My Vampire System Chapter 1468 – Travel To A Different World

At the moment, Quinn was waiting for three things before continuing further with what he wanted to do. One of these was for the vampire soldiers to arrive. He wanted to speak to Ashely on a few things and clearly state what they needed to do. With Paul no longer being with them, Quinn couldn’t help but be a little worried. After promising them that they would see thier families again, he was giving them an incredibly dangerous mission, and he didn’t like that.

When they did arrive, Leo would be leaving with Sera to handle the matters on earth.

This was one reason why Quinn thought they needed to do it now if they wanted to sort out this familiar matter. Because Ovin seemed like he would be a lot of help.

Looking at the fat black cat again, Quinn wasn’t too sure he agreed with his own thought on this.

Another thing he was waiting for was Beast Gear for all the vampire leaders and the special crystals to be utilised, and lastly, for a nest crystal to be discovered by the fourth family.

The Nest crystal would upgrade his system, and he would be able to attack the Dalki at full strength. Although the Nest crystal was at the bottom of his list because he didn’t know how effective it would be or how long it would take.

It was because of these things that he needed to wait, and he even thought sending someone to try and get the fourth king on their side wasn’t too bad, as long as it didn’t take up too much time, of course. Still, how they would solve this issue was something Quinn was seriously stumped on at the moment, and the others could see that.

“I have a small suggestion,” Leo commented. “When visiting the familiar world, I found that the energy that is released from our bodies, and the energy that you guys speak of is similar to our Qi, and it is our life energy.

“However, what I never understood and still fail to understand till this day is, why do you make contracts with Vampires rather than humans who are low on Qi? I and Quinn are an exception to this rule, but the others aren’t. Perhaps if you were to use a human who was high in Qi instead, the fourth king might be interested?”

Ovin sighed again as if he was expecting this question to pop up.

“For this one, there are a couple of answers. First, the energy passed on through us isn’t energy borrowed from you directly. Why do you think your Qi doesn’t decrease even though we are with you? We are simply using you to absorb the Qi around and pass it on to our world. Although what you say is correct as well. The more Qi you can control in your body, the more we can pass.

“Only in certain situations would we need to get Qi directly from you. The second is about the link that is established. The link and those connected to our world have always been vampires. Whether that’s because your ritual only works with vampires, or if our two species are related somehow, who knows? But not once in our history has anyone contracted with a human.” Ovin explained.

“That’s because it doesn’t work.” Sunny spoke straight away. “Our historical records show that a ritual used to summon a familiar with a human doesn’t work. Like the familiar said, maybe it’s because our ways or the magic circles that we have passed on for generations are set to not work with humans, but those circles in the first place were made by one of the originals.”

Magic, a word Quinn had heard a few times from his ancestor. According to Logan, magic existed in the world at one point in history but has been long forgotten. So it was unlikely anyone knew how to create a ritual so a human could connect to the familiar world.

Maybe there was one person, but he was suspected dead, and if Logan didn’t have the knowledge, it meant it was something that Richard didn’t wish to pass on.

“Wait!” Quinn said, thinking about this. “How did you connect to the world last time? I mean, isn’t there a physical difference between going to the familiar world and trying to connect to it?”

“You’re correct,” Ovin replied. “Maybe if you actually went to the familiar world, that can happen, as to how to get there, the answer is actually with you.”

Ovin pointed his paw towards Quinn’s chest. The latter looked down and wondered what he meant but then remembered the story that Leo had narrated; The Boneclaw was the one that had created a portal for the others to escape. Could he create a portal for them and a human to go there and meet the fourth king?

“Well, it’s decided then. I’m sure you can at least get your familiar to do this, right?” Sunny said, already standing up and oddly looking at Quinn. At the same time, he wondered how she knew what Ovin meant.

“I mean sure…maybe.” Quinn was losing confidence by the second, but he should be able to convince the Boneclaw somehow. “Though we still have a problem then. We need to find someone; one, they need to be a human, two, they want to contract with a familiar and is willing to go with us, and last but not least, they need to be strong enough to handle the familiar. Those conditions are nearly…impossible to fulfil.”

When thinking about who to select, he realised that if they wanted more chances of a contract, it would have to be one with strong Qi and match the desire of the fourth king. There weren’t many strong humans still left in the Cursed faction.

“I can help search those with strong Qi,” Leo claimed. “I think if we journey together with the other kings, they can guide us quicker so it won’t take too long. I also think we should select more than one person, just in case. That way, we have a higher chance of one having a desire that matches the fourth king’s. How long will this take?”

Leo knew they didn’t have much time on hand.

“With all of us helping you, then not too long; maybe a couple of hours to get to your destination as long as we don’t run into any trouble. However, the place is basically a war zone and a very chaotic one. But I believe that when they see three kings together, it should suppress any fighting, so everything should go alright.

“What I worry about is whether you will have a human strong enough to face him. Do you remember last time, with every second, the energy from your bodies naturally disappeared and went into the familiar world. This means humans might get even weaker as time goes on in that world. After a fight, they would have to rush back to the portal; it’s a big risk.”

Quinn knew it was a risk, which was why if he couldn’t think or find anyone suitable, he would abandon this plan. The familiars would be able to support in the war, but it wasn’t a guarantee they would help them win it, and he wasn’t willing to sacrifice the others.

At the same time, there was another worry troubling Quinn. That was, if the war continued in the familiar world, that maybe, the Boneclaw and the other two kings would have to head back. Meaning they could no longer use them. Not that Quinn used the Boneclaw much in the first place, but if he relied on the latter and didn’t have him in the time of need, things would get troublesome.

‘Now, who would be best to suit a familiar, and who would be able to help us?’ Quinn thought.

Once they found their contestants, it looked like Quinn would be heading to the familiar world, the place where the Boneclaw and the others lived.


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