My Vampire System Chapter 1469 – The Qi Candidates

All the invitees for the event were still staying in the northern part of the stadium. Everyone was dwelling in one place, so it was easier for them to communicate, and it also made it easier for Quinn to walk around with Leo and search for those who had strong signs of Qi.

At the moment, they were striding through a hallway and heading to the training room. What better place to find those who were strong?

Ovin was sprawled on Leo’s head. It had been a while since he had been taken out, and he was enjoying his time. At the same time, they thought that maybe they could get some suggestions on who to pick from the cat. Since the conditions for a familiar making a contract weren’t exactly crystal clear.

“Just so that we’re on the same wavelength here,” Quinn repeated. “There are two conditions: One, for the desire of the two to match up, and for the king to be attracted to the strong Qi in the contractor’s body.

“The reason why we’re thinking of humans is that if the Qi on its own is attractive enough, they would care less about the desire, correct?”

“How many times are you going to ask me?” Ovin yawned. “Yes, that’s correct, and no, I don’t know what his desire is. If we knew he would have left before the others, but think what your desire was that the Boneclaw was attracted to was. For me, it was the pursuit of strength. I could tell that this one is obsessed with refining his skills. Now, I don’t know the reason behind it, and I don’t care, but as long as he keeps looking to improve, that’s alright with me.”

It was a question worth pondering over because Quinn didn’t know why the Boneclaw was with him. Or to be more precise, why it had chosen him. Wasn’t it meant to be a creature that feasted on Quinn’s dark desires? Perhaps that was the reason why he couldn’t summon it at the moment. Still, Quinn couldn’t help but think back to the strange actions the Boneclaw had done not too long ago.

‘What does it mean? I just don’t understand. You used to belong to Richard Eno. What is different between him and me, or maybe I need to find what is similar about the two of us.”

Regardless the Boneclaw would still listen to Quinn from time to time, and if it thought Quinn was no longer any use to it or hated his apparent desire, then it would make no sense for the Boneclaw to continue protecting Quinn when it had done. Perhaps there was more in it than what the cat was letting on.

Inside the training room, there were those who just never stopped fighting for a second, aiming to improve thier skills. None of the vampire leaders were present. It looked like rather than the two sides getting along, they had decided just to put up with each other, apart from one.

The others in the room were sparring against each other, striving to improve as they had nothing else to do in the meantime, and inspired by the matches they had seen.

As for the only vampire leader in the room, correction, the Royal knight, who was present, it was Fex. He was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, and sitting beside him was none other than Samantha. The two of them seemed to be talking, and Quinn saw a side of Fex which he had never seen before.

He looked quite shy, turning his head away constantly from Samantha. They hadn’t had much time together after the confession, so it was clear their relationship hadn’t developed, but at least it looked like things were going in the right direction.

It also took a lot for Quinn to ignore what the two were saying. It seemed Fex hadn’t noticed Quinn had entered and could hear every word the two spoke.

“She has potential. The Qi force in her is quite strong already, but she has never been trained in it, nor has she naturally summoned it.” Leo commented, seeing Quinn was looking in their direction.

Quinn was thinking; the main problem here was that Samantha was part of the Earthborn group and not the Cursed faction. For now, she was listening to them and Sach, but this didn’t guarantee a hundred percent that she would stay on their side once this was all over.

However, seeing her speaking with Fex on good terms and not caring for who he was, had given Quinn some hope.

“I think we can ask her; you said the more people we have, the higher the chances, correct?” Quinn suggested.

They carried on walking around the room as Leo sensed their Qi. They would then tell them all once gathered about the task and see who wished to come and those who didn’t. That’s when they spotted Sil, with all his brothers.

“Sil is strong and is a human. Don’t the blade family members have a lot of Qi as well?” Quinn thought aloud.

“Hmm, Sil seems to be an exception to that. He himself hasn’t been through many tough situations, or at least not as many as the other Blades. It looks like he relies on his abilities a bit too much.” Leo commented. “From the last visit, we know that that place will start draining Qi as soon as we reach there, and the situation would be even direr for Sil.”

There were other candidates, such as Logan and others, but they all seemed to have small amounts of Qi that worried Leo, but there was someone in the room who had more Qi than any others.

“What about Layla?” Leo suggested. “Although she is a vampire subclass, and the rest of us have high amounts of Qi, I believe that there is still a good chance that the King could choose her as well.”

Without a doubt, Layla had high amounts of her Qi. Not just her own, but from her mother as well.

Quinn was fine with this suggestion…at least he thought he was. These days, he would be more settled when he could see members of the Cursed faction in front of him rather than away from him. Perhaps due to what happened to Helen.

Finally, after looking around some more, they came across two others who had an acceptable amount of Qi in their bodies. One of them was one of the Unranked, Abdul, the bow and arrow user.

‘We don’t know the Unranked well at all, but Abdul is close to Sera, and I feel like I could trust him. Although Abdul won’t be helping the fight against the Dalki, the fight against Pure is important as well, but I would the familiar choose someone else.’

“Oh, I think he might like that one,” Ovin smirked and didn’t really elaborate on why.

It was just when Quinn had somewhat made his decision that he wasn’t the right fit for the familiar that he had said that. In the end, Quinn had to think if they would be better with the familiar than without, and he decided to go ahead since it was not only their concern but also that of the familiar world.

As for the last person, who also had a surprisingly good amount of Qi potential in their body, was someone Quinn hadn’t expected.

“Him.” Leo pointed at the person, and he was already a strong one.

As for who Leo was pointing at, it was Owen. As usual, he was talking to his grandfather and Hermes, with the fan covering his face.

In the end, they had gathered everyone with the high Qi and most potential to get a contract with the final king. They had pulled them off to one side, and even Fex, who had long noticed the group, has joined them, and with him, was Samantha.

Layla, Abdul, and Owen. If all went well and their journey to the familiar world worked out. One of these would be getting a strong familiar, which would boost their strength.


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