My Vampire System Chapter 1466 – Unite Them All

The four kings it was a term that Quinn had learnt not too long ago and had heard about it recently as it had popped up again. Still, he didn’t know too much about it or about them. When first obtaining his own familiar the Boneclaw, he had heard it be called the Undead king from the others.

Some thought it was just a title due to its appearance and great strength as a familiar. According to Leo, who had travelled to the familiar world with the others, it wasn’t just a title. It was a name that had been given to it in the familiar world. Something that the other familiars also knew him as.

A large world with familiars all around that lived off a certain type of energy. Here there were four rulers.

“The Bone Claw, Leo’s Cat and Oscar’s Horse,” Quinn mumbled as he went through them all.

“Exactly.” Sunny smiled, doing a small little clap as if she was pleased that he already knew some details. “Honestly, I was surprised to see them all. I didn’t even know your vampire knight had one. As you know, our family is able to communicate with familiars, which is why I was able to get information of my own about this world and come to know a little about the four kings. For me, the familiars have always been a great interest of mine.

“They command over territories in their world that stretch quite far and wide. Many vampires don’t know this, but at times, when one person has summoned a familiar, another will refuse to come out. This is because these two familiars are from different territories. It seems like they don’t get along, but their relationship appears to be more complicated than that. You could think of these familiars as if they were from different kingdoms.

“My familiar nor the ones I have talked to know much about why these territories are in place or why they were divided like so. Either that or they feel like they cannot speak about it. It seems, though, the system they had was set up even before their time, but something that hasn’t happened before that has now.

“Three of these kings have made contracts with the outside. Perhaps if we could gather all four of them, we could call for help from their world. We just need to find the fourth king! Which is why I wanted to talk to you. Perhaps your Boneclaw, another king, would know the answer? How to contact them.”

Thinking about Sunny’s suggestion, it was worth a shot, but there was a problem. Quinn and the Boneclaw hardly talked. It seemed like Bones only came out when it felt like it, usually either when Quinn was desperately in trouble or when Quinn had a strong desire for something.

“I can try, but even when I have communicated with my familiar in the past… It’s been tough to communicate with him. He speaks with few words.” Quinn replied.

“What if you summoned him?” Sunny asked. “I could talk to him instead. There aren’t many familiars that can speak our language, so that would make sense.”

Nodding, Quinn agreed to the request. He closed his eyes and tried summoning him. He focused at first on his anger and tried to see if the Boneclaw would come out that way, but there was nothing.

Then, there was only one other thing Quinn could do, and that was to head inside his mind and try to connect with it. Eventually, Quinn had gone into a deep concentration and had entered a black room.

‘I never thought about it before, but this reminds me of the shadow space as well.’ Quinn thought.

Looking in front of him, he saw no one, until eventually, the mist started to appear, and the large Boneclaw’s body was formed. It stared down at Quinn. After having countless battles and seeing countless things, the large figure still looked horrifying compared to everything else that he had seen.

“Long ago, I beat you in that battle when you challenged me. I thought you would help me after that. So why won’t you let me summon you out of my own free will?” Quinn asked.

The Boneclaw lifted its long dangly finger and pointed towards Quinn’s chest.

“You…two sides.” The Boneclaw said and then imitated his chest breaking in half.

It was safe to say Quinn didn’t understand what he was saying, but if he was to understand the gist of it. The problem was to do with himself. Forgetting about this for now, he decided to stick to the task.

“Do you mind going out now? We want to talk to you. It’s about your world and the four kings?” Quinn asked.

Quinn didn’t know if what he had said had upset his familiar, but before he knew it, he had turned into mist once again and disappeared.

‘Yep, definitely not the talkative type.’

Opening his eyes, he could see Sunny with a big smile on her face like she was expecting something. Which just made it harder to tell her, and for some reason, Quinn felt a bit embarrassed that he had failed.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. A lot of the direct descendants have trouble summoning their familiars as well.” Sunny said, trying to comfort him, but it didn’t make Quinn feel any better. She was talking about direct descendants. Did that mean that none of the others had this problem?

“I just thought of something,” Quinn said as he raised his head. “There is one who is a little talkative compared to the others. We could always ask him?”

Sunny tilted her head because she wasn’t sure what she meant by that. Still, Quinn knew there was one familiar that could speak just fine, as an individual often complained about him.

A short while later, returning to the Canteen, was Leo, but he wasn’t alone as they decided to bring Oscar as well, along with him was Mona. She actually didn’t want to come along but insisted that he was attached to her by the hip for some reason.

Even Mona didn’t quite know why, and often Oscar would give signals asking her to check up on Samantha. It was also because of this reason that Mona would be staying with the Earth group for the time being, rather than going with Quinn or the Greylash Group.

As for the reason why they were all invited, it was to find out answers. Quinn had come up with a backup plan. For one, he thought Sunny would be able to communicate with the horse if need be, but honestly, he didn’t think that would have to be the case.

Soon, a little black cat appeared on the table, and it was none other than the familiar known as Ovinnik, or Ovin for short.

“What do you think you guys are doing!'” The cat shouted as it licked its paw. It was hard to tell if he was concerned or not. The sound of his voice showed urgency while his actions, such as licking his fat paw, appeared as if he wasn’t worried at all.

“Why would you bring three of the kings in this area? You want to cause a fight?” Ovin said. “You’re lucky that I promote peace more than anything.” After saying these words, the black cat laid on its back and just started to roll side to side, once again diminishing the urgency of his message.

“Actually, the reason why we called you was so we could find the fourth king.” Sunny smiled. “We were hoping that we could ask for help from the familiars during this war.”

After hearing these words, Ovin stopped rolling and got up, and then there was a smile on his face.

“You want the four familiar kings to help you?” Ovin said. “I’m wondering, woman, did you know that there is a war going on in the familiar world as well? Or perhaps that’s why you are making this suggestion right now.”


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