robe for easy movement while wearing sacred armour over the top here and there.

All of the creatures turned towards Sunny and inched their way towards her as if they were about to go for her next, but she smiled at them, lifting her hand.

“Relax, I am not your enemy…and we have more to deal with.” Sunny asserted.

The creatures momentarily stood there and stopped stepping forward as if they were waiting for her next instructions, and all Sunny did was point at the Dalki mothership.

“That is your next target.”


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