My Vampire System Chapter 1474 – The Fat King

The fighting had mostly stopped around them. It seemed like the familiars quickly realised they were outmatched, as these newcomers hadn’t suffered a single scratch. However, the humans and vampires also experienced how much quicker their energy was draining in the Familiar World.

Honestly, they weren’t sure how much longer they would have been able to keep fighting the familiars. Leo noticed that even Abdul, who nobody had ever taught on how to use Qi, was using it subconsciously in his attacks, that’s why his arrows had more power in them compared to a normal archer. In this case it wasn’t a good thing.

The only one that was using next to no Qi at all was Owen.

‘That man is certainly special, to be so powerful and have even more power inside him without even realising it.’ Leo thought. ‘I wonder just how much power he would have if he were to use Qi as well.’

As the fighting started to stop, the tenth family’s Vampire Knight thought of something interesting as he walked over to the leader of the Graylash group. Meanwhile, towards the back of the group, Samantha had stopped in her tracks as she looked at something on the ground.

The reason she had stopped was because she could tell by the outline it was a head. During the war, she had seen people’s heads get knocked off, splattered and destroyed. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but it was something she had grown used to.

The reason Samantha stopped was because she saw no reason why anyone would be carrying around a head of all things. In the end, she decided to walk forward because there was something that was drawing her to the head, but she couldn’t quite tell what it was.

Inching closer and closer, there was someone who could see what she was doing. The large figure wanted to scream and tell her to stop as he held out his hands, but no words could be spoken and for some reason, his powers weren’t working either.

He tried to order the familiar to move instead, but by then it was too late, as Samantha had already seen what it was, and immediately she went to pick up the head. Normally she wouldn’t have picked up the head, but noticing who it was, she felt compelled to. The young woman fell to her knees as she looked at the face.

“I…I…What have I done…” Samantha couldn’t hold back her tears, and even then continued to look at the head that even now in this situation smiled at her. The large figure no longer moved and just stood there in place, helplessly listening to the cries of his daughter.

The others, turning around, were unsure what had happened. Leo and Owen somewhat knew, but the others had no clue. They stayed there for a bit out of respect, not saying anything, until Samantha stood up with the head in her hands.

Some would have thought her to ask the large figure why he was carrying around the head, why he had become like this, but Samantha already knew deep down as she walked towards the figure. All of it was because of the request she had made to a certain person. She held the head carefully like a baby and headed towards the armoured figure, before slowly giving him a hug, tears continuing to run down her face, as she sobbed.

Oscar, placed his hands around his daughter trying to give her some warmth, even though it was impossible in this cold body of his.

“I understand now… why you’ve been looking after me this whole time… I can’t believe it. I really can’t… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I was too selfish… Instead of respecting your wish… to allow you to finally rest… I’ve allowed him to turn you into this… just because I wanted you back… I wanted to see you again… I’m so sorry, father…” She continued to cry.

There were days that went past where Samantha was unable to think clearly. She was always worried about the decision she had made, wondering what had become of her father, Whether he was okay and each day she had regretted her actions. Now seeing him, she felt sorrow but at the same time, even though she knew it was selfish, she felt joy being able to hold him like so.

She didn’t know if it was the armour, his touch felt cold, his hands that had no armour felt cold, which was only upsetting her even more and reminding her of what had been done.

Those who hadn’t known the situation had overheard Samantha’s cry and somewhat understood what was going on, but still couldn’t believe what might have led to these strange circumstances.

‘The Dullahan, the legendary creature, is a human’s father?’ Sunny thought, observing the situation. ‘I wonder how this came to be…and I wonder if Quinn knew anything about this.’

While Sunny was thinking about her King, large noises seemed to be coming from the forest. Everyone turned to look in the direction, and they hadn’t noticed, but the noises had been going off quite frequently since they had been fighting.

Now the fighting had stopped, they could hear it even clearer. They watched for a few seconds and wondered if they should head inside. It was the direction that they would be going in after all. A few seconds later, they saw a gigantic dark scaled snake with giant horns on the top of its head, and several eyes down its side, lifting its head.

It looked like it was chasing after something in the sky, and it was. The small figure that could be seen was Quinn. The snake was enormous, it was by far the biggest familiar they had seen since getting here, something that could be called a titan.

It was hard to tell if it was hurt, for familiars didn’t seem to get wounds on their body. Their energy would just continue to weaken before they eventually disappeared, but it didn’t matter, as the familiar missed Quinn and he landed on the top of its head. Then, with his hand, he slammed it down as hard as he could.

It was almost a repeat of what they had seen Ovin do, only this was a snake that was twenty times the size and looked twenty times as fierce.

“I guess while we were busy here, our King was busy fighting that.” Sunny commented.

When the snake hit the ground, the whole place shook for a few seconds, and then particles started to spread out just like it would do when any of the other familiars had been killed.

“We should go see Quinn.” Samantha said, wiping away her tears. “Me and you can catch up, after this, okay?”

The group was ready to move to where Quinn was, even before that, he had already returned to the other’s position.

“That was a little harder than I thought. For a second, I thought he was the fourth King.”

“Hang on, you mean that WASN’T one of the Four Kings?” Abdul was shocked. Seeing how many snakes there were, he was sure that the leader of this place would have to be here. If it wasn’t that giant snake, didn’t that mean there was an even bigger one nearby?

“I know what you’re thinking, but no, that fatso isn’t a snake.” Ovin commented. “Anyway, good job, young kid, with that it looks like you’ve got the attention of that guy.”

It was then that the entire ground started to shake once more, but it wasn’t small like it would be when something struck the ground. Instead, this was constant and was going on for a long time.

“What is happening?” Layla questioned, a bit panicked, as she rushed over to grab onto Quinn.

“I wasn’t joking when I called him fat.” Ovin clarified.

Off in the distance, they could see that pieces of the mountain were falling, breaking off slowly. Suddenly, a large hand broke through, far bigger than any they had ever seen.

“I think he might have gotten fatter.” Ovin said.


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