My Vampire System Chapter 1487: The Royal Cherry

Although Muka said that she would try not to listen in, it was a hard thing for her to do. The hallway was silent, and, just like any Vampire Lord, her hearing was far sharper than a human’s. So if she heard a few noises or two, then no one could blame her… right?

The Royal Knight looked around to make sure nobody would pass by, before taking off her helmet and pressing her ear up against it. She was wondering why there had been no noise for a while now. In her head, all sorts of thoughts were going on.

‘It went really silent for a while… did he use his shadow to block out the noise?’ Muka thought when suddenly she could hear something. ‘Wait, that sounds like…footsteps!’ The Royal Knight realised as she quickly placed her helmet back on and stood up straight, pretending to have dutifully done her job all this while. The door swung open and Quinn was seen standing there. He immediately closed the door behind him, and he didn’t even look at Muka.

“The issue is resolved.” Quinn stated, without any further explanation, using his left hand to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“So…did you do the deed?” Muka asked, intrigued, trying her best to sound neutral. Inside her head, though, she was picturing little babies already, Royal Princes and Princesses. Even though the vampire society didn’t quite work like that, chances were that the children of their current King would grow up to become monsters of their own.

“No… not exactly.” Quinn replied with his entire face getting red as he looked at his right hand, which immediately disappointed Muka to the point where her shoulders shrugged down. “It turned out… that she didn’t need me to do ‘that’ necessarily… I just gave her… a hand… a shadow hand and… we figured out, she… just needed my… seed.”

Quinn had to stop there. He had never felt so embarrassed in his life talking about any matter. For one thing, this was actually the first time he had talked about these types of matters. Growing up he never had anyone to talk to about these types of things, no friends during school, no siblings to inform him, nor any parents to ask them questions.

As such, it wasn’t too surprising that he didn’t even know how to naturally talk about it. Inside the room, everything had felt awkward to him… even though Hayley had fortunately taken the initiative.

It was then that the two noticed that Fex was walking down the hallway, and he wasn’t on his own.

“Hey, are you done already? Well, can’t blame you too much for your first time, although you don’t look as tired as I would have imagined. Congratulations on popping your Royal Cherry, Your Majesty. ” Fex made a formal bow, not even trying to hide the huge grin on his face. He had actually heard everything that was said while walking down the hallway, and by his side, there was no one.

“… alright, I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t tease you too much about this. I overheard that you two… came to a ‘mutual agreement’… for now. Anyway, you’re a good guy, Quinn. A little too good sometimes, so I’ll stop giving you a hard time.

“I understand that you did what you did because Samantha asked you to, and while I might not like it, it was still her decision. You have your own struggles to deal with, so I won’t drag you into mine.”

With one problem solved, Quinn could finally move onto the next matter at hand. Muka had decided to stay with Hayley in case she needed help with other matters. Later on they would arrange her to travel with the bulk of the Cursed faction as she wished to. However, Quinn asked her to wait until him and Fex were gone… as well as to give Hayley time to come to and dress herself properly, though he didn’t voice that last part out.

“Ah, by the way, Layla was looking for you, so I told her that you were busy without going into detail. She said it wasn’t important and not to worry about it, though if you want my advice, I think you should seriously have a talk with her at some point. At least before you go on your next grand outing. You were the one who told me to act, so as a good leader, shouldn’t you be leading by example?”

Quinn did agree with what Fex was saying, even though he noticed the teasing tone in the last statement, the teenage boy required a break after that. He wasn’t in his right mind after he had come close to doing what he was about to do, and even then, doing what he did…

‘I’ve had two tough conversations with two strong women today, and I don’t think I can deal with a third. … and I should definitely take a long shower after what I just did… although it was in the shadow space. At least I can take comfort in that.’

As usual, Quinn was busy as there was always something to do around the ship, and he decided to head out to the field after getting a report from Sam. Out where the VR platform would take place was the ship the vampire soldiers had landed in and infant of it, making preparations was Ashley, along with a few of the Unranked including Abdul and Sera.

Quinn had a catch-up with them all, apologising to them for not being able to act sooner to protect their families, yet nobody blamed him. They all knew what the situation was like. The Cursed had learned of the V, yet no one knew about them.

Asking for their families, not even their families would have believed such a tale. With that, Quinn wanted to talk to two more people before heading off.

“Sera, Leo is one of the best people I ever met. You can rely on him a lot.” Quinn said. “He will forever be my teacher, and I learn new things from him every day.”

Sera looked at the blind man, and he thought well of him, remembering back to his match.

“I think this time, he might learn a few things from me. Don’t worry, I will take good care of him.” Sera gave Quinn a wink, and knowing what energy resided in him, Leo just nodded his head.

They all got on board the ship, and a short while later it took off. They had a plan with which they slowly would attempt to deal with Pure and take back Earth from them.

Now, it was time for Quinn to make a decision what to do with the Cursed faction and the rest. The Vampire King decided to contact Alex and Andrew, the two main forgers of the Cursed faction.

He wanted an update on the vampire leaders’ equipment. According to Alex, thanks to the new crystals that they had obtained from the vampire settlement and learned about, they were able to upgrade everything considerably and work at a better rate.

In fact, he estimated that they would be done in the next few days, which meant, after the armour was done, Quinn and Sam would have to plan their attack on the Dalki.

Armed with that knowledge, Quinn decided to head back in, and he was making his way to the reception where Sam was. He was hoping to call a meeting along with Sach and Owen, to try to see if they could all attack at the same time. They needed to discuss things in great detail.

However, while he was on his way there, he bumped into someone who he wasn’t expecting or called. In the hallway, leading from the arena to the stadium, was Jin with his arms crossed.

As soon as he saw Quinn, he gave a respectful bow, and stood upright again.

“I have a report to make, Your Majesty.” Jin stated. “A little while ago, you asked one of the families to search our solar system in need of a Nest Crystal. I was the one that had taken on that role and I have just received a report. I’ve just been contacted that my family has finally found one.”

A large grin appeared on Quinn’s face, everything was falling into place nicely. It was time to level up his system and bring out the full power to take on Graham.


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