My Vampire System Chapter 1456 – The Aftermath

Despite the grand scale attack that had transpired, it seemed like all of the invitees had come out of the situation alive, be it the unranked, the generals, or the others. Both groups were also thankful for the Cursed faction’s arrival because there was still a lot more that needed to be done.

The stadium was still intact and had many empty rooms for them to use. For now, people involved in the incident were taking a rest. In the meantime, Sam, along with the Cursed faction and a few others, were investigating the place.

He and Logan had gone around the experimental facilities to see what was going on and if they could gather any information. Logan learned some things, but it wasn’t enough, which was expected because many things were ruined.

Other than that, there were also a few of the pure beasts which had been left alive. Most of them were injured during the fight but not quite killed. After capturing them, they were placed in one of the glass container rooms to learn more about them later.

The problem was, they were still acting like beasts and were trying to attack any human or vampire that they would see on site. After gathering the information, everyone thought they deserved a good night’s rest, but before doing so, every group had contracted their respective planets to see if everything was okay.

Thankfully everything was alright, and no news of anything happening here had spread to the outside world, and that included the word about the death of the Board Members.

In the morning, once they woke up, there was going to be a meeting where all of them would gather and share information about what exactly had happened.

Pure had involved them all, and now they had to work together to make sure nothing like this repeated.

While in his own room for the night, Quinn felt a bit down. The lights were switched off, and they had gotten make-shift sleeping bags for him and his group. Everyone from the cursed faction seemed to be sleeping peacefully; some vampires were as well, while others were awake, pacing around the room.

The vampires weren’t much of a sleeper in the first place; as for Quinn, he was thinking about something else.

‘Please, Ray, if you can hear me… are you there?’ Quinn thought to try one more time, but there was no reply just like before.

He thought that perhaps it was due to using his energy, that maybe he would be back in the system once it returned, but it didn’t seem to be that way. While checking through his system, Quinn couldn’t see any option to turn into what he had done today, but at the same time, the quest to evolve into something beyond a vampire lord was still there.

When Quinn had received the quest, he had done so even before he knew about Ray, so he could only assume this next evolution would be evolving the vampire side of himself. At the same time, the power that Ray had given him had turned him into something else entirely, almost like hybrid beasts which he had seen today.

‘I’m sorry for calling you annoying, my ancestor.’ Quinn thought. ‘Now that I think about it, I didn’t even have much time to ask you about your past, family, or anything like that. Maybe I’ll never complete that quest.’

The quest in question was to learn more about the Talen family. There were still a few more that perhaps could still give Quinn answers, such as Bliss and the new god he had met Sera. From what he had heard from the others, Sera was beyond strong, and they had also told him about Oscar being quite strong as well.

Quinn was sad for Ray’s loss; he was hoping that he would be able to keep that power because he knew it would aid them greatly when facing the Dalki. He hadn’t scratched the surface of the form he was in at that time.

‘Maybe one day…’ Quinn sighed.

The new day soon arrived. Some people from the Cursed faction had already become familiar with Sam and the others as they shared their experiences about yesterday’s incident with each other.

It was good because Quinn didn’t really want to explain it again and again, and it would give Sam an idea of what the meeting would be like when they all got together. Because right now, Quinn couldn’t wrap his head around quite what had happened, so he was hoping by bringing them all together, they would be able to uncover answers.

All of the Cursed faction members walked into the canteen. This was different from the one that the Board had converted into a type of dining hall. This was another one that was actually being used as a canteen with long tables and several seats.

In total, they were using three sets of tables for this meeting. The cursed faction sat on one table on their own while Quinn remained standing. Then at the centre table, there were the vampire leaders on one side and the ones that represented their current groups on the other.

For example, Sach and Samantha, being the two highest-ranking people from the Earth group, sat at this table. Then Abdul and Sera, who had proved themselves, were seated at the table. Grimm, Owen, Mona, and the large figure whose identity, for now, had been asked to remain a secret by those who had seen his face.

Everyone else, such as the generals, Graylash family members, and the Unranked, were seated on the third table.

‘They seem to be quiet at least.’ Quinn thought as he looked at the centre table and could see that the leaders and humans were shooting daggers at each other with their eyes. It reminded him of when the Cursed faction leaders and the vampires had met each other for the first time.

‘If there is one thing this event did, it actually really did introduce the vampires and the humans to each other. Now both sides had come together to fight a similar enemy; maybe this meeting will go smoother than I thought.

‘Perhaps, this was the step we needed to go forward, and we can use this as a stepping stone to face the Dalki.’

Of all things, Quinn needed to see something positive from the events that had transpired.

As the meeting started, Quinn first spoke to everyone about what happened while he was away, how he had escaped and what he had seen and been through while roaming through the place. He didn’t really explain what that form of his they all saw and just put it down to being one of his many powers.

After that, Sam explained what had happened with them and at the military base, what they had found out with Pure having taken over everything, and the event being a trap since the beginning.

Finally, there were the two reports, from Vincent about the vampires and from Owen and Sach about what happened with the humans.

Everyone got an idea, how each group had played their part in helping them all survive, and those that had been affected by the gas were thankful that they were still alive after hearing what happened.

Some, including Leo, were shocked to learn that Zero was one of the board members and the Board members as they knew were now dead. Questions, for now, would be refrained until everyone explained everything just in case they got their answer during the explanation.

After they discussed what had happened, there was still a lot to talk about, like what to do next, but before even that, they needed to talk about what else they had learned.

“As you know, a lot happened, but there was one person in all of this who seemed to know more about Pure’s plans and what they were up to. And there are a lot of questions I want to ask him…for one, how was Pure even able to control the beasts in the first place, and what are these other types of crystal we still don’t know about.”

It was then a shadow appeared, and Nathan was thrown out from the shadow to the ground on his knees. He stood up and saw all the eyes were on him; some were even surprised. Judging by Quinn’s story, they thought he would have perhaps already killed him, but he was very…very much alive.

“Now tell us…what did Pure want,” Quinn asked with his eyes glowing red. He was going to get the truth this time, no matter what.


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