My Vampire System Chapter 1488 – The Final War

When seeing a nest crystal in person, there was the opportunity for Quinn to use it to upgrade his system. There were two in total, and Quinn had decided to use one for Vincent’s body, and not for a single moment did he regret that decision.

Although he never intended it to work out like this, it was a good thing that he could have a clone of himself, and it had come in handy during the Pure situation. On top of that, every time he saw Vincent, a warm feeling would overcome him. It was one of the decisions he was happy about.

The other nest crystal was used to continue creating the human clones to feed their blood to the vampires. Still, he hadn’t given up on finding a nest crystal and had decided to ask for one of the vampire families to search for it.

Before Quinn went off to meet Sam and the others, Jin, the fourth family leader and the one in charge of the expedition, came forward to talk about something. The two of them walked slowly into the stadium to speak their mind.

“I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, and neither do I want you to think my family is incompetent, but there is a little bit of a problem,” Jin informed his king. “My expedition team has requested help.

“It seems they are unable to get the crystal because of some unforeseen troubles and have asked for support. I understand that you said this was important to you, so I wanted to suggest sending some of the vampire leaders, including myself, to gather the crystal for you.”

Quinn remained silent and thought for a moment. He wanted to prioritise the System upgrade, but he was unsure what it would do at the end of the day. Would it allow him to continue gaining stats, unlock skills? Or would it show an error due to Richard fully unlocking the system?

“Are there other options? Shouldn’t there be more nest crystals?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, this is the first one we have come across,” Jin replied. “Of course, we can continue searching, but we don’t know how long it will take. Depending on the beasts protecting it, the difficulty to get the nest crystal will vary.

“It might be an easy task or become an impossible one. This one seems slightly difficult, but if a few leaders were to join hands, the progress would speed up.”

Quinn had heard enough, and before that, he thought it would be best to talk to Sam about everything together. This meeting wasn’t only for those in the Cursed faction. Members of the Earthborn group and those from the Graylash family would also attend this meeting. But before the main meeting started, Quinn wanted to talk with Sam about what had just been discovered.

“Hmm, and were you thinking of getting the nest crystal yourself?” Sam replied as if he could read a part of Quinn’s mind.

“It did cross my mind,” Quinn replied. “But I think at this moment, it’s too dangerous for me to leave.”

“But if you send the leaders away instead, then we would be sending a major portion of our forces. If we start an attack, there is a good chance that the Dalki will retaliate. I agree with what you said before. Attacking now while they’re not ready is the best option. We don’t know how long getting the nest crystal will take. You know better than anyone that you can’t be everywhere at once. Let’s discuss it with everyone.” Sam said with a smile, still undecided about the whole situation.

All of the sofas were moved to one side of the room, facing the opposite wall, and Sam stood facing everyone. He was taking charge of the whole meeting. The Cursed faction made arrangements for the other groups, and the latter didn’t have complaints about that.

If they didn’t agree to something, they could always disagree and dispute it during the meeting.

“As you know, we have talked multiple times over the last few days, and so has Quinn and me, and the decision between everyone and what everyone believes we should do right now…is go on the attack against the Dalki.” Sam declared.

No one spoke in objection; rather, they had determined looks on their faces.

“We have been on the defensive since the start of this war, and we finally have this breathing space. Yet there has to be a reason for it.

“As we discussed with the extra power of the leaders, they will be split into the two groups to give support. I am sure you all are thinking about where we will begin and how we can get the public to support us. Well, I have an answer for that.”

Upon pressing a little remote, a video appeared by Sam’s side, and it showed footage of a certain area in the Vampire Settlement. An area that showed many different kinds of creatures. Their figures looked similar to beasts, demons, things they only saw in nightmares.

“Are these beasts?” Hermes asked.

“No, these are something else,” Sam replied. “They are under the command of the vampires. After speaking with the leaders, we have come up with a suggestion: Sunny will lead an attack to take back one of the Cursed faction’s planets.”

Sunny then stood up from her seat to make everyone aware of her and what she looked like.

“She is the fifth leader, and using the subclasses, as we call them, she will fight the Dalki. No human lives will be lost in the first attack, and it will show the alliance of the humans and vampires going well if the mission is a success.

“Once this mission ends, before the Dalki can even have the time to react, the Graylash and Earthborn group will move to get rid of the Dalki from their planets.”

Some in the room were filled with fighting spirit, while a few felt a little prudent about this plan. They knew that defending was always easier than attacking in warfare, and the Dalki was an unknown enemy race. The number of Dalki forces, and their strength, everything was a mystery to them.

“What about One Horn?” One of the generals asked. “He is one of the leaders of the Dalki. Unless we get rid of him, it will be hard for us to move. Will the vampire leaders be enough to take him on?”

“We will give the necessary support for each group. The vampire leaders are strong, and we think that, like before, the Dalki will concentrate their power against the Cursed faction. We will be the charging force in this fight, and if they do focus on the Cursed faction, we will be like a lance destroying all their forces one by one.”

The leaders of the Cursed faction had smiles on their faces when Sam said this.

“What about Quinn?” Another general asked. “We know he is the strongest out of all of us. Perhaps he should be the one to take on One Horn? Or will he be able to support us if things go bad?”

When the General asked this question, Sam glanced at Quinn for a moment before responding.

“He has another matter to attend to that will help us win this war,” Sam answered. “We are not a one-man army, and no, I’m not stupid enough to think we can win this war without him. That’s not what I’m saying, but Quinn has powers that allow us to call him over when we need him.

“If we were to locate Graham, the Dalki known and suspected to be their leader, we know that Quinn is the only one strong enough to help us face off against Graham. However, we have to strike now. The longer we wait, the more chances we’re giving them to create an army of Grahams and One Horns. We all saw the Dalki that attacked the Graylash family and how it had gotten stronger. What will we do if it’s too late by the time we react?” Sam added, “The vampire leaders are our trump card. They have agreed to help us, but I doubt they would ever think we would go on a full-force attack like this.

“The time to act is now! Understand?!” Sam proclaimed.

There was silence for a moment, and then the members of the Graylash family cheered. Then, those from the other sections cheered as well. Although the event led by the Board never expected this type of response, after seeing the so-called strongest, they had gained confidence in facing the unknown enemy.

“Thank you,” Quinn said, placing his hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Let’s not waste any more time. Everyone, have enough rest. This will be the final war. We either win…or die. And I need to make sure I have the strength to end this.

There’s a saying Sam replied.

“We will fight not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us!”


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