My Vampire System Chapter 1489 – It Starts Here

After a few more questions from the meeting and the plan’s finalisation, Logan handed a communication device to everyone present in the room. This way, they could adjust their strategies as and when needed while also being up-to-date with the situation.

Now, it was no longer about one group outdoing the other. For once, it seemed like everyone was on board with working together and getting rid of the threat. After that, things proceeded swiftly as everyone returned to their respective planets.

There were still a couple of days for preparations to be made, and once the vampire leaders had everything they needed, they would head out to the other planets as well. For now, it was a direct order for them to follow Sam’s instructions.

However, if Sam was unavailable, then Muka and Fex were left in charge, which they all happily obliged to.

Quinn was heading out to where the Nest crystal had been discovered. He thought this was the quickest solution for them, to go on the attack while also making it so Quinn could obtain the Nest Crystal as fast as possible.

He was now back at the Daisy planet, where the vampire settlement was presently located. From here, he would use their teleporters to teleport himself to the vampire settlement’s previous location.

Apparently, the vampires didn’t have teleporters to all of the planets in the solar system. So Quinn would have to be patient while a ship picked him up, and from there onwards, he would head off to the Nest Crystal’s location.

This was the faster solution compared to using the abandoned station that linked the beast planet solar system and the vampire one.

‘This shouldn’t take long. I can’t imagine it taking more than two days at most… in the current situation…how many things will happen in two days?’ Quinn thought. This was the only thought that would somewhat settle his mind, but he knew that the plans for the attack were now kicked in motion.

Worst case, he would use the shadow to transfer himself to the Cursed faction and help in the fight. For now, he needed to have faith in his comrades.


Currently inside a small commercial spaceship were Bonny and Void, the two reporters who became well-known and popular with the general public. Their ship was cruising through space, but it wasn’t alone.

A small fleet of the Earthborn group was with them on guard. Although Bonny and Void weren’t weak, they weren’t strong enough to face the Dalki. Lately, since the news and details to the public were mostly delivered via their Livestream, the military and the other three groups felt it was important to protect them from any threats.

At the moment, the spaceship was on autopilot, heading to their destination. Void was tinkering with his drones and equipment, checking if they were all working alright, while Bonny had been staring outside looking at the fleet.

“Can you feel the tension?” Bonny asked, still staring out the window.

“Tension, you mean the tension of the war? It has always been there.” Void replied, nearly dropping his camera off from the table, but he quickly grabbed it before it was damaged. In the pile of equipment, there was even the damaged camera that Quinn had broken.

Thankfully, the Cursed faction had paid for all the repairs and allowed him to get a new one.

“Can’t you tell, or am I imagining things? But from all the reports we are getting, things have heated up big time. All the groups are on the move, and this much protection? Before, they would just send one ship to come with us and now a whole fleet.”

“You might be right.” Void replied, As he tested the camera by taking a snap of Bonny, who looked beyond annoyed when she saw how calm Void was, as the latter quickly placed the camera back on the table. “I mean, whenever the Cursed faction invites us somewhere, it’s always for some big news or big attractions, something like that. So it will be the same this time, right?”

“No.” Bonny shook her head. “I’m talking bigger than that. This isn’t just the Cursed faction; all groups are moving. My sources have been updating me. This isn’t the same as before. I think…this might be it.”

Bonny’s sources were volunteers from all the other planets. Bonny and Void already had their own application created just so people could follow them and get notified when they went live.

Nearly everyone had this application, and that included practically everyone who was not participating in the war. Still, with anyone who became popular, they would have some hardcore fans who wished to help Bonny and Void in any way they could.

Bonny would constantly keep her eye on online forums, chatrooms, blogs, and more. It was a good way to gauge how people were feeling and what they were interested in finding out.

She had read about reports of the Graylash people creating defensive measures and moving all of their members. Some of those from the Earthborn group were doing heavy recruitment. Even those who weren’t part of the military were informed that they might have to fight.

All of these were clear signs that they were expecting something, which was why Bonny found it strange that both of them were invited right at this moment.

‘The question is, are the Dalki on the move…or is it us?’

Eventually, the spaceship landed on the Daisy planet. However, it wasn’t at the same location as before, nor was it a vampire settlement. They could still see the vampire settlement in the distance, but a little further from the main settlement, a miniature shelter had been created; this was the place they were about to land. It had walls and towers just like the main settlement, but even the top was enclosed, giving it an appearance of a giant black block when seen from a distance.

Upon landing, people who helped in escorting them soon left, and there to greet them all was one of the Vampire leaders and by her side were two assistants.

One was a small red-haired teenager with a black rabbit on his shoulder. While the other was an older woman whose beauty was on par with the woman who stood at the front.

Void lifted his heavy backpack with all his equipment inside and took along a few devices. He activated the drones since it was easy to have them active rather than carrying them around, but they weren’t recording just yet.

“It’s nice to meet you. I remember our visit from last time.” Bonny said, bowing down.

Void bowed down as well, but his large back was so heavy it looked like he was about to fall over. Luckily, Rokene, the one with the black rabbit, had quickly gone to his side to grab him and propel him up straight again.

“Thank you.” Void replied.

‘We do have speed ability users, but not many people choose that ability. It’s still strange to know that vampires can move that fast.’ He thought.

“What is this facility?” Bonny asked, looking around, and she was half expecting to see Quinn or someone else to help explain what was going on.

“Oh, I see that you haven’t been informed. I suppose you don’t know what is happening, do you?” Sunny smiled as she turned around and went to enter the facility.

For now, Rokene had offered to carry Void’s heavy bag, and usually, Void would have said no, but then he noticed that it was almost weightless for the teenager to carry.

They had entered the settlement, but the room was dark, too dark for them to see since the facility didn’t get any sunlight from above.

“They have a request. They wish for you to film the first attack against the Dalki race for the whole world to see. And as the fifth leader of the vampire society, I will be leading the attack.” Sunny explained.

Void was turning on his camera, not to record but to help him see what exactly was in the room because they could hear countless snarls and strange noises they had never heard before, which was, quite frankly, worrying them.

When Void saw what was around them through the camera, he immediately had an intense urge to put it down.

“Don’t worry; you are free to record because the whole world will see them soon. Lights!” Sunny asked, and crystals started to shine, showing the whole facility full of the dangerous subclasses that Sunny would use in the attack.


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