My Vampire System Chapter 1483: A request of tears

After everyone’s return, they felt a lot better. Rather than their energy being sapped away from them, now they could feel it slowly returning. Only now did they truly feel how much effect the world was having on them.

In the same way, it was the opposite for the familiars, and Genbu understood why the other familiars decided not to stay out for so long.

Quinn told everyone that he would call and meet up with everyone later. First, they should all get some rest, and he knew they needed it, though there were a few who were worried about Owen.

In fact, for the first time, even Owen looked to be a bit tired. Before leaving for the rooms, he first went towards Leo.

“I wanted to ask, the power that you taught me earlier. I don’t want to pry, but if possible, can I teach it to those in the Graylash family?” Owen asked. “I feel like I was a bit foolish in the past, wishing for everyone to learn the lighting power thinking it was the strongest, and although I still somewhat believe that, and it would solve the inequality problem, it wouldn’t solve it completely.

“It is impossible to have everyone on equal footing, but before even thinking about that, we need to win this war, so we need all the power we can get. However, I assume that this power of Qi is something similar to an Original ability. If you do not wish for me to pass this on, I will respect your decisions.”

Knowing that Quinn would have overheard everything, Leo looked over. Yet, it felt strange for him to do something like that. Qi was never something Quinn thought was his own to teach others, and he always felt like it belonged to Leo.

However, Quinn did agree with what Owen said about its power, which was also why many in the Cursed faction were learning it.

“You may pass on what you know, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to teach you,” Leo replied.

“I’ll send someone,” Quinn said after hearing that answer. “A few people in the Cursed faction know how to use Qi. I’ll send someone to join the Graylash faction and teach it. You’re right that you guys need to get stronger.”

There was another reason why Quinn was holding back teaching it to the other groups, and that was because Qi was somewhat a weakness for vampires. Especially now that Quinn was king, he also needed to look out for the vampires.

However, if they didn’t win this war, what vampires would he have to look after. No matter what, they needed to use everything at their disposal to get rid of the threat.

After almost all had left, one person had stayed behind, and that was Samantha. Quinn had even asked for Oscar to leave and head back and find Mona for the time being. It seemed like Oscar was having difficulty deciding, but he eventually listened to Quinn.

“I know you have a lot of questions, so let me explain first how I found Oscar….” Quinn spoke softly as he went into detail. He told her about the vampire who was related to him, Richard Eno, a great scientist for the vampires and the same person they all knew as a great scientist for the humans.

He then explained how they had found Oscar at one of Eno’s labs and just that. There was no need for Samantha to know about the trials, only how they found Oscar. However, the bit that was difficult for Quinn to speak about was Oscar himself.

How, if asking him if he remembered certain details, he didn’t. Honestly, Quinn always thought of him as a different Oscar until the he had met Samantha. It was clear he knew who Samantha was, even if he didn’t know about himself.

As Quinn finished his story, tears streamed down Samantha’s face. She gripped her cheeks so tightly that the tip of her nails dug deep. Quinn had seen such reactions before. He knew this wasn’t just sadness and anger; there was also much regret.

“The one you told me about…the Richard Eno, he came to me saying that he could bring him back, but he warned me…he warned me that father be different from how he was before if he came back…honestly, I don’t know if it would have been better if he had completely forgotten me, but the fact that he remembers me….”

Samantha gripped her clothing around her chest, over her heart, pulling the fabric tightly.

“It just hurts even more…Quinn… I want to be stronger…I can’t live like this…can you help me? Can you contact Richard for me? He made Oscar like this with only his head, so maybe with me-”

“He’s dead.” Quinn interrupted her. “That’s why we went to his lab in the first place.”

Hearing this, Samantha’s lost the little hope she just felt. Although Quinn wasn’t so sure if Eno was dead, and even if he was, most of the knowledge and information about Oscar was stored in Logan’s head, but he didn’t want her to continue searching for questions that would most likely never be answered.

Quinn had already asked Logan if there was a way to turn Oscar back, and Logan had answered it wasn’t possible.

“I still need to get stronger. I’m not stupid. I know that if I beat One Horn, this feeling won’t go away, but I have to do something for him. I have to help. When everyone fought and protected me, I was knocked out by some stupid sleeping gas. I couldn’t even destroy a damn turtle’s shell! So tell me, how the hell can I defeat One Horn like this?!” Samantha cried out.

“That’s why, Quinn, you’re the vampire king, right? Which means you can turn people. So turn me! Whatever you want, my blood or anything… just take it! but please turn me, and help me get stronger!” Samantha screamed as she dug her nails deeper in her palm, making blood drip from her hand over the table.

Quinn looked at it dripping from her hand and falling down. He then licked his finger and wiped it against the cut she had just made, and slowly it started to heal.

“Pretty neat, right?” Quinn said. “Our Sylvia can heal small wounds like this, but usually it wouldn’t work this quick; that’s only because of who I am. Just becoming a vampire wouldn’t solve all your problems, and it doesn’t work like that.

“Being a vampire comes with difficulties, a life where perhaps everyone who ever knew you and knows you will hate you. People will look at you differently, treat you differently, and most probably, you will have to hide your identity. I’m not saying no to you, but it’s not an answer to your problems, and it’s not a magic shortcut to gain great power. You will lose your ability, and you might be drawn to blood like this.”

“You turned Sach into one, right?” Samantha said. “I know… I know…and I know about your past, Quinn. Oscar told me to find more about you once, everything about you. You had no ability, you were weak, the bottom of your class in every way possible, and you had no potential at all.

“Your whole life changed because you became a vampire. So don’t give me that crap! Look at where you are? Just help me… please….” Samantha pleaded.

“You don’t know what I’ve been through!” Quinn frowned, which caused Samantha to startle a little, but he took a deep breath and spoke again. “You don’t know what I’ve been through,” Quinn repeated, this time in a softer tone. “But you’re right; if you’re this insistent, then I will help you.”

Quinn said as he bit his thumb. He lifted the blood in the air and dangled it just above her head using his powers.

“This is your last chance. Do you wish to be turned? There is a chance that you might turn into something that will force me to kill you?” Quinn asked for the last time.

Samantha nodded and opened her mouth as if she knew the next step. The blood then swooped from above and fell right into Samantha’s mouth.

[The blood ritual has been activated.]


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