My Vampire System Chapter 1460 – An Old Enemy

The lab on the main Dalki spaceship that they called home had been a lot busier ever since they had obtained the Dragon from Blade Island. The Jim clones, along with other Dalki, had been working on a number of different things.

After obtaining the Demon tier beast, they had focused on creating a number of new Dalki. They had an idea of the process from Jim’s research, and there were also the clones that had his brain and memories from a certain point and time.

Rather than just creating any type of Dalki, they had been creating the new era of Dalki as Graham had called them. These were Dalki that were based on certain individuals from the humans that they had fought.

Using their DNA as a base structure, they were able to create more unique and stronger Dalki. As for all of those that would be considered a type of failure, they were sent to Graham and others for some training, though none of those Dalki ever came back.

Still, it was because of this that the lab had expanded, growing twice its size as it had taken on more projects. Some Dalki had even been created for the sole purpose of helping out with experiments and other tasks.

In one part of the lab, there was a place that had seemingly been forgotten because of the new advancements that the Dalki were focusing on. There also was another reason for its abandonment… It used to be Jim’s private lab. Everything that was needed from it had already been taken out and distributed to the other areas.

In the back of the lab, through a heavy locked door, there were a few cells. Dangerous beasts, Dalki although very rarely unless used as an experiment, but also prisoners would be placed behind a large solid glass wall. Apart from two of them, all other cells were now empty.

In one of them, a figure started to bang on the glass a couple of times. He was trying to grab the attention of two individuals that were free on the outside, who were acting as guards. One of these was a clone of Jim, whereas the other was a three spiked Dalki.

In a way, they were also keeping an eye on each other.

“Hey, what the hell is happening outside? We haven’t had an update on anything. Come on, with my talents, I’m just wasting away in this cell! Go call the real Jim and tell him that Truedream wants to speak with him!” The person who was in the cell was Jack Truedream, former member of the Big Four.

There was no way to tell how much time had passed in that prison cell, but he knew that it had never been this long since the real Jim had passed by to ask them to do something for them.

Seeing that there was no reaction, Truedream just let out a big sigh.

“He’s dead, isn’t he?” Truedream asked. “Well, it looks like even you can get startled. Well now I don’t know who is winning this war whether it’s the Dalki or the Humans, what do you think my friend?”

“I’m not your friend.” The other man replied instantly. He had crouched down, rocking back and forth. He had heavy bags under his eyes, and he had quite long scruffy black hair that stuck out everywhere. “You can’t say that Jim is dead until we see that he’s dead.”

“Crazy as always.” Truedream mumbled from the confinements of his cell. “Then why do you think he hasn’t come to see us? It’s not like the Dalki have any reason to tell us if he died or not. Heck, I bet that crazy Graham has done him in, just because Jim gave him a Hawaiian shirt or something.”

There was still no answer from any of the other three, and it seemed it would be that way for a long time. In the end, Truedream decided to go back to his bed and lie down as well.

“I was just wondering why the hell are you so loyal to that guy, anyway?” Truedream asked. “We have nothing better to do in here, so we might as well talk, right? In here, we’re nothing more than lab rats, but you were with him before I even met him… and even after all this time you seem to still care for him.

“Come on, with the way you hung around him, one could have mistaken you for a girl who was having a real crush on her best friend. However, it seemed to be very one-sided. Given your ability, couldn’t you have changed that, making it so that he would have followed you?

“Admit it, it must have at least crossed your mind, once or twice. Then again, knowing that guy, he must have had a precaution to that. Was that it? Did you try and fail, and then it hit you instead?”

Usually Truedream wasn’t this talkative, but he had started going a little mad not being able to talk to anyone, so now that he had a ‘neighbour’ it was one potential buddy. He wasn’t expecting an answer either, which was why he continued to ramble and goading him in.

“He saved me.” The man eventually answered. “I was just another starving kid, out on the street, and he fed me. For me, that was enough of a reason to repay him with the rest of my life and do whatever he wishes.

“My parents either didn’t care about me enough, or they couldn’t support us, so one day they just left me out on the streets. The other homeless were happy to beat me just because I was weaker than them, and took what little food I managed to scavenge. Everyone else just turned a blind eye, walking past me like I didn’t even exist. The only person who didn’t was him.

“You know, I’ve heard people often claim if they were in a similar situation to what I was in they would rather die. Each day was painful, be it from hunger and/or the beatings of others, but for me… well dying always seemed like a very scary thing. I could never think about dying, and all I wanted to do was live.

“Why wasn’t I allowed to live? Just because I had no money… because I was a child… because people didn’t care about me… Well, he changed that, he allowed me to live, so I decided to help him however he wishes.”

There was a silence before Truedream answered. His cellmate’s story wasn’t exactly a special one. Jack knew some people from his own family had lived like that. During the war, there were plenty that had been abandoned and couldn’t be taken in.

Especially if they had no use, or power for abilities.

“Sounds a bit fishy if you ask me.” Truedream commented after lifting his body from his lying position. “Do you think he might have picked you just because he knew what power you had? At least to me, it seems like he just used you, so you could help him deal with all of those vampires? I mean, he doesn’t have any other humans by his side other than the two of us.

“Hey, why don’t you tell him the truth?” Truedream addressed the Jim clone, who would have for sure known the answer, Truedream thought.

“Even if that was the case, does it matter?” The man questioned Truedream, for the first time looking up at him. “In the end, he was the one who got me out of that hell, whether it was because he wanted to help me or for ulterior motives, I don’t care.”

Once again, after that conversation there was silence between the two of them, and Truedream was trying to think…if Jim was really dead, then they needed to get out of here.

“What about you?” The man eventually asked back. It was the first time since the two of them had been together that the other man had asked Truedream a question of his own.

“You turned up one day by his side, so what’s your story?”

Thinking back to what happened that day, Truedream couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hahaha, well for me, I did something incredibly stupid. You probably don’t know them, but I decided to go up against a group of people called the Blade family… after that… I guess you could say Jim saved me as well.

“Come to think of it, how did you know?” Truedream asked, looking at the Jim clone. “How did you know the Blade family was going to come after me that day?”

Looking to his left, Jim stared at the Dalki, before walking forward and eventually went up the glass standing on the other side looking in.


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