My Vampire System Chapter 1481: Unbreakable shell

Everyone could tell that the attempt made by Owen was the best attempt out of all of them so far, whether it was because of the help he received from the others, the small training he had done with Leo, or the fact that Owen had actually tried, it was hard to tell, but they were waiting to see the result in anticipation.

If Owen hadn’t succeeded in impressing the turtle, then they would have to quickly come up with another way to convince the king, maybe even fight and force him to form a contract with one of them.

With all of them there, they thought it would be an easy thing to do. The only problem was how the other familiar would feel about this.

From the outside, the effect of Owen’s punch wasn’t entirely obvious; for one, the shell was still in one piece. Perhaps it would crack soon after, but it never did, which proved just how strong the shell was. When Owen’s arm fell, some of them were able to see. Once again, Genbu started to move, and he scuffled across the ground quickly in excitement.

His large head blocked the view of the shell from the others.

“My word, I must say, you…you actually…you actually managed to damage it!”

He certainly sounded pleased with the result, but the others were still amazed. It was clear the words that Genbu had spoken; he claimed that the shell had been damaged but not destroyed.

When moving his head out of the way, the others could see that a single scale on the shell, where Owen had put all his strength, had been cracked. However, the crack itself didn’t ripple out to the adjacent scales, and even the base of the shell was mostly intact.

Genbu even turned the shell around, and the crack hadn’t gone to the other half on the back either.

“I hope this is enough.” Sunny mumbled quietly under her breath. Even the other two kings that were present weren’t so sure, and they were ready to help all the others if need be to subdue Genbu.

Genbu’s face was straight, showing no emotion, unlike his voice earlier, and he had his eyes closed.

“This one is talented…this one is very talented. If he can destroy one of my shells to this degree, then without a doubt, I feel he can hurt almost anyone out there. If one with the strongest defence teams up with one with the strongest attack, then the two will make a powerful combo. Far more powerful than any of the other kings.” Genbu smiled.

“Does this mean you are willing to form a contract?” Sunny asked hesitantly.

To this, Genbu nodded, and the others inwardly cheered without giving too much away. They had succeeded in their task, and one more familiar, an extremely useful one, would be a part of the team.

Abdul, Layla, and even Samantha were honestly a little disheartened that they could not get the familiar. Each of them had their reasons for wanting the king on their side. Especially after witnessing how strong its outer shell was, they wanted it more, and if they were truthful, they felt like the person that needed it least was Owen.

He was already more powerful than them all, but in the end, this was what happened; those who were strong would get even stronger.

Genbu had come to Owen and was now looking him up and down. The turtle couldn’t stop complimenting him about his body and features, and his attitude towards Owen had taken a full one-eighty degree turn.

Meanwhile, Quinn stood near Layla, “You did a good job, Layla.”

“I honestly believe that you had the best chance out of all of them, and you actually would have produced the best result as well. However, you are selfless. Honestly, I don’t think the others would have done what you did.

“I know you gave some of your power to help out Owen, and you thought about the benefit of all of us rather than your own. Who knows, the turtle might have been bluffing it and would have just contracted that with the best result, and I think you knew this as well before making your decision.”

Quinn was right. Layla had thought about that before helping out Owen, but the truth was she wasn’t the selfless one; she actually didn’t wish to help. Leo was the one that had approached her in the end. She knew Quinn was just trying to cheer her up, but now, how could she tell him the truth?

While Quinn was talking to her, the contract process began on the other side. As Genbu pressed his head against Owen’s, he shrunk in size by a little and was now at the same height as Owen.

Frankly, it seemed like Owen was being quite respectful to the turtle. Perhaps after discovering how hard its shell was, he realised how much value a familiar had. After a few moments passed, Genbu started to turn into a strong purple mist and then zapping itself like a large particle of energy, a purple lightning bolt appeared on the palm of Owen’s hand.

The turtle had disappeared, and it looked like the contract was a success. Soon though, the lighting bolt lit up, and Genbu was back in front of everyone.

“How do you like the symbol? Your lightning powers from before inspired me.” Genbu stated. “The contract is completed. Unlike others, I only have one desire: to look after all of those in my territory. I wish to protect them and feed them with energy, so you need to stay alive as long as you can.”

“I don’t plan on dying so soon, and I wish that you can help me stay alive,” Owen asked as well.

The group was soon ready to leave the mountain. They couldn’t stay here too much longer and needed to head back to the exact location where they had first entered so the Boneclaw could take them back to their world.

Now that there was no war going on, Dunluck could call upon his allies and allow them a quick return. Still, before leaving, Quinn couldn’t help but look at one of the many shells that were still left in great shape by the others since no one had touched them.

“Once a contract has been formed, there’s no way to cancel a contract, right? Not unless you kill the host?” Quinn asked, walking up to one of the shells.

“Correct,” Genbu said, nodding his head.

“Well, if that’s the case,” Quinn replied as he readied himself.

He stood there in front of one of the intact turtle shells and readied his fist. The Qi soon collected in front of him. The shadow rose and switched from his blood king armour set to the Blue fang.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Qi of the second stage slowly wrapped around his hand, and he was so close to the shell that sparks were flying from it before he had even touched it.

Seeing this, Sunny couldn’t help but giggle.

“I guess those comments got to you more than we thought.”

Blood aura started to form around Quinn’s hand, and with his blood control, he spun it as fast as possible. Ready, Quinn then ran back to the centre of the room. He was so fast that the others had only blinked, and he was in the centre.

Then running back, the ground beneath his feet formed a crater as he jumped up, and he threw the blood drill, infused with Qi into the shell with the power of his Nitro accelerated speed.

The purple sparks couldn’t do anything as the attack slammed into the shell, cracking it instantly. The powers didn’t collide like the others. The shell was smashed to pieces, with it flying everywhere, and the momentum of the attack continued as it hit the mountain wall behind it.

The whole room shook until the energy finally disappeared, and once everything calmed down, they saw Quinn standing, with no shell left in front of him.

“Ahh, now that was satisfying,” Quinn said, turning around and smiling at the others.


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