My Vampire System Chapter 1485: A growing desire

Although they were at the centre of the reception room, Quinn felt like there was no need to drag things on and do Hayley’s transformation somewhere else. If she turned into something dangerous, he had enough strength to subdue her before she went berserk.

Of course, he was still worried. The more he turned people, the more chance he had of hitting one of the bad subclasses.

The others in the room would constantly glance over to see what Quinn was doing. However, everyone here already knew what he was and saw that Hayley had requested this. They weren’t just regular members of the Cursed faction but the leaders, and it wasn’t like he was going against her will or forcing her into the ritual.

A drop of blood had initiated the ritual process, just like with Samantha. Quinn still had plenty of slots that he would always leave open, a little over 10. He kept it this way because he remembered when Vincent once told him that perhaps he might need to use it on those he truly cared for one day.

In some cases, if someone really wanted to be turned, like those in the Cursed faction, he would get the other vampires to do it, so it wouldn’t take up his slots. The connection with Hayley just felt too personal for that, though.

Like Samantha, Hayley took it quite well once the turning process started. It was clear that she was going through pain as the veins popped up on her neck, and blood passed through them at a quick rate.

A few grunts of pain here and there, but other than that, she didn’t show any signs of backing down.

‘Are women just better at handling pain than most men? Or does it have something to do with the transformation?’ Quinn wondered.

At the same time, he was thinking about just what Hayley would turn into. He found it strange that Samantha had turned into a B Subclass, an undead. Especially since she was nowhere close to being dead when turned, however, he did remember his thoughts before.

Although certain things might influence the result, they weren’t the main factor to give a hundred percent guarantee about the outcome of the transformation. It was just that the chances of turning into that subclass were a bit more than the rest. At the same time, all choices were still available on the wheel.

Watching carefully, Quinn waited for the result and to see if Hayley would need any help; however, just then, someone came bursting through the reception doors.

The person pushed the doors so hard they had nearly come off their hinges, and everyone turned to look at who it was. Two figures had entered the room, one in heavy black armour, the royal knight Muka, and by her side was another royal knight, Fex.

Quinn knew Fex wasn’t in a good mood, judging by his face.

“Quinn, I need to talk to you!” Fex yelled across the room.

‘Uh, no, I mean, I knew he would react badly, but what is this?’ Quinn frowned inwardly.

Luckily, it seemed like Muka still had some sense and was by Fex’s side, trying to calm him down, and jumped in between the two of them before this turned into a scuffle.

“Don’t forget he is still your king,” Muka said, placing her hands on Fex’s shoulder and slightly forcing him back. Fex’s legs were still walking forward, but he wasn’t moving anywhere.

“Yeah, well, this isn’t me talking to Quinn as a royal knight; this is me talking to him as a friend!” Fex moved his head and looked at Quinn in his eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to turn Samantha? You don’t think I deserved to know?”

“Of course you did,” Quinn replied while keeping one eye on Hayley, who was still sitting down. “But Samantha is an adult, and both of you have only started dating recently. She had already made up her mind to do this, Fex. Do you think if you talked to her, she would have changed her decision?”

“Of course!” Fex yelled back. “She might have just been emotional at the time. Maybe I could have calmed her down, and what would you have done if she changed into a subclass that altered her emotions? She could become a different Samantha.

“Or worse, what would you have done if she changed into something like a Wendigo? Would you have killed her and then come to me and said, ‘Sorry, Fex, but she told me to turn her’?!”

It was clear why Fex was angry. He was worried for Samantha, worried that he might lose someone he had just gotten close to, and Quinn understood his emotions.

“Fex, I understand, but Samantha made that decision, and I clarified all the risks to her. Even if you were married to her, yes, both of you can make decisions together, but ultimately it would have been up to her. Do you think I like turning people?”

It was then that a groan had come out from the table opposite to Quinn. Fex and even Muka turned to where the sound had come from. It wasn’t just any groan. It sounded as if someone had received the ultimate pleasure. As if they had tasted the best dessert in the world.

When turning towards the source of the moan, they could see a female standing. Both of her arms cuddled themselves, and their legs crossed over slightly.

“Quinn…what happened to me… am I a vampire?” Hayley asked, with her face getting red and almost visible ‘heat’ reeking from her cheeks.

[Congratulations, you have created a Succubus.]

“You turned another one! What the hell are you doing, Quinn?!” Fex clamoured at him again, still angry. When Hayley turned her head towards him, Fex noticed a single horn on the left side of her head. Her usual glasses had fallen on the table, and her braided ponytail was now undone.

Just then, they noticed something waving as well. It was a small thin tail.

It had been a long time since Quinn had seen a new Subclass, although this wasn’t his first time seeing a succubus. There was Amy, who was close to Xander in the tenth family. However, he had never created one himself before, so he was a little interested in its ability.

[Infant Succubus: A common feature of a succubus is a single thin red tail along with a small horn sticking out from its left side. Although not all Succubus will have a horn on their head, but will sometimes grow in size depending on their s*xual desire.

[Succubus are quite proficient in illusion and healing magic. Magic abilities cast by a Succubus will work more on males, depending on the attraction the latter has for the Succubus. They also have natural energy that will replenish over time; however, they must consume a man’s special seed to grow and evolve.

[They often are beings that are said to have no love and only lust. Meaning they are able to bypass boundaries that other blooded can not.]

If Quinn was drinking something, this could have been the second time in one day where he would have spat it out because of the description. Of all the things for Hayley to have turned into, why would it have to be one that was a little tricky? Quinn couldn’t help but wonder what could have been the major factor that led to her turning into such a being.

Upon closer inspection, he noticed a few other changes. For one, the size of her chest had gone up by a few notches. Before, if they were the size of apples, now they were like watermelons, and the military uniform she was wearing looked like it was about to tear apart.

“Quinn…I think… I need your help.” Hayley said as she sat down, and something could be seen growing from the top of her head on her left side. It started to poke through her hair and was extending with every second.

“The horn… your horn is growing,” Quinn said out loud as he was shocked and remembered the description. “How am I meant to help with that?”

“You were the one who turned me into this, so you have to solve this problem,” Hayley replied back, sounding a bit out of breath.


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