My Vampire System Chapter 1458 – A Red Question

It was strange to find out this information about vampires knowing these crystals because it was something even Quinn was unaware of. He was sure that if the vampires had such crystals, then when he had first obtained the upgrade crystal, Vincent would have known about it.

“Don’t look at me,” Vincent said, shrugging his shoulders as if he could read Quinn’s mind. “There was a period in my life where I know no details of what happened.”

“Can you elaborate a little?” Quinn asked, smiling towards Muka.

“You have to remember that a lot of vampires pride themselves on their natural strength, and only the tenth family was interested in things like using the beast crystals for combat. In contrast, we focused on their use more so in everyday life as an energy source.

“When the tenth leader disappeared, there weren’t many vampires who were interested in beast crystals anymore; in fact, it’s safe to say that there were none. Still, during our expeditions, we did come across different crystals. The round one that is in his hand, I have seen it before…about the others, I can’t say if we have or not because I do not know what they look like.

“But sometimes, we came across crystals that don’t exactly match up to the regular beast crystals you know of today.”

Quinn thanked Muka for explaining. He would need to look into that when they got back. Thankfully they had transported everything in the vampire settlement with them. The only thing he was wondering about was whether these crystals were abundant in the vampire solar system or not.

If they were, then there would be another tool that they could use to help them in the war against the Dalki. At the moment, Quinn had some fourth family members out exploring the beast planets, searching for a nest crystal. It would be a boost if he could instruct them to look for these other crystals.

For the next few minutes, Mona asked Nathan a few more questions, mainly to do with the Bree family, but he didn’t seem to know much about the exact situation. Just to make sure the latter was being honest, Quinn had used his influence skill this time, and it seemed like he had been telling the truth all along.

“Is there any more information that we can try asking from Nathan before we move on to other things?” Quinn asked.

At that moment, Sach raised his hand.

“Pure… how were they able to get you to help them out. We heard from Sam about the base they took over. What is the current situation with all of the members of the Board and what is going to happen now…how was Pure able to do all of this?”

Nathan gulped before answering this question; the question alone made him recall some scenes in his head.

“I was one of the lucky ones.” Nathan finally replied. “When Sam ordered me to help out the Earthborn group, Sach, you sent me to Earth for a task. At the time, everything was going well, and every one of the Earthborn forces was focused on fighting the Dalki.

“From what I gathered, it was a single attack orchestrated by Pure. They had hit each of the cities and the military bases, all at the same time. Our forces were weak, they were powerful, but the final nail on the coffin was the Pure members who were part of the group.

“At the moment, every force on Earth…is pretty much under their control. Family members are being used as hostages, leaving those like me with no choice but to act and do their bidding. I am afraid that they have the whole world as a hostage, including the BBoard’s power.”

They all knew that this wasn’t good news at all and was the worst outcome they could expect. For one, the Board were families that the military and other groups relied on; this was the main reason why the former could blackmail them into this event in the first place.

After what had happened and with things not going their way, it was possible that unless the people here were willing to fight their own and go to war, Earth now belonged to Pure.

“If we have time, resources won’t be too much of an issue,” Quinn said. “There are ways for us to get the things we need to help fight.”

When saying this, Quinn was thinking about using the vampire resources and the beast planets in their solar system.

“Still, this pressure that we could be attacked from our back at any time is not a good one… we need to get Earth back by any means, while not moving our forces which are fighting against the Dalki. If we make one movement, the latter will notice this, and it won’t be long before we get into something even more troublesome. “

It was then that an unexpected person had raised their hand, one that had been silent for almost the entire time. It was the unranked Sera, sitting at the table.

“Let me take care of Pure,” Sera said. “I wasn’t involved in this war with the Dalki anyway, but I’ll make sure that all of these Pure members no longer exist.”

“What is in it for you?” Samantha asked. “What do you want in return?”

Samantha refused to believe that someone who hadn’t joined the fight so far was just willing to help out.

“Because they have made this personal,” Sera said. “They tried to take my life… I don’t take too kindly to those who take my life. So no, I’m not doing it for you; I’m doing this for myself. You guys can just pick up the scraps that are left.”

“I would also like to go along with him,” Leo spoke up. “I, as a member of the Cursed faction, can help out greatly in many ways, and I can also sense Qi, which means I can pick out the Pure members more effortlessly.”

This was true, but Quinn could imagine the real reason why Leo wanted to go. To find out his master and what exactly they had planned to do. The only worry was that Quinn could no longer summon Leo with his skill if he needed him or his help.

‘I’m still thinking like this, huh…if there is someone I can’t defeat now, Leo wouldn’t be much help either. I should let him do his own thing, and it would be good to have someone on the inside.’

“Please…let me go as well.” Nathan suddenly said. “My family, and the others they have hostage, I might also recognize a few of them.”

He knew it was a long shot, but he thought Quinn could probably help as well.

“I have a suggestion,” Sam said. “I think he should be allowed to go, and Sera and Leo should lead the vampire soldiers. Other than us in this room, we don’t know who is with Pure and who is not, nor do we know who could switch sides at any point and time.

“However, the vampire soldiers are different, and I’m sure they have a great interest in making sure that earth is safe along with the rest of them as well.”

Sera didn’t seem to have any problem with their suggestion, but he did have one condition.

“I’m okay with all of this; I don’t mind you guys keeping an eye on me but let me say one thing, If we are ever in trouble, a serious situation that I think is dangerous, let me take command. Follow my orders down to the last line, and I promise that we will get out of it alive.”

Due to Sera’s power and how much they actually needed his help, there was no problem with Sam and Leo agreeing to their requirements. Of course, Nathan could go along, but he would be kept under the mindful watch of Leo.

“If you are worried about humans so much, there is something you could do.” Katori interrupted them all. “Why don’t you just turn him into one of us? He would follow the orders of the Turner, and he would lose his power to stop your abilities. I think that would be the safest thing to do.”

This remark reminded all the humans in the room what the vampires really were and the most frightening thing about them. Some of them wanted to object when hearing this, but the thing was…they weren’t trusting Nathan either.

“I will leave that choice up to Leo or the vampire soldiers to do,” Quinn said. “Thank you for the suggestion, though. Right now, we still don’t know what Pure’s aim is. If they already had so much control over the board members, why did they want to get rid of us so badly? It’s almost as if they wanted us to lose this war.

“So, try your best to find out about Pure, and as for the rest of us. We will take care of the Dalki.” Quinn stated.

The meeting looked like it was coming to an end with a lot learned and everyone informing what they planned to do now; that’s when the room was opened up to more questions, and a shy lady raised her hand slowly.

“I just wanted to ask…who is the tenth leader?” Samantha said with her face red.


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