My Vampire System Chapter 1459 – A Fight With A Special Prize

At first, people thought it was a strange question for Samantha to ask in a meeting like this. Why would one of those from the Earthborn group care about the vampire leaders? But there was another lady in the room who managed to figure it out quicker than the others and couldn’t help but laugh.

“The tenth leader? Why would she want to know about the tenth leader?” Fex asked out loud, a little annoyed. Samantha stood up though, and started looking towards the other table. Eventually, everyone was starting to remember the match they had. Samantha had gone up against the tenth leader in her fight… and who could forget the ending of their match.

“I’m the leader of the tenth family,” Vincent admitted as he stood up.

Samantha looked at him up and down. Vincent was wearing the same clothing as her opponent had, the mask still covering his face. Since it was also covering his mouth, it was hard to tell what he fully looked like, but he certainly did look like the character from the game.

“I wanted to ask… why did you say that… you liked me?” She struggled to finish her words.

Some people in the room were starting to get second-hand embarrassment and couldn’t help but turn away.

‘What a brave girl, but did she really have to do this right here, in front of everyone?’ Mona wondered.

“Well, of course, it’s because you are a beautiful woman. You are strong, have nice curves, and your-!” Vincent answered confidently, but suddenly a loud yell interrupted him.

“Noooo!” Fex was the one who had yelled. “What the hell are you saying?!”

Turning her head towards the source of the shout, Samantha could tell who it was, the first vampire she had ever met, but why was he yelling like that?

‘What do I do… Vincent’s ruining my image, and what if she starts to like him now, thinking he was the one who confessed…but do I come out here in front of anyone? Will that be a big deal?’ While he was panicking, a friend had come by his side.

“You know… after Helen died, and I saw the video message she left, I realised something. You never know what might happen, and you could lose your chance to tell someone how you truly feel… so honestly, you should just go for it and tell her what you want.” Quinn whispered to him. “Besides, I seem to recall you telling me that you would only take my love advice if I became King. However, if you’re too scared, feel free to consider this an order.”

The words from a King, his friend, had encouraged Fex, and he stood up from his seat.

“No, Samantha… the one that fought against you in that match…yes, it was the tenth leader, but the truth was I was the one that fought you. I was pretending to be the tenth leader at the time.” Fex confessed. Part of him wanted to look away out of embarrassment, but since he had decided to say as much, he looked straight into her eyes.

“What is going on right now?” Sunny whispered to Jin next to her. “I feel like I’m watching some drama or something.”

Samantha had her hand covering her mouth as the truth had unfolded.

“You… so you were the one… who told me that… you think you are in love with me?” The young woman asked for clarification, to which Fex just nodded.

Soon, cheering from the generals and others was heard.

“Answer the brave boy!”

“He’s a vampire though, can a vampire and a human have a relationship?”

“You’re still thinking that way? You’re behind the times.”

“What do you mean behind the times? This is happening too soon.”

“I think… maybe?” Samantha didn’t know what to say, as she had paused. Before she could say anything else, though, the people heard a loud bang. Then a giant figure stood up, a large imprint of his fist embedded on the table in front of him.

Those who had seen what the figure had done on the field, none of them wanted to get in its way, and they could see that it was slowly making its way towards Fex.

‘Oh, I guess Oscar will have the last say in all of this after all.’ Owen chuckled under his fan.

The Royal Knight walked up, and the two figures stood opposite each other. Fex had learned who was under the suit of armour, and since he had practically asked his daughter to go out with her, it seemed only right that he faced her father.

“Erhhh, don’t you want to speak?” Fex asked.

Quinn summoned a pen and a piece of paper from the shadow, handing it over to Oscar. In turn, he received the precious box to hold on to. It looked like it was hard for Oscar to let it go, as he gripped it tightly.

“I’ll look after it,” Quinn promised, and it was then Oscar’s fingertips had allowed him to. With both hands free, Oscar wrote something on the notepad and turned it around, shoving it in Fex’s face.

“If you want my… the woman, then you have to prove that you can protect her.” Fex read the writing out loud. With a scratched out word next to the word woman. “You won that game using the body of another. So now prove that you are strong enough to protect her on your own by… You want me to fight and defeat you?!”

Some of them nearly chickened when they heard this, and even the vampire leaders felt sorry for Fex. The mythical beast, the Dullahan, was more impressive than any of them, and they were sure that it would be nearly impossible for Fex to beat him.

“I…I…” Fex was mulling, but he needed to make a decision. “I accept. You’re right. I need to prove that I can look after her.”

Both sides were interested as it looked like they were about to witness another fight.

“Wait!” Samantha shouted, jumping in between the two of them, and she kicked both of the men by on their shin.

“What do you two idiots think you’re doing? Don’t I get a say in any of this? I don’t need some stranger making up rules for me! I can decide for myself.” Samantha argued. “I can like who I want, and I can choose who I want to be with, besides…” Samantha turned towards Fex. “You already risked your life to protect me once before, so… I guess I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot…”

The others could see a smile on her face, hidden behind her red cheeks, and those on the sidelines started to whistle and cheer once again. Whether this was the beginning of a romance between a human and a vampire, only time would tell, but the meeting had come to an end.

While final points were getting sorted about what each person was to do, the groups were getting ready. For one, the hybrid beasts needed to be handed to one of them, and they needed to discuss when and how to update each other on their situations.

This was left to Sam, and in the meantime, Quinn headed over to speak to a certain person. He had gone to the canteen tables where all Unranked were seated and approached a certain person.

“You’re Sera, is that correct?” Quinn asked.

“Oh, the leader of the Cursed faction and the King of the vampires has come to greet me,” Sera said. “It seems the one I fought in the game wasn’t you. The two of you don’t feel the same. It looks like it will be another time when we get to spar with each other. To what do I owe the pleasure to meet such a great one as yourself?”

Quinn looked around and could see that the others were each having their own conversation. He wasn’t sure that the topic he wanted to talk about was something others should be listening in on, so he decided to give him a hint.

“I wanted to talk to you about some ‘people’ you might know. It’s come to my knowledge that you might be the same as them.” Quinn answered. “Do you happen to know a woman by the name of Bliss?”

Hearing this name caused Sera to raise an eyebrow. It was a clear sign that he knew who she was.

“And… do you know someone called Ray?” Quinn asked. “Ray Talen?”

This name caused Sera to get up from his seat.

“I thought there was something special about you. Why don’t the two of us chat while taking a walk?”


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