My Vampire System Chapter 1465 – Gather Them All

Everyone had remained at the stadium for a while. There wasn’t any trouble happening on their respective planets, so they thought it was safe to stay there for the time being. Everyone also had this underlying feeling that when they went back, perhaps it would be difficult for all the leaders to meet up again once the war started again, not that they still weren’t in a war.

On top of that, little bits still needed to be figured out by everyone before they moved out. After what they had learnt about Pure’s coordinated attack, Earth wasn’t a safe place for them any more, and they could practically trust no one. As if vampire agents working for the Dalki hadn’t been enough, now they had to watch out for humans as well, all while fighting in a war.

While Sam was discussing things with the others, Sera and Quinn had taken a walk around the large stadium, taking a slow stroll through the entire thing would take around two hours. It was that big. Alas, it was no longer possible to make the entire tour, since a big chunk of it had been destroyed.

On their walk, Sera had asked Quinn a number of questions. To start off with, he had wanted to know how Quinn knew about Bliss and Ray. The Cursed faction leader didn’t hide any of the facts, telling him how the former had come to meet him after his adventure on Blade Island, and how he was related to the latter.

In order for Sera to feel more safe around Quinn, he also informed the others that he knew exactly what he was… a ‘God’. When calling him one, the other reacted in an unexpected way… Sera had started to laugh.

“A God, huh? Some of those people really are up their own arse.” Sera said. “A word created by humans for those that they worship. I don’t like using that word to describe myself, but if it makes it easier for you, then sure, go ahead.”

With that out of the way, Quinn proceeded to ask Sera about his past, about his relation with Ray and what he knew about the Talent family. Sera wasn’t shy about this, and after Quinn had revealed to be Ray’s descendant, Sera went on to explain what he knew of the other’s ancestors, how in the past Ray had gone through so many journeys and had so many enemies, quite like what they had today. (Author’s Note: If you would like to learn more about Ray, please read My Dragon System, it’s completed with 500+ chapters.)

Quinn was truly lost for words after hearing everything Ray had accomplished, and it sounded as if his ‘exaggerations’ might have really been on the mark. There were some things Sera didn’t seem to know, but based on what Quinn had heard Ray say, he could fill the gaps.

Still, even after finding out everything, the Quest to learn more about the Talen family had not changed in any way.

‘I guess in the end, I really am going to have to talk to Bliss. If Ray was really a Dragon and not a human… maybe Bliss will know more about the actual Talen family.’ Quinn thought.

“I would like to ask a favour from you.” Sera requested, after all the talking they had done. “I want the two of us to have a fight after all of this is over. You see, in the past, Ray and I didn’t really have the chance to finish our matches and… I’m afraid we won’t ever get to.

“Unlike us, he isn’t a ‘God’, as you so call it. He won’t be coming back, not unless Bliss has done anything to make it so. Either way, you have part of his bloodline in you, and I can tell you’re one scary person. So my request is, get stronger, reach your peak and then look for me, so we can have a match.”

Hearing this, Quinn thought Sera wasn’t a bad person after all. Perhaps, unlike another person, Sera had just chosen not to get as involved with the humans’ problems as the others. To meddle less, unless he felt like he really needed to.

“You don’t think I could beat you, right now?” Quinn joked back, but he was also quite serious. He hadn’t seen Sera fight, so he had no idea of his real strength and whether someone at his level could beat him. At the same time, Quinn found it hard to imagine there would be many who could beat him.

Sera gave him a little tap, and hit him slowly on the chest, allowing the vampire to feel the difference.

“Not yet. Ray might have had the power to fight the Gods, yet you’re not there yet. Perhaps if you were to take on that form from before, but I doubt you need to tell me that it was just borrowed power. Become something as powerful as that from yourself, go beyond what you are right now. In the meantime, you can trust me to take care of Pure.”

The words spoken by Sera reminded Quinn of another Quest that had been assigned, which was to become something beyond a Vampire Lord. Perhaps he was right. In Quinn’s mind, the enemy had always been the Dalki, so would he need strength beyond his current realm to deal with beings like Sera in the future… or were the Dalki themselves also becoming a race that the Gods would have to be wary about?

“Sure, you have a deal.” Quinn smiled, shaking his hand. “I think Leo and the rest will be in good hands.”

After their conversation, he went back to Sam for an update on things. The vampire soldiers being led by Ashley were on their way. Once they arrived, they would be briefed on what they were to do and head off with Leo and Sera.

Then, with their worry of Pure in the back of their minds, Sach, Owen and the Cursed faction would head back. At the same time, a decision had been made, that the vampires would be supporting the two groups in the war.

Before that, Quinn was to head back to the vampire settlement to check on what crystals they had. At the same time, armour and beast gear would be made for each of the vampire leaders, then the leaders would be split up. Their families were to support either the Earthborn group or the Graylash group.

All of this shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks at most. Not only was Alex working on this, but so were all the other forgers as well. Everyone had agreed to come together after this event, because the decision had been made.

No longer would they be waiting, with the vampires’ help on their side, it was time for them to stop being on the defensive. They were going to take the war to the Dalki. If the Dalki weren’t attacking them, it meant they were preparing something.

If Quinn and the rest could finish their preparations first, then they would equally attack first and get the jump on them.

‘Helen, I promise I’ll avenge you.’

After Quinn had informed all the leaders of what was going on, Quinn allowed the leaders to decide who they thought they would be best suited to help. The Graylash or the Earthborn group based on what they had seen so far.

After the meeting was done, and they were informed of what was to happen, there was one leader that had stayed behind wanting to speak to Quinn. Surprisingly, it was the fifth leader, Sunny Kent. Quinn was a little worried when she asked this, but out of all the leaders, she seemed to give off the most calming aura and seemed to be the least threatening out of them all.

“Your Majesty.” Sunny addressed him in a soft voice, sitting down in the canteen. The whole area was empty, with just the two of them alone. She had her hands placed in front of her, with her fingers crossed, sitting upright in the perfect position. Her hairstyle was neat and kept behind her, which reminded Quinn of a motherly figure.

“Yes, Sunny.” Quinn replied. “I think your plan is well, and while they are unsure of our power it is a good chance to fight back, but I wanted to talk to you about something. You see, I have been doing research into the familiars that us vampires use, and I think if we were to utilise the vampire subclasses and the familiars, we could increase our chances even further in this war.”

This naturally caught Quinn’s attention. He knew the strength of familiars, but it seemed like many vampires didn’t have, or at least didn’t utilise them much in a fight. He always wondered if it had to do with their pride, if they regarded them as a distraction, or if it had other reasons.

From what he had learned, it was a little difficult to control familiars, which was why sometimes vampires opted to not use them even in a fight. The fifth family were better at this because they could communicate with them, and ones like Quinn’s familiar were different because they were able to act on their own.

Still, if there was maybe a way for the vampires to utilise them more, or they got rid of their traditions to allow all of them to have familiars, it might give them a big boost to their strength.

“Have you heard of the Four Kings?” Sunny asked. “On the field I saw two of them appear, and I know you have one with you as well, but if we can get the fourth all together, get them to work together, then it could increase our force drastically.”


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