My Vampire System Chapter 1470 – Unexpected Visitor

After gathering all of the participants, Quinn explained why they were here and how they would be transferring to another world to get what was called a familiar.

He also made it clear to them what the risks were and why they were selected. For one, there was always the risk that the familiar might attempt to kill its host at any point in time. However, it didn’t seem to faze this group of individuals, and all of them even seemed more excited by the prospect of getting a familiar.

‘I guess they all have been through a lot, so that would be expected.’

“As I said, you don’t necessarily have to come, and even if you do come, only one of you will be selected; also, Leo, Oscar, and I will be heading there as well,” Quinn explained.

It was then that the Unranked Abdul raised his hand.

“I’m okay with all of this, even though it sounds quite handy, but I kind of need to understand the risk to reward. How strong are these familiars, and how strong is this one?”

It was hard for Quinn to pinpoint their strength. They were helpful in several ways and couldn’t die, which was a big plus, but as for how strong this one was, he couldn’t imagine it being any weaker than the other kings.

“Hmm, I mean, all of you saw the power of the Horse that was out in the field. Well, that is the level of the familiar that we are after.”

Flashbacks appeared in their heads of the strong Horse that easily ploughed through the hybrid beasts. And upon thinking that they might have a similar familiar with them, it made them even more excited.

“Was that horse that strong?” Samantha wondered since she was one of the ones who had passed out due to the gas. “I guess I don’t really know what a familiar is like.”

“I can show you,” Fex said as he tapped his earring, and it started to light up, releasing a little bull with bat-like wings and a giant nose ring.

“Master!” Ham immediately started to fly towards Fex and grabbed onto his face. “I thought you forgot about me! You never talk to me these days, and you’re getting so strong that I thought you… I thought you forgot about me!”

Fex immediately pulled off Ham and held him by the back of his wings, showing others the snotty-nosed flying Bull. Fex’s face was a little red; he thought maybe he could score some points with Samantha showing something cute… however, this Bull looked anything but cute.

“What’s his name,” Samantha said as she reached out her hand and stroked the top of his head.

“Ham,” Fex replied. “I don’t bring him out much these days because it’s dangerous, and I care about him a lot,” He mumbled, not really knowing what he was saying but was just trying to gauge Samantha’s reaction, who seemed to like the Bull.

As for the others watching, they all just hoped that they got something that looked a bit more helpful than that, something more like the Horse.

“Well, if you are all in agreement, then we will head off straight away,” Quinn said.

The group first went to the canteen where Sunny was waiting. She would also be coming along on this journey. Although they had Ovin who could communicate with the familiars and help them out, Quinn felt more safe having someone he trusted.

On top of that, Sunny had insisted on joining since it was all her idea to begin with. After gathering in the canteen, Samantha couldn’t help but stare at the large figure beside the former’s side.

“Hey, so I’m not going to come with you on this one, alright?” Mona said, knocking his back a few times. “But Quinn is going to take care of you, so don’t do anything crazy.”

Those heading out will be Quinn, Oscar, Sunny, Samantha, Abdul, Owen and Layla, while the others will remain behind. Too many people would attract attention, and there was no need for the extra.

While everyone was getting ready, many said their goodbyes. Owen spoke to his Grandfather and Hermes, Fex with Samantha, and even Oscar and Mona had a chat with a book and pencil.

This left two people standing next to each other, who hardly had alone time in a while.

“It’s nice, huh?” Layla said. “Everyone has someone, and I think the two of them make a good couple, don’t you think?”

It was clear that Layla was talking about Fex and Samantha as Fex had a worrying expression and was telling her to be careful, even showing her a few punches here and there, which she could try.

“It is nice,” Quinn replied. “And, I haven’t forgotten. I promise I’ll find a way to get rid of that -“

“You know.” Layla cut Quinn off. “I used to think that Erin and Fex would make a good couple together if they spent more time together, but I guess it just never worked out.

“It’s interesting, right? The more time you spend away from someone, no matter how strong those feelings were at one point in time, they start to fade, and then someone new comes into their view. I can’t wait forever, Quinn…and I miss her. Erin, I mean. She left without saying anything to me, to anyone, and I wonder where she is?”

Hearing this, Quinn didn’t know what to say; he wasn’t really good at comforting someone.

“She’s strong. Strong enough to make that decision.” Quinn replied and closed his eyes.

Since at the moment, everyone was relying on a certain familiar of his. Entering the space and the connection with his familiar again, he could see the Boneclaw’s form.

‘At least he’s appearing in front of me; earlier, he wouldn’t even do that.’ Quinn thought.

“I have a favour to ask-“Before Quinn could say anything, the Boneclaw started to disappear again. After what Quinn had just said about it, he thought it was playing a joke on him, that was until they could see it being summoned on the outside.

The large figure appeared in the middle, with its long dangly fingers that almost grazed the floor.

“This…this…” Abdul gulped. “What is this monster? This is your familiar?” Abdul had seen the mist come out from Quinn, so he could only assume.

“Yes,” Quinn nodded. “He will be taking us to the other world.”

“That’s certainly frightening,” Owen said, although they didn’t look scared at all. “I hope there is something that suits my taste there. Something more beautiful and elegant.”

The Boneclaw then started to draw a large circle with its finger, leaving a trail behind. As it finally connected, it opened a portal, and the group was ready to head into the familiar world.


A short while after Quinn and the others had left, a large spaceship arrived at the stadium. This was one of the ships belonging to the Cursed faction.

It was landing in the broken large area of the stadium that hadn’t been repaired. Here Sam was waiting for them, as he had expected them to arrive.

When the ship landed, the ramp descended.

He saw Ashley step out first, with the rest of the vampire soldiers behind him in an orderly fashion. They all looked around carefully at the scene around them and could only imagine what type of fighting had happened here.

“It’s good to see you again,” Ashley said, saluting Sam.

This was a bit awkward for Sam since he didn’t really impose military procedures on his people, but he returned one out of respect.

Just then, he noticed someone else behind Ashley slowly making there was down. She wasn’t a vampire soldier and was an acquaintance of his, staring off into space.

“Hayley, it’s nice to see you again,” Sam said with an awkward smile.

“Yes, it’s nice to see you as well. I was wondering where Quinn is? I wanted to talk to him about my father.” Hayley asked.


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