My Vampire System Chapter 1476: The king's bad sense

The last king and the familiar they had been waiting for was a giant turtle, and it was safe to say it was as big as the mountain they had seen earlier. It was so large and its shell so big that it could even be confused as a small island if it swam across a body of water.

Nonetheless, this didn’t change the fact that all of them were staring at the familiar, as it attempted to start a war between all of the kings.

“You really have gotten bigger; soon, there won’t be a mountain on this whole land that can hold your body,” Ovin commented as it jumped down from Leo’s head and stepped forward. It was the first time for some of them to think the cat was quite fearless.

The whole size of the entire fat cat’s body was the same size as the turtle’s nostrils.

“Wow, this has got to be the strongest familiar; I mean, look at that size!” Abdul expressed his amazement.

“Size isn’t everything, you know,” Layla replied almost instantly, and her face went a little red, realising how improper that comment might sound.

Besides them, Oscar got off from the Horse and helped Samantha down from it, which she willingly accepted his help now. The Horse then strode forward and stood by Ovin’s side. Its nostrils were puffing, and the green smoke from its nose was getting larger and fierce.

“You two. Do you really think you have the right to grumble? If you care about this world, you shouldn’t have so freely abandoned it!” Genbu glared.

It was a strange sight to see, they couldn’t see the turtle moving its mouth, yet somehow it seemed to be still able to talk to the rest of them and even express its emotions.

“Are you an idiot!” Ovin shouted back. “We contracted to supply energy to our lands, and what are you doing? Just destroying yours, causing the energy to recede from the land.”

“Listen, I’m supplying the land with my own energy, which is given to me by the others in this area!” Genbu shouted back. “We don’t have a fraction of the amount of energy that your lands do, but the second that my familiars try to enter yours to borrow some, you familiars attack! If you care about this whole world together, then shouldn’t you share the energy equally!”

“Neigh…Neigh!…” The Horse expressed.

“Dunluck has a good point; they could have talked about these matters rather than battling it out. Communication is key when they are all sharing the world.” Sunny said, explaining what the Horse had said.

Quinn had forgotten that she could understand what the familiars were saying.

“What are we meant to do now?” Quinn asked. “Since they talked about the war, I was half expecting us to have to fight, but it doesn’t seem like it’s the case right now. However, the situation could turn at any second. If we can avoid a fight, that might be a good thing.”

Sunny started to walk towards the kings and looked back at Quinn.

“Why don’t you just leave it to me.”

When arriving, the others looked at who dared to be brave enough to interrupt them when they were in the middle of an argument. Still, when Sunny started to speak, a soothing feeling came over them all, making the situation incomprehensible.

“We are here to help you solve your situation,” Sunny said. “If you also wish to have great energy for your land, then it would be best if you make a contract. We have brought great capitates with us, and all of them have strong energy to contract with you.

“In return, we wish for you to help us fight and borrow your power. It’s a fair deal, wouldn’t you say?” Sunny had her hand held out, gesturing towards the others behind her.

The turtle moved its large head, peeking over the cat and casting a shadow, looking at others. It then stretched it out and looked directly at Quinn.

“This one is so weak.”

The others hearing this were beyond shocked. The grand turtle had just called Quinn, who was perhaps by far the strongest among all of them, weak. The turtle then moved its head along the others; next in line was Samantha. “Interesting.”

Next was Layla. “Pathetic.”

Then Leo. “This one looks like he lacks discipline.”

Abdul. “A strong-looking warrior.”

And finally, Owen. “Hmm, not worth my time.”

The turtle then moved its head back to its original position and looked at the cat.

“You call these your great candidates? Most of them are useless. Where are the ones whom you have contracted with?”

It was then that Ovin and the Horse indicated who their contracts were with, and they even explained who the Undead king had contracted with as well.

“Oh…” the turtle voiced, not saying much else.

The situation was strange, and Ovin too found it odd because, without a doubt, even those who had travelled with them would have clearly said that the turtle was outright wrong.

“Let me ask you, out of everyone here, who do you think has the weakest energy?” Ovin asked.

The turtle then gestured at Quinn with its head.

“Of course, it’s this one. I doubt he can even beat a single familiar; he might actually collapse at any second now.”

Now, Ovin thought he had figured it out. There was something that some familiars couldn’t do, and he had heard of some familiars in this situation before. Still, he would have never imagined it would be the same with a king.

“Genbu, tell me the truth… you… can’t sense energy?” Ovin asked.

The turtle’s head began to go back in its shell. The scene would have looked quite cute if it wasn’t for its giant size.

“You mean… you can’t sense energy at all?! The energy from them, or when a drop of blood comes into our world, or even when the world is damaged… you can’t sense it?” Ovin yelled.

In all the years he had been with him, had seen him, Ovin had never thought that this would be the case. Now it was starting to make sense about his rash reactions and, at the same time, why Genbu perhaps had never formed a contract with anyone during his whole lifetime.

For a king, it was embarrassing to have the inability to sense the energy. What will happen if you form a contract with someone who turns out to be weak?

Still, Ovin couldn’t help but laugh and roll on the ground on his back.

“A king who can’t even sense energy…hahaha, no wonder you never contracted with anyone!”

The turtle was getting enraged, and everyone was afraid that Ovin’s action might lead to a fight to break out soon.

“I assure you that all of these candidates here are just as good as the ones who have formed contracts before. Unfortunately, we who have already been contracted are unable to form more contracts, so feel free to choose any out of these,” Sunny explained. “Also, if you need help and wish for them to match a desire of yours, that will be good as well.”

The three candidates then decided to stand next to each other in a line while the others went away, making it easier for the turtle to see. It looked at each of them.

“This is hopeless!” Genbu declared. “I can’t tell which one of you is the strongest, and my only desire… is to help my land. So I will decide through a test!”

Just then, the turtle began to shrink in size. It was getting smaller by the second, and its large body shrank down until it became smaller than a Dalki. And it now stood on the same ground that the others were currently on.

“For the sake of my land, I will test to see who is the strongest out of you all! Each one of you is to attempt to attack my shell, and I will form a contract with the one who I feel is the strongest!”


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