My Vampire System Chapter 1462 – A New Era

Honestly, Truedream wasn’t so sure if the Dalki would accept his offer. If it had shown some type of reaction to his early comments it would have been more convincing, but since there was nothing to go on he was starting to get a bit worried.

Somehow, Truedream’s words had managed to convince everyone else in the room, and Malik had managed to do his part. However, if the Dalki proved to be loyal to Graham, then it would mean Truedream would have to pray that the clone of Jim was strong enough to beat the three spiked Dalki.

‘A three spikes is tough, especially without any beast gear. Maybe Malik could do something if he managed to touch him before being splattered, but I doubt the clone alone would be enough.’ Truedream thought.

The good news was that Dalki hadn’t outright refused, he was taking his time, considering the deal that had been put in front of him. The Dalki stood in front of the glass while Jim had moved to the side away, creeping over to where Malik was. It seemed like the clone was frightened.

‘Good luck with me putting hope into that guy.’ Truedream thought.

The next second, the Dalki started to chuckle.

“What you say does interest me. All of our race wish to grow and get stronger, but there is one universal thing that each of us instinctively knows. It is impossible for a lower spike to beat one higher one in a one on one fight.

“Are you aware that our leader has recently evolved into a six spike? So, tell me, human, how exactly do you plan to help me become stronger than Graham?” The Dalki asked.

The biggest grin appeared on Truedream’s face, because with this answer he knew that he had got the Dalki right where he wanted him.

“I am an honest person.” Truedream replied. “Based on what you said, you would never fight against a four spike, correct? Perhaps I might be unable to give you power that can beat Graham just yet, but I can definitely give you power that allows you to beat those above you. Grow, evolve and trust that I can allow you to catch up!

“You know about the powers that the vampires and humans hold? The things we refer to as abilities? Well, you see, that vampire over there captured me to make use of my power, which allows me to steal the abilities of others and transfer them over.

“However, there is something that Graham doesn’t know yet. Your leader believes that I’m unable to move these powers to the Dalki or the vampires. I’m willing to give you an ability that will make you stronger, and I always save the best abilities.”

The truth was, Truedream was spouting a pile of bullsh*t. Jim had never asked him to move any ability to a vampire, much less a Dalki. As such, he had no idea if there would be such a restriction, but based on the story he was told moments ago, he was gambling that it might not be the case.

If the Dalki could gain abilities, they would evolve a step further.

“I like the sound of that.” The Dalki guard agreed, just in time to hear a door opening from behind. Since they had won his trust, the Jim clone had audibly let out Malik from his glass cell.

“So it looks like you are joining this strange team of weirdos then.” ‘Jim’ commented, smiling nervously. A group consisting of a Dalki guard, two humans and a vampire clone. Seeing how Truedream was looking at him, Jim felt like he had to say something else.

“You always need a back-up plan, if the Dalki hadn’t agreed then, we would have had to have used a little friend here.” Jim said, slapping Malik on the back.

“To get out of this place, in case we are found out, I will have to give you one of these powers, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t let me leave until I have you one. The only problem is the method of transfer is a little complicated…but just so you know, I’m not trying anything.” Truedream warned, turning his head away as he looked at the Dalki’s face.

“Anything for strength.” The creature replied.

Truedream nodded towards Jim, and unsure if it was coincidence or not, at that moment, Malik touched the back of the Dalki. Memories were starting to flood his head. At the same time, Truedream held on to the Dalki head using its thigh to kick himself up and pressed his lips on the other. It was the condition that he needed to pass his power to the other.

Once it was complete,Truedream wiped his lips.

“Are you done?”

“Yes.” Malik said. “We didn’t know if he would betray us after getting the power, so I have given him a backstory that will make sure that he will stay loyal to us forever. If not, at least the power will remain in his mind.”

The Dalki came out of it, and looked at all of those in the room.

“Thank you for saving me, and for giving me this power.”

Truedream wondered what memories Malik had exactly put in his mind to make the Dalki think that they had ‘saved’ him. His ability was perhaps one of the most frightening Truedream had ever come across, and if he could avoid it, he would never allow Malik to touch him.

“Well, do you know the best way to get out of here?” Truedream asked.

“I do, there are plenty of ships at the docks that are connected to the lab. The others use them all the time to transfer things between the areas. However, they know that I’m supposed to be your guard, so we will have to sneak our way round.

“Perhaps I could convince a few of them and there will be many that don’t care what I’m doing due to how busy it is… but if they see the two of you.” The Dalki stopped there, because the others understood what would happen if the two of them were to be spotted.

“No!” Malik refused. “We need to go and get the original Jim! If you can’t agree to this, then I won’t come with you. I won’t alert the guards, but I won’t leave this place without him either!”


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