My Vampire System Chapter 1467 – The Fourth King

Ovin’s words didn’t seem to surprise Sunny, but with the small interaction Quinn had with her, he was wondering if this leader ever could get surprised by anything. Thinking about it, he just never saw her startled.

‘I wonder what her face was like when she saw Laxmus?’ The strange thought had entered Quinn’s mind.

Regardless, it was hard to tell if she really did know what was going on in the familiar world or not. Judging by the fact she could talk to them, Quinn was inclined to agree with Ovin’s thinking.

“Explain if you can, please,” Quinn asked since it didn’t look like Sunny was going to say anything. “Also, if there is any way we can get the king on our side, it would be a great help. So far, all of the kings have shown their great strength, and I’m sure this one will be the same. Even if they are only half as strong as you.”

The usual smirk appeared on Ovin’s face upon hearing this.

“If you really want to cuddle up to me so much, then you should come over here and rub my belly,” Ovin said, tapping it a few times. A small empty sound was heard as his big belly shook for a fraction of a second when it was hit. “But seriously, you all know nothing of the familiar world, do you?”

After letting out a big sigh, Ovin strolled across the table and then laid down in front of Leo. He touched him a couple of times with his paw until Leo eventually started to scratch his belly. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and Quinn wondered if the former really would tell them the story while…like that.

“First, let me tell you the familiar world is huge, and new familiars enter our world daily, but frankly, we don’t have as many familiars as the humans. However, it’s not because we don’t want more, there is a simple reason for that.

“There is a lack of energy. Our world produces the energy we feed on, but it’s weak. At the same time, that energy we feed on is also what makes up our world itself. And that’s why we are attracted to other worlds and make contracts with others so we can take this energy from our hosts. At the same time, these links with you guys allow us to pour more energy into our world.

“In a way, those that are creating contracts with the vampires are doing a service to the world. Like me.” The Cat smugly pointed at itself still on its back. “Still, even with all of this help and extra energy, it’s not enough compared to the number of familiars coming to our world.

“Which is why there is a need to cull our own kind. The energy itself is what creates our world and allows us to live. If the energy disappears, our whole world will be destroyed, and no one will survive.

“Some older familiars are willing to go on their own, leaving the world and no longer existing. Those who have contracted before and had their desires filled have more chance of accepting this, while others put up a bit of a fight. This is where the duty of the four kings comes into the picture. We, familiars, are far stronger than the others, and we are forced to get rid of those who do not wish to go.

“It was our natural selection. It started when we were elected by the others in our areas, worshipped by the other familiars, because their lives were suddenly in our hands.”

Quinn felt strange hearing the story. For some reason, he felt a little sorry for these kings. He couldn’t imagine the need to kill his own just for a feeble amount of resources. Sure the other familiars looked up to the Kings, but it wasn’t because of respect; instead, it was fear. It reminded him a little of his own situation.

At the same time, if they had chosen to do nothing, if these great powers had chosen just to let the familiars roam free, consuming the energy, then it would mean the whole world would no longer exist, and none of them would survive. Their job was a necessary one.

He wasn’t sure if familiars had the same feelings and emotions as humans, but if Ovin was anything to go by, some of them were just as emotional as humans.

If a similar situation had happened on earth, Quinn honestly wondered what would happen. Perhaps with the way humans were, there would have been a war no matter what.

“And what about the war then? Why are familiars fighting over each other if things have always been okay? It seems sudden.” Sunny asked.

It looked like Ovin was enjoying his scratches a little too much as he didn’t reply straight away and continued to roll around. Which eventually caused Leo to stop. When he did, Ovin knocked on Leo’s hand a few times.

“Answer her,” Leo asked.

Rolling, Ovin sat up once again.

“It’s actually because of everyone in this room,” Ovin answered. “The familiar kings are picky, but it’s because we search for those that will help fill our desire and also supply us with a large amount of energy.

“The contract with the kings has allowed an increased rate of energy to transfer to our world but only to our territories. In other words, more familiars are permitted to enter our world. This sounds like a good thing, and you would be right, but it made others jealous.

“For instance, the undead king was absent for a long time, but his land had obtained benefits due to his contract. The other three, including me, decided to ignore this. However, the Horse disappeared, and his land was supplied with energy, leaving only two, including me.

“At the time, there was still a general balance because of two kings. They were next to two lands that were thriving with energy, but then I had decided to leave as well—supplying my territory with extra energy. This had left the remaining king and the other familiars in those territories… quite jealous.

“Our lands were thriving with energy, so we could have more familiars and less needed to be killed, but the same can’t be said for their territory.”

“So, you’re saying this is your fault?” Sunny said immediately with the usual smile on her face.

For the first time, it looked like Ovin was displeased.

“My fault? Did you not hear the Boneclaw was the first one, and then the Horse disappeared? Was I supposed just to stay put? The two of them are equally at fault; also, the remaining one stayed back to start a war.”

“Isn’t there a simple solution to the problem then?” Quinn asked. “Why don’t they just make a contract with one of the vampires or something else? Wouldn’t that mean his territory receives energy as well?”

The others agreed on the point that Quinn had made. They thought that the solution was so easy they were looking forward to having the four kings on their side.

“Yes, I agree that would be the easiest solution, but remember what I said about the four kings being stubborn? That king is the most stubborn of them all.

“The energy that is given to our territory is more of a bonus. More so than that, we don’t just feed on energy but what we as individual familiars feed on is your desire. Each one of us, when making a contract with you, was attracted to a certain part of you, a certain emotion.

“And unfortunately, that one has never made a contract with another one before. So I would say you have a few options. Find someone who can match his desire, which I think is highly unlikely; no one likes that fat guy anyway.

“Or…you will have to find some way to force him, but be warned, he’s strong. Whoever ends up contracting with him has to be sure they can beat him; otherwise, they might end up losing their life.” Ovin warned.


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