My Vampire System Chapter 1480: Lightning Qi

It was a solution that Quinn thought only Leo could come up with. During his time in school, Quinn had taught Qi to many, and Leo would be using a similar method to what he had done to guide others.

In the first place, Quinn just took what he had learned from Leo and applied it to others and a little bit from Chris as well.

But there was one problem. When Quinn used to teach Qi to those at school, even for the geniuses, it would take them some time, and right now, they lacked time the most.

There was no way they could wait a few days for it to click in Owen’s head, nor was he sure they could all even stay here that long.

‘Can Leo teach him how to use Qi so fast and at this moment?’ Quinn considered.

First, though, Owen would have to accept learning it in the first place.

“Qi… I believe it’s a strange power that you explained which is naturally present in our bodies and is also the reason behind my selection to be part of this group. It is also the same strange power that Pure used too, correct?” Owen asked.

They had all seen the power of Qi being displayed a number of times, and there was a great number of those in the Cursed faction that already knew how to use it.

They just had never made it public due to the misunderstanding it might cause. At the time, the Cursed faction wasn’t in the best light, and people would have forced connections to the Cursed faction and Pure.

Leo nodded to the question.

“You have the talent to learn it well. Of course, just like everything, it will take time for you to master it, but it will increase your strength greatly while not affecting any of your current powers. However, I will only be able to guide you a little at this moment; the rest will be up to you.”

There was one person who was somewhat sulking upon hearing this. Leo had offered to help Owen yet hadn’t offered to help Abdul. The latter felt like it was unfair.

“Owen is our last hope now,” Sunny said as she could read the expression on his face. “We wanted this to be fair competition, and truthfully, we thought that all of you were qualified, but at the end of the day, the king is the one to decide.

“If that is the case, now with only one person left, we have to try our best to make him succeed.”

Understanding the explanation, Abdul just crossed his arms and was just happy that the others didn’t get help, even though he was unaware that the other two had also used Qi.

Owen agreed and sat down on the ground with Leo standing behind him. The latter was getting ready to place his hands on his shoulders. Seeing this, Quinn was a little afraid because Leo had attempted to teach Qi to Quinn, and that was how he was turned and was worried that the same thing could happen to Owen at this moment.

However, Quinn had taught others Qi without turning them, using Leo’s same method now. Since Leo was better at controlling Qi, even more so than him, Quinn had to trust him.

With his ability, Leo was more in tune with the energy that was actually following inside of Owen. He could describe to him in great detail what was happening. He could also adjust and tell if the other person was doing something wrong because, as silly as it may sound, Leo could see what the other person was doing.

Whereas when Quinn would do this, he had no choice but to guess what the other was doing. Time slowly passed, and about fifteen minutes later, it seemed like Leo was finally done with his job.

Stepping away and walking off to the side, Leo stood not too far from Owen.

It felt surreal, Quinn wasn’t sure if Owen really could activate Qi at this moment, but if he had another breakthrough similar to what Samantha had, perhaps he could do it.

That’s when Quinn noticed something. Leo looked quite exhausted and was staring in Layla’s direction.

‘Have these guys…planned something?’ Quinn narrowed his eyes.

Standing back just like Layla, Owen moved away. Although she had failed, Layla knew that this was important to them all. Seeing how sturdy the shell was, they needed this king on their side.

With her ability, she was now doing something unique to her and was slowly transferring her own Qi energy into him, and at the same time, Leo had activated his soul weapon.

Owen had learned a lot; he was a fast learner, which surprised even Leo. They didn’t call him the genius of the Graylash family for no reason. Still, it wasn’t enough time for him to learn how to use it properly. So with his soul weapon, he would help draw that aura and the energy within Owen out of him into his fist.

While standing in the centre of the room, Owen activated his lightning powers but only around his legs. It spiralled blue sparks from his foot up to his knees, as he then stood in a sprinting position as if he was ready to set off at any second.

It was showy, but there was a reason for it. He could tell that this energy within his body wasn’t his own, and Owen hoped that they also gave power to his legs. After all, speed was an important factor when making one’s punch as strong as possible.

He threw down his usual metal fan into the ground, rendering it to stick upright, and then focused on his right hand, which now seemed to be covered in blue light; unlike his legs, this seemed steady. It was practically glowing so much that the hand seemed to be made of pure light.

“Go!” Owen shouted.

He ran forward, a deep scorch mark left behind by his feet, with every step. Then after a couple of steps, bending his knees, he jumped up in the air and started to spin his body. It was one of his most classic moves but adjusted a little for the test as he held out one of his hands.

Spinning in the air, Owen’s body shot out like a lightning bolt and crashed headfirst into the shell with his fist firmly planted on it. His body was upright as it hit the shell, and the two forces collided.

The purple sparks that would usually come from the shell when the others would use Qi went off once again, and this time, they were more fierce than ever before, as if they were trying to attack the person in front of it.

“You shouldn’t have let me go last. I know about this already.” Owen said.

As the purple sparks flew up at Owen’s arms, Layla became worried. They couldn’t affect Samantha that much because her attack wasn’t too strong, but if Layla hadn’t used the second stage of Qi to protect her arm, she could only imagine what the purple sparks could do.

Before it could reach Owen’s arm, though, his own blue lightning sparks from his glowing arms would attack whatever went close. It looked like a battle between two lightning powers, blue and purple.

As they hit each other, they were getting wilder and wilder, but both Layla and Leo continued to use their powers before the two of them had fallen to their knees. They had done all they could, and now they needed to rest.

Fortunately, Genbu was so mesmerised by the scene that he failed to see both of them falling to the ground. Otherwise, for sure, he would have noticed that something was strange.

Finally, the purple sparks slowly disappeared, and only the blue ones remained.

A shockwave was sent into the mountain from behind, and Owen fell to the ground, now on one knee, his knuckles no longer were on the shell. The sleeve covering his arm had burnt into nothingness, but he didn’t care and looked up to see the result.


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