My Vampire System Chapter 1464: A Ragtag group

Since Jim was one of the ones that had taught Graham everything he knew, and a lot of the technology was based on what he had introduced to them. Jim was able to recreate a new clone from what was left, reactively easy.

‘How many experiments have they run? One of the nest crystals… its energy has nearly completely faded. I never even knew a nest crystal could run out of energy.’ The clone thought.

On a closer look at the body, he noticed that actually, one of the nest crystals had been removed from the real Jim’s body, while the other was left in his hand. Still, it was enough energy to create another.

A blob started to form, which soon formed into the grown man known as Jim Eno, the claw machine moved and eventually pulled the new clone out from the glass container and dropped a naked Jim onto the floor.

“Damn it! That brat killed me, he killed me!” Jim started to scream, hitting the floor. He soon got up and could see the others, and the outcome certainly was a little strange. He was expecting to meet with Graham.

After updating them on the situation, Jim had learnt that there had been a gap between his death, and him being created into a new clone. Because for the Clone, his last memories were of what had happened on Blade island.

“I see, now that my real body is dead, Graham doesn’t have any use for me since I no longer have my ability, but he kept me and my brain intact, so he could still ask me questions whenever he would need me.” Jim said in disgust.

After hearing what was said from Jim though, Turedream had equally disgusting feelings. He had learned that Quinn, the boy with the Shadow ability, had gotten so far in his life. Yet here, his life had completely changed after meeting him.

‘It was because of that Shadow ability that he made me go after the Blades! What is all of this crap? That damned kid better be alive, so I can kill him myself.’ Truedream thought. The good news was there looked to be another one that equally wanted to kill the boy known as Quinn as well.

‘After that, it will be the Blade family, and that damned, military that ruined me.’

While the others were thinking and planning what to do next, Jim went to the console and the clone was taking a look at what he was doing, but since they were both the same person they understood, until Malik had asked.

“What are you doing?” Malik asked.

“What do you think? Graham kept me alive just to use me. I don’t like that, not at all. I’m tired of being used by people. The Jim up there is dead, and the only use it will be now is to Graham. Every time another clone gets created, it will be from when I died on Blade Island.

“Graham could pretend to be on my side, get the information he wants and then kill that, and the next clone would be none the wiser about what happened. Who knows how often he has done that already? If we leave him up there, Graham will just be able to do this again and again, killing me over and over.”

“But then, you won’t be able to clone yourself if one of you dies in the future.” Truedream mentioned.

“It’s okay, I will use the remaining nest crystal from the original body on myself. I won’t die, but you’re right I won’t be able to clone myself either, but it’s what needs to be done.”

Malik wanted to stop him, but he didn’t because he knew that no matter what, since it was Jim’s mind that was making the decision, that all the Jim’s would think the same way. This is what the real Jim would have done, and he had to trust Jim’s mind.

Bringing out Eno’s real body was easy. Using the crane they dropped his body onto the floor as well. Eno took the clothes that were on him, which were a bit torn and ragged, but it was better than running around the place naked.

After that, he took the Nest crystal and placed it in his chest pocket for now. He would have to figure out how to use it properly some other time, then finally he looked at his head and hovered his foot slightly above it.

“Goodbye, myself.” Jim said, stomping hard on the ground and crushing his head and brain.

After that, it was time for the group to leave, but now there was one more person with them. In order to avoid confusion when calling the two names, for now they resulted in calling the old clone CJ, for clone Jim. Even though the new clone was Jim as well, it seemed like Jim didn’t like that fact and told them it was easier if they just forgot that he was a clone.

Sneaking out of the lab though was far easier than they thought, and once again, Pine was filling in Jim on the advancement the Dalki had made.

“It’s good to know that all my hard work wasn’t completely in vain, at least they managed to capture the Dragon… still… I’m a bit surprised why they stopped. According to my original plan, after capturing the one on Blade Island they should have caught the second shortly after… does that mean something went wrong? Did Arthur fail… or did he turn sides again?”

The idea of Arthur failing seemed somewhat impossible to him, but he would just have to find out more as time went on.

Eventually, they had exited out of the lab, with little difficulty, and after heading through the terrain and around the building they had reached the docking bay of ships. Here, ships were constantly flying out and coming into the lab.

After watching them for a while, what they noticed was the movement of dead Dalki bodies, being shipped backwards and forwards.

“Here’s where it gets hard.” Pine said. “We can’t sneak any more, we have no choice but to steal one of those things.”

“Or we can try to use my ability to get people to help us.” Malik argued.

The problem was the large field that was in between where they were and the closest medium size ship, they had no choice. The only thing they could do was walk, and pretend like they were naturally meant to be there.

They hid Truedream, and Malik towards the centre, and if people did see them, they treated them like prisoners, at least they could tell the others that Graham was the one that ordered them. They could see a ship in sight, they were about 20 metres from making it until…

“Hey, what are you guys doing here on the field? Who are those!” A Dalki yelled.

They debated just running to the ship, but with a Dakli’s strength it would be easy for them to just jump and take down the ship. Turning around, they all hoped they would deal with the Dalki easily. When they did, they could see a Dalki with four spikes on its back.

“What is this? Those are the two humans that are meant to be in the lab, what are you doing here!” The Dalki shouted. “I’m going to have to call this one in!”

Before he could, though, Pine dashed forward and grabbed the Dalki by the arm.

“Damn it, let’s get out of here!” Jim shouted. “The three spike is done for.”

“No.” Truedream said. “He’s not, that three spike is a little different.”

The next few moments came and went like a blur, because with ease, the three spike was able to beat and kill the four spike. It was the first time something like that had ever happened in the Dalki’s history.

After getting rid of the troublesome one, the rest of them got on board the ship, and started heading off. As they were leaving there were several that seemed to have spotted them, but since they hadn’t prepared for anything like this happening, their reaction was too slow, allowing the ragtag group to escape.

While in the ship, after realising they were safely away, they all looked at each other for a moment, and Jim started to laugh.

“Haha, so what do we do now? The vampires won’t accept us, since I’m their enemy. We all have a grudge against humans. The Dalki will be searching for us, and we can no longer go back there, it seems like there’s nobody who will accept any of us.” Jim pointed out. The words sounded sad, but saying the words he was smiling.

“I guess, we just have to make our own place that will accept us.” Truedream replied. “We will come back when we are ready. Let’s just let the Dalki and the rest of this play out.”


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