My Vampire System Chapter 1463: The cause returns

This was a problem, from the few conversations Truedream had with Malik so far, he could tell that his mind was somewhat child-like. If not that, he was heavily dependent on Jim for everything. More on the borderline of obsessed with him.

‘Man, I’m jealous to have someone this obsessed with you. I wonder how he did it?’ Truedream thought. ‘I was hoping the clone would be enough, but I guess not. His power is also too strong to utilise. If we run into just a single Dalki as well, he could change their memory to help us. Our chance of escape relies on him. I’m useless without other people, but that’s why I’m the best at gathering people around me.’

“I actually agree with him.” The clone surprisingly added. “I was created a long time ago, when the lab first started. My knowledge of everything Jim has done, and the knowledge of what is going on out there, is limited.”

“There is a problem with that.” Dalki said. “Jim is dead. I don’t know the full details of what happened since I wasn’t taken along for that task, but apparently those who went to retrieve the Dragon, brought back his deceased body.”

That answer seemed to somewhat shock Malik. He started to rub his hands through his hair, while stretching his skin back. It looked like he might create a fire with how fast he was going.

“Just his body?” The clone asked. “Then we can still do something. If the original body is there, it means that Graham was keeping him for some reason. Perhaps his brain is still intact. If that’s the case we can create a new clone. It will have all the knowledge and memories of Jim before he died.”

The clone then turned towards Malik and placed both his hands on his shoulder, lifting his head up, so he could see him in the eye.

“Look at me. All of us are clones, we are no less than Jim. We have the same mind as him, the same thoughts, we just haven’t lived the same life as him. If we create a new clone from his dead body, his mind will live on. The mind of the ‘complete’ Jim. We have to save him right now.

“And before you say anything Trudream, yes he is needed. We have to start thinking about what we are going to do once we leave this place.”

Hearing the words seemed to give Malik some type of hope, his eyes looked less lost, and once again it looked like Jim, even if it was a clone, knew just the right words to say for him to cling onto.

The group decided to leave, and when they exited from the room, they could see that Jim’s lab had been abandoned. There were literally wires hanging from above, and it just added to the brutal reality that the real Jim was gone.

The one who they were following was the three spiked Dalki, who they had decided to call Pine. This was because of a set of small scales on the top of his head that stuck out, making him resemble a pineapple.

When opening the door outside the lab, it led to several large hallways which looked mostly empty. Apart from a few Dalki and clones that would run past once in a while delivering something to the other areas.

“Why are they so busy?” Truedream asked.

“It’s Graham. After obtaining the Demon tier beast, he’s ramped up production on everything. Anyway, the good news is, the most dangerous person, Graham himself, isn’t here.” Pine answered.

The clone and Pine were able to walk side by side. This was because there were plenty of clones in the area anyway, and like pine thought, everyone was too busy focusing on their own task to care what others were doing.

Between the two of them, they were able to tell if the area was clear and tell when the other two were able to move. While looking in the lab, Truedream also noticed that there were no cameras.

‘I guess there is no need. All the Dalki work together, and it’s not like there’s an enemy faction or intruders to worry about. I bet they never thought a Dalki would turn on them quite like this.’ Truedream smiled at his ‘achievement’.

Eventually, the group reached the lab, but the next part would be the most difficult one. There were people inside the lab at all times. Fortunately, Jim’s body wasn’t kept in Graham’s private room or anything, but it was nevertheless heavily guarded… at least on the outside. Two three spiked Dalki could be seen standing in front of the door.

The group was only a turn away from reaching the entrance.

“What do we do?” Treudream whispered.

“I have a plan.” Malik suggested.


Walking through the hallway was Pine and the clone, and when they reached the door, they quickly turned to the two guards.

“What are you doing, keep moving!” The Dalki instructed, almost immediately attacking, but in that instant, Pine grabbed both of their arms acting first, then from his back, Malik jumped over the two Dalki and touched both of them.

Seconds later, and both of the Dalki bowed down.

“Graham, you have returned, and it’s nice to see you as well, Jim.” One of the guards addressed them.

Watching it all, only strengthened Truedream’s fear of Malik’s frightening ability. Eventually, Pine had told the two guards to leave, and head somewhere else for the time being, allowing the two human to enter the lab as well.

Here they could see the countless glass containers, and floating on one side, was Jim’s body. They all knew straight away, looking at the body that Jim really had died.

“I wonder what happened while we were trapped in that place. I also wonder how the world would react regarding our return.” Truedream said.

Next, Jim went up to the machine, and it was time to start the cloning process and create a new clone of Jim Eno.


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