My Vampire System Chapter 1475: A giant…?

The mountain was huge. It wasn’t small by any means, and due to the distance, it was making it even harder for them to comprehend just how big it was, but without a doubt, it was no smaller than those on earth.

Yet they had seen a colossal hand rupture through the mountain. It was moving at an incredibly slow pace for its size. Still, loads of rocks started to roll down the mountain top as the shaking continued underneath everyone’s feet.

“That damn fatty, does he not care about the world!” Ovin shouted. “He sleeps in those damn mountains, breaks out of them, and the whole world suffers because of the energy it takes for restoration. It’s like he doesn’t even care about the energy that is all around us.”

Although a lot of them had negative opinions of Ovin, and always found it strange how a fat cat could call others fat, there was one thing they were all sure about. He cared about this place.

“Maybe that’s the reason the familiar never contracted anyone because he only cares about himself?” Sunny speculated.

The others were trying to figure out just what was coming out from the mountains, but with only a large strange dark scaled arm to go by, it was nearly impossible. The arm looked human, yet at the same time, it was unlike one.

“Let’s not stand around here and head towards the familiar then,” Quinn suggested. “We are going to meet him anyway, and it looks like it’s going to take him a while to get out of the mountains.”

With Quinn making the first move, the rest followed as well. However, Quinn paused for a second as he stared ahead. He noticed that a box that he would usually see with them was no longer there. Oscar was holding onto his head with the creepy smile by his side. He no longer had it in the box that he usually would carry it in.

This meant that Samantha knew who the large figure was without a doubt. As they were making their way through, now Samantha and Oscar were both riding on top of the horse, and they decided to approach Quinn’s side.

“I saw the look you gave and the face you pulled back then Quinn,” Samantha said. “Your face really shows all your feelings; you’re bad at hiding your thoughts.”

This was the first time Quinn had heard something like this, but maybe others were too nice to tell him. Was it always obvious what he was feeling on his face? Now he was starting to become somewhat self-conscious.

“I know you know something; what happened to my father and maybe even about the person who took him away at that time. I won’t question you about it now, but it would be best if you tell me all about it when we get back.”

Quinn nodded because he also knew it wasn’t the right time, but Oscar’s actions were strange. From what he could remember, Oscar should have had no memories of what had happened, at least when he asked him that was the case, so why did he remember Samantha and protect her?

Perhaps they would find out the answers to these questions later on. Going through the forest, it looked like there were still many familiars, and not all were snakes, but they were all making way for the group, or maybe they were heading back to the mountain area.

“If that familiar always sleeps in this condition, how is he starting wars from up there?” Abdul asked.

“They pray to the mountain, and he answers them, I guess,” Ovin said. “Honestly, I try not to mess with the other’s business, but maybe he gets familiars to just sacrifice themselves to him by jumping into the top like a volcano.”

It was clear that Ovin didn’t like this man, but it still didn’t stop Abdul from asking his next question.

“So, I was just wondering, out of all the familiars, which one of you is the strongest? I don’t mean with your followers, etcetera… but on an individual basis.”

Everyone glanced at Abdul for a moment as they continued to run forward. They couldn’t believe that he was asking such a question at a time like this. Of course, they all had the same thought on their mind, but it just felt like asking such a thing was, well, rude.

“Do you think we had a big tournament and fought each other to determine that type of stuff?” Ovin complained. “We aren’t as stupid as you humans… although, he could be.”

The mountain rocks continued to fall, and finally, a second hand came out. The group was about halfway through when they realised that whatever it was, it was really slow but made up for it in size.

“Ovinick, Dunluck! I see you have personally come here!” A loud voice boomed, making the whole ground tremble.

It was unclear if the voice came from the mountain, under the ground, or was directly transmitted into their heads.

“Genbu! Look what you are doing, how many familiars have you taken out? Are you doing this just because you are jealous?!” Ovin yelled back.

They soon reached the foot of the mountain and now could just see how huge it was. However, the familiar still hadn’t come out from the mountain top.

“Jealous of you who abandoned this place? I am the one who cares about this place the most, which is why I always remain here; I even sleep in this world!” Genbu, the familiar king, shouted.

“Step back!” Leo shouted. He could sense a rise in energy coming from the mountain through his vision. So far, he had felt only energy in the arms that he could see, but now he sensed the whole figure gathering energy inside.

With Leo moving away, the others did too, and they ran back through the trees to the mountain on the other side.

Although Leo could feel the energy and was frightened, it still looked like the familiar hadn’t broken out yet, even after ten minutes as they arrived at the base of the other mountain.

“What the hell? You got me scared and panicked for no reason!” Abdul’s complexion scrunched. He wasn’t like the others; it was incredibly tiring for him every time he ran. He didn’t have any special attributes like lighting foot technique. He did have the power of the wind that allowed him to somewhat keep up with the others, but it was very tiring for him.

“Ah, screw this, just come out!” Abdul shouted as he drew his bow and fired it towards the mountain. The others didn’t see any arrow leave but knew he had launched the attack, and the next second, the whole mountain top crumbled as the familiar broke through it all. He appeared like a devastating massive monster.

The rocks fell from the creature, and that’s when it fell on its stomach. The familiar could not stand upright on its back legs, and now with the destroyed mountain, it could no longer keep itself upright as it started to fall.

The others were a little afraid that it might flatten them, but Ovin looked calm, as he knew they were in the right spot not to get hurt. The familiar crashed into the ground, destroying all the trees and forest below him.

And now its head, almost the size of a blip, was staring at the group in front of him.

“This is the familiar!” Abdul said, looking at its eyes. From a little further back, one could see its whole body. It had large back scales on its arms and legs, its small tail sticking out of the back, and its long neck with a head-on top was in their direction. But, the most standout feature of the creature was the purple shell it had on its entire body.

‘It’s a turtle!’ Everyone.

“You have made the wrong choice coming here. Now all of you must leave this world. I will continue to protect and be the guardian of the familiar world as its only king!” Genbu clamoured.


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