My Vampire System Chapter 1484: She turned into a what?

It had been a while since Quinn had turned someone, and he could never get used to this feeling because each time he did turn someone, there was a chance that they might turn into a dangerous subclass that needed to be eliminated on the spot.

It hadn’t happened too often, but after becoming king, Quinn had seen all the different subclasses that the vampires kept for combat. There were far more possibilities than he imagined, and later, he had learned that the vampires had a way to influence changes towards one of these subclasses.

It looked like they had found some detailed research from the second family. Cindy had been doing countless experiments, and even with her powers, she was able to reverse a human after the latter had been turned.

She would do this again and again until reaching the result they wanted. In the second family, only she had such a strong ability. Bryce had extracted this information from the second family but had not shared it with the others.

On the side, he had been creating a vampire subclass army, mainly for war. Quinn had looked over these methods but never went into too many details.

Firstly, some of the details on how to make certain subclasses were unethical, and he could never imagine forcing a human to go through that to be turned into practically a monster. The second reason was that none of these methods had explained about turning them into other subclasses.

Quinn had his theories, but that’s all they were, a bunch of theories.

“An undead is unlikely, right, but according to Vincent, anything is possible. Perhaps the circumstance for the turning could influence the result, but it was never a 100 percent guarantee, just an increase in chance.”

This was why Quinn was surprised when the result had finally appeared. Samantha’s transformation had gone better than most of whom Quinn had turned.

She seemed to be going through great pain but somehow held back her screams. She just sat there at her seat in the canteen instead of rolling around the floor in pain.

She was a strong person, and if she unlocked the power of Qi that was within her, she would be a great asset.

[You have successfully created a Draugr.]

‘Another one? The only other Draugr I know at the moment is Linda, right?’ As Quinn thought about this, he realised one thing, there was one person that might not be so happy about the change he had made, and that was Fex.

‘I probably should have asked him before I did this…but I mean, it was Samantha’s decision to be changed, right? And he shouldn’t have the same problem that Layla and I have.’ Quinn thought.

Samantha looked to be adjusting to herself, it was a strange experience, and she had a lot to learn. Quinn explained her transformation briefly and told her to see Linda understand her situation in detail. She would show her the ropes for now as there were still many other things that Quinn needed to focus on.

For one, there was another female waiting for him and most likely not for a pleasant chat.

‘I better just get all these conversations out of the way.’ Quinn thought as he headed to the Cursed faction members’ quarters.

Everyone seemed to be in one of the large reception rooms or the converted training room they had created. Hearing about Quinn’s return, a few people were waiting for him, and one of them was Hayley.

When Quinn entered the reception room, which had a bar with sofas and tables arranged all around, he saw Sam and Hayley sitting at one of the tables. As soon as Hayley noticed Quinn, she shot up like a bamboo shoot and stared at him.

‘Don’t make this more difficult than it already is.’ Quinn frowned inwardly.

Upon approaching the sofa, rather than having Sam speak, he simply instructed everyone to start preparing the vampire soldiers to head off with Sera. Now that the group had come back from the familiar world, they were just wasting time staying here now. He promised he would speak to Ashley and the others before they left.

Everyone in the room became busy as Quinn took a seat opposite Hayley, with the latter drinking a cup of coffee.

‘At least she looks calm.’

“Please, I already heard from Sam that my father has passed, but he wasn’t there at the moment. I was hoping you could tell me all his last moments. What happened to him… why did he change after meeting you. I want you to tell me everything.” Hayley requested.

‘First Samantha and now Hayley.’ Quinn inwardly sighed, but it was better to get done with these conversations; delaying it anymore would not do any good.

Quinn told Hayley the whole truth about how Paul and his men were the ones who discovered the vampire world. It was because of this that they were kept captive. It all happened before Quinn was king, so they needed to strike a deal.

Quinn was the one that had turned Paul, and the rest of his men, to save their lives, but when explaining, Quinn didn’t make it sound like a good deed, and Hayley could tell how hard it was for him to say this. It was clear he wasn’t proud of his actions.

Then he explained the rest, that Paul was a good person, and he had gone to look out for someone named Kazz. When talking about it, Quinn felt like he should have realised their close relationship sooner; it was almost as if he saw Kazz as a replacement for someone. Quinn didn’t convert his thoughts into words and just explained how he saw it and let Hayley decide what was going on.

“In the end, he risked his life for this Kazz girl, huh, and she even still ended up dying? So there’s nothing left of him, not even the person she protected because he is dead as well?” Hayley said as she sat back and let it all in. In the end, Hayley just started to laugh.

It wasn’t the reaction Quinn was expecting at all from her, but soon that laughter turned into a single tear that ran down her cheek.

“That idiot,” Hayley said as she smiled. “I have a favour to ask. I missed my father a lot when I was younger. He was a caring person, and he was the one that pushed me into medical practice.

“He bought me the most expensive beast gear which money could buy at the time when the war broke out. He never directly showed he cared about me but did do in weird ways, but I never saw some of the sides of him that you are describing, and I would have liked to have seen that.

“I know you said you are looking into turning the vampire soldiers back to human, but I believe it will be a long time before you do that. You need the vampires at this moment. Anyone could see that.

“I want to know why he went through this change, Quinn, and judging from your story and what you told me, it all happened with you. This whole world changed with you, and I even remember seeing you the first day. I never thought this would be the situation.

“I want to follow you, Quinn, and pursue in my father’s footsteps. I want to do everything he has done and follow through his steps to see what he did, so I am asking you right now. Please, Quinn, if you can.” Hayley then stood up from her seat and bowed down. “Can you please turn me as you did him?”

If Quinn were drinking something, he would have spat it out. Because not an hour had passed, two ladies had requested the same thing.

“Please understand it from my point of view,” Hayley said, lifting her head, but all she saw was Quinn with his hand out.

“You don’t have to say anymore. I know by now that I’ll always lose this type of conversation. So after I tell you all the risks, I’ll let you decide and will see, alright?” Quinn sighed.

However, this time, Quinn didn’t know that the results of the change would be vastly different from what Samantha had turned into.

[Congratulations you have successfully created a Succubus]


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