My Vampire System Chapter 1471 – A Protecter

The group stepped inside the specially created teleporter, and they were on the other side in no time. The feeling was actually better and smoother than when they went through their own created teleporters. Many remembered their first experience as a few people would get sick, but the school trained the students well for that.

After stepping out, everyone started looking at each other. They were making sure each one of them was there and in one piece. Even Abdul was checking if all his fingers and toes were intact.

After the initial inspection, it took them a second or two to appreciate the new world they had arrived at. Unlike the beast planet, each of them could feel something different about the place. A mystic colour was enveloping the sky, a mix of purple and blues; even the trees, plants, and everything around them looked foreign and not even part of their universe, never mind the world.

Then there was the energy they felt, as if something was slowly slipping away from them. Leo recalled this feeling, and he could even see the little balls of energy flying around, or sense would be a better word.

The last to arrive through the teleporter was the Boneclaw, and as he stepped out, the teleporter soon disappeared.

Currently, the group was standing on mostly hard ground, with a few odd patches of purple, pink, or red-colored grass, randomly placed all over.

The Boneclaw bent down slightly and made and drew through the ground creating an x.

Then he looked at everyone else as if he wanted to say something.

Ovin, who was still on top of Leo’s head, cleared his throat before speaking.

“Alright, listen up. The Boneclaw has used a lot of energy to open a portal between our two worlds. The thing is, moving in this world, you move in the real world as well. In simple words, if we want to head back to the stadium, we will have to come back to this spot.

“Then the Boneclaw will open another gate for all of us to head back.” Ovin gave himself a triumphant nod, having translated everything. It was then that Quinn wondered if the Boneclaw would be coming with them on this journey. Just then, he could see it opening another portal and was leaving.

“Where is it going?” Quinn asked.

“This isn’t his territory,” Ovin answered. “Most likely, he’s going back to check if things are alright back there, and he will need to borrow the energy from the others to open a teleporter to take us all back as well.”

It made Quinn wonder if the Boneclaw could have just teleported them to their destination then, but it was probably due to the energy problem.

“You said all the kings have a territory, correct?” Sunny asked. “Then whose territory are we in right now?”

Ovin pointed towards the large figure with his paw, indicating that it was the Horse’s territory.

“From here, if we keep up a good pace, it will take us around an hour or so to get there, but maybe they can help us out,” Ovin explained.

“Is it not possible for you to create a portal and move us all to our right location?” Layla asked. “I mean, Quinn’s familiar got us here, can’t you at least do that?”

This comment had clearly frustrated the cat, and it looked like he was going to pounce off from Leo’s head any second, but before he could, Leo grabbed his familiar and started to scratch it to calm it down.

“You see, we all have our advantages and disadvantages. The Boneclaw is just very good at using energy, and it’s similar to his power in the first place. If you want me to create a fire that will burn you to ashes, sure go ahead. I’ll be happy to do that.” Ovin smirked.

Before stepping ahead to follow Leo and the cat, Oscar paused for a second as something appeared before him, and the others had seen it before. After a bright light shone, a horse with the green glow appeared, and it looked just as powerful as it did before.

The large figure then suddenly started to walk over to where Samantha was. She was unsure what he was doing but moving his one free hand, it looked like he wanted her to take it. As she took his hand, Oscar then led Samantha up to the Horse and lifted her on top.

“Well, I guess that makes sense since she’s the only girl here,” Abdul commented, and straight away, he felt two pairs of deathly stares on his back. One was coming from Sunny and the other from Layla.

“I meant, the one delicate girl… aren’t you both vampires?!” Abdul cried back.

The next second, the Horse neighed, and when it did, the sound echoed throughout the land. It was strange the others could tell the Horse had made an incredibly loud noise, yet none of them felt like it was piercing or hurting their ears.

They waited a few moments, and eventually, several horses, smaller than the one itself but glowing white with a horn on their head, appeared.

“Unicorns! People will call me crazy if I were to tell anyone what I’ve seen,” Abdul exclaimed.

“What? Vampires, headless men, and a bull with wings aren’t crazy already?” Layla said, passing by him and now stroking the Horse.

“This is his territory,” Ovin said. “And it looks like he’s giving all of us a free ride. This will save us a lot of time. “

The others found it quite impressive; it seemed like they really were kings here; even the horses, when appearing, had given a slight bow, showing their respect.

Everyone got on a horse, most having one for themselves. At the same time, Quinn and Sunny had been left together on another. Leading the way were Leo and Ovin.

They thought that perhaps the large figure with his gigantic Horse would be leading the way since it was its territory, but it decided to ride alongside Samantha.

‘Now I know, something’s up. He’s clearly treated differently compared to everyone else, but why? Does he like me?’ Samantha thought, but it didn’t seem to be the case based on the interaction it had with Fex. Either way, it wasn’t doing her harm.

When the horses started to run, they didn’t gallop or run like regular horses; instead, it felt like they were almost gliding. Each time their foot hit the ground, they would be propelled forward at an incredible speed, passing the landmass quickly.

There was something else that all of them were noticing as well. One of them was that all the familiars they came across were moving out of the way from them, allowing them all to pass.

The others were enjoying the sight as they looked at all the familiars in the distance, that was until part of their energy escaped from them, turning into a small glowing ball floating and drifting away.

They felt it. There was no need for an explanation, and they understood very well that the time they had was short.

It was then that the horses suddenly stopped dead in their tracks; not too far in the distance, a large hill could be, standing like a huge wall.

“What’s that? Is that the place?” Abdul asked.

“The horses won’t move further. This is the border of their land.” Ovin said. “From this point onward, we need to be careful. I’m really not sure how they will treat us. They will either shower us with gifts, scurry away or attack us on sight.”

Getting off the horses, the group began to move as they headed into enemy territory.

Just as they were about to reach the top of the hill, Owen said, “I have something to ask. You are a cat, the other is a horse, and Quinn’s is… well, let’s just call him special. I was wondering… what form or shape does this one take?”

The others were also interested in knowing the answer, as they had finally reached the top.

But just as Ovin was about to reply, others paused and stood their mouths wide open in surprise at the sight in front of them.


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