My Vampire System Chapter 1457 – Three Types Of Crystals

Nathan looked nervous, almost scared of Quinn, and he was right to be after he had seen what the latter had done. After Quinn had torn down the Galthrium wall, Nathan had laid eyes in the room for a brief second and saw everyone in the room had been killed.

“Before that, there is something I would like to bring up first. I thought if we all asked what was on our minds, then you would be able to ask Nathan for the answer.” Mona said as she raised her hand politely. She could guess that Quinn was about to use his power based on the red eyes.

“Logan and I have done some investigating into the Hybrid beasts, and we learned a few things,” Mona said.

This was an interesting topic to many of them, as everyone wanted to know just how Pure was able to control such a large army.

“The hybrid beasts, as we will refer to them, are hybrids of beasts and humans. However, we found out that among the captured hybrids, all of them have lost the human consciousness, or in simple words, the human mind. They are just like beasts until I use my ability to control them.

“Just like with regular beasts, my power works on them as well, and I can control them. I heard about what members of Pure were doing. They were capturing members of my family and also capturing beasts doing some sort of experiment. I’m sure that we can all come to the same conclusion when I say this… how have they learned to use the Bree family’s power? I doubt someone from my family taught it to someone else, even if that was the case. Controlling a large number of beasts is something that even I can’t do.”

When Mona had brought it up, this was something Quinn hadn’t even thought of too much. He thought that perhaps they had found a way to use the Bree family’s power, but if Mona was saying she couldn’t control this many, how could they do such a thing?

All eyes were on Nathan, and Quinn also turned towards him.

“No! Quinn, I will tell the truth this time. I will answer willingly, so don’t worry.” Nathan said. “If you want, later you can just use your skill to ask whether I told the truth or not.”

He had a point, and Quinn agreed; otherwise, he would constantly ask several questions with the influence skill.

“Answer Mona’s questions and explain about the crystal you have,” Quinn asked, in a tone that was unlike how he would speak to Nathan before, and no one could blame Quinn for acting this way. He was being direct with a person who was practically a traitor; Yes, Quinn could understand why Nathan had done such a thing, but in doing so, Nathan had put the lives of everyone here today at risk, and Quinn could have lost them all.

“First…” Nathan was a little nervous. He was an adult, someone who used to be respected, but he had never quite been put in the situation he was in today with all these powerful figures scrutinising him in disgust. “The Crystal I have in my hand is an enhancement crystal. As you know, more than any of the other groups, the Earthborn group has been focusing on the mining of the beast planets we own or used to own.

“Instead of fighting beasts to gather their crystals, the military was trying to find a safer way. I’m sure the generals and Sach will know that we would send new finds back to the lab to analyse every time a new crystal was found. Especially after what had happened with another set of crystals found.”

“He’s talking about a set of active crystals,” Sach said. “It was a disaster for the military back then. Such Crystals reacted as soon as we touched them with our bare hands, similar to activating gear. It caused them to explode, and a lot of lives were lost. Because of this, new crystals that were found would be handed to the military for analysis before moving forward.

“In the first place, not many could figure out how to use a new crystal.”

Nathan nodded, showing that the information he said was true.

“The thing was…as you now know, Pure had been a member of the Board for a long time. I can’t pinpoint when exactly, but it seems to be shortly after the first war that Zero had taken over Mr Watson’s place. I’m not even sure the other members of his family knew.

“Zero, their leader, had all of this information available to him, and it was easy for him to obtain these crystals. At the same time, it was effortless for them to cover up any discoveries related to these things. I just want to say that I am not a member of Pure, so some of my knowledge may have a few hiccups, but it seems that Pure have their own research team. At the same time, they would use certain tactics to use the military’s research team and work together without the latter knowing that they were helping the enemy.

“In these labs, they discovered many things, even new materials such as the glass-like containers you were stuck in. Anyway, there were three types of crystals found in total; one is the enhancement crystal. This is the round crystal I have in my hand at the moment. Like beast crystals, they too have different tiers, but it’s harder to tell unless you are holding one.

“This Crystal allows you to enhance your ability power; it gives a boost in MC cells as long as you are still holding the Crystal. Then there are the Upgrade crystals; depending on their tier, they can upgrade beast gear to the next step. There are a lot of crystals, probably more than I mentioned, that have been found, but I have no clue about them.

“As I said, I was only invited to help out at the Pure’s base a couple of times, so I don’t know everything, but because I was involved in a few of their plans, they did tell me a few things. What they have is something called a storage crystal. It’s a clear crystal that looks like complete glass with nothing inside, but with it, they can extract abilities and place them inside. I didn’t know that they were capturing members of the Bree family, but if that’s the case, then I imagine that somehow they were able to get your family’s ability and store it in the Crystal…this is the most probable guess.”

Hearing Nathan’s words brought up a faint memory for Quinn.

The Crystal was similar to what Bryce had. He was using a crystal to store the power of the shadow but did this mean that they could store multiple powers? Otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense.

It seemed like Mona had come to the same conclusion. Veins popped up on her forehead out of anger. She could only imagine how many members of the Bree family were killed or their powers were taken away from them, all so that the Pure could control the Hybrid beasts.

“Wait, are you saying they can take any of our abilities away?” Samantha asked. “Is that what they were trying to do today? And they can even use them…?”

Nathan shook his head as he didn’t have an answer.

“Originally Pure were after Truedream,” Sam said with his finger on his chin. “I guess now that they have found these crystals, there is no longer a need for him because they can do the same thing without him.

“If they still had these crystals and powers now, they don’t have to worry about their experiments getting out of hand and becoming too beast-like; they just want to create the strongest Hybrids possible.”

There was a bit of silence in the room as the generals and others were taking in the information. They felt betrayed by those they worked for and trusted.

“These crystals.” Muka was the first to speak from the vampire side. “We actually already knew of them; we have a few as well.”

All heads, including Quinn’s turned to the vampire, for even Quinn didn’t know about this.


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