My Vampire System Chapter 1455 – A Red Fade

Everyone had been fighting non-stop ever since the pure beasts first appeared, and even though the game didn’t tire out their bodies, it still did take a toll on their mental health. To put it simply, nearly all of them were exhausted; just the pressure that their lives and the lives of others behind them were on the line made them feel exhausted. Still, they persisted, and now that the fight seemed over, all of them felt like they could relax.

That was if this new beast, who had just blasted a gigantic hole in the stadium, was on their side. The thing was, after seeing what it was capable of, they all knew deep down that if it wasn’t on their side, they had most likely lost this fight anyway.

The vampires were the first to move out on the field. They were tired, but unlike the other side, who were now just sitting on the floor or lying on the ground, exhausted. The leaders went to the partially destroyed area’s floor towards the person they thought was their King.

At the same time, many of the leaders felt like this was to show that they had one-upped the other side by showing that they still had the strength to fight more.

Soon, they all stood in front of Quinn, looking up at his new form, but even they were quite scared.

“Vincent, you’re sure this is Quinn, right?… I mean, why hasn’t he changed back to what he looked like before?” Nicu asked, with his voice a little shaky.

“I’m…sure,” Vincent said unconvincingly.

“It’s me, don’t worry. I’m glad to see that none of you are seriously hurt.” Quinn answered. When speaking, his voice was deeper than usual, but there was a slight resemblance to him. Thankfully his jaw remained in a constant shape that was somewhat like a human, so he could speak clearly enough that the others could understand him.

“Pure… I can’t believe they did all of this, I knew they were planning something, but I never thought that something like this was possible.” Quinn continued. “Their leader was also a member of the Board. It seems both parties have been involved in this matter since the beginning. I just don’t understand what their aim is anymore.”

Although the others were also thinking the same and were interested in Pure, they were far more interested in Quinn himself, but it felt rude to ask their King and saviour what exactly he was right now, but he certainly didn’t look like a vampire.

“Quinn, what happened to you… when you were away, did Pure capture you and experiment on you or something?” Vincent eventually asked what was on everyone’s mind.

Just as Quinn was about to answer, the humans who had passed out due to the gas began to wake up slowly. Some had woken up quicker than others, one of them being Sera; in doing so, when he looked out the glass container, he first saw the state of the field.

Since there was nothing on the field itself, it was hard for them all to imagine just what they had slept through. However, there were still countless dead-beast bodies lying on the stage, and it gave them an idea.

When looking around though, Sera’s eyes had latched onto a particularly large beast…

“A red dragon…am I seeing things?” Sera said to himself, standing up. He soon drew out his blade and jumped from the stage, dashing past everything. It seemed he used his ability on his boots that allowed him almost to fly until he had reached Quinn’s position.

However, before Sera could even draw his blade, nearly all of the leaders had their hands ready to pierce Sera’s neck.

“Haha, I guess a fight between me and all of you will be interesting, but I don’t care about you lot; I’m here for him. You!” Sera pointed. “What’s your relation to the red dragon?”

‘Red dragon?’ Quinn thought. When thinking about this, he could only think of one Dragon, Ray. He knew his current powers had come from him, and his form was certainly red.

‘This is the one with the god powers, correct… Ray, did you know him?’ Quinn asked, but there was no answer.

At that moment, red particles started to drift off from Quinn’s wings. As the particles left his body, he began to shrink down in size, and even the mask on his face started to disintegrate until it revealed his face.

Eventually, Quinn had reverted to his human form. He could tell his power was gone. There was no system timer, nor did he feel drained. It was as if the energy was just leaving him, going off somewhere else. What he felt a little depressed about was that his ancestor’s voice, whom he only recently got used to hearing, seemed to have disappeared as well.

“Oh, it’s you,” Sera said, taking his hand off his hilt, showing he was no threat. Sera knew that the power he recognized earlier was nowhere to be felt anymore.

“It looks like we all have a lot to discuss.” Quinn smiled.

At that moment, there was a large ship flying above them, and it eventually landed in the centre of the arena. Some of them thought it might have Pure’s reinforcements, but Quinn wasn’t worried; he could sense the people in the ship.

As the ramp went down, there were many familiar faces, and Sam was seen waving out to them all.

“Whoa, looks like we will get quite the story to hear from here.” Sam smiled.


Currently, both Chris and Zero were on planet earth. They had made their escape and were in a small submarine heading back to the main large submarine that was to be used as Pure’s base. Ever since Chris had reunited with Zero, he could see anger on the latter’s face which hadn’t said a word, and eventually, Chris couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Why did you give up so quickly? We lost a lot of our members back there, and if we were going to run, couldn’t we have at least taken them with us?” Chris asked, his tone filled with anger.

“Oh, you’re angry, are you?!” Zero snarled, turning around. His forehead wrinkled, scrunching up the marking on his forehead slightly. “Trust me. You aren’t anywhere near as annoyed as I am! If we had just completed this task… if we had just gotten rid of them…!”

“Why didn’t you join the fight?” Chris asked. “With me, you and the A-Class Hybrids, we could have done something. If we had gotten their powers, then this whole thing would have been over by now!”

“Shut up!” Agent 0 slammed his fist down and looked like he was about to hit Chris himself at any second but stopped himself a little short from doing so.

“You didn’t see what I witnessed…that thing didn’t look like a vampire or a beast. None of them even wanted to touch him, and he would have wiped us all out, including the A classes, if that was to happen. I thought maybe this was the right time to strike, but that kid’s power is too strong. All of our hard work so far would have been ruined, and I still need more myself.

“We will just have to wait, grow our strength once again, and come back so even that kid won’t be able to stop us. It was a good thing that we were still able to at least get them out of there, not all is lost, and we can evaluate their strength due to the fight. We can put the data to good use for all of us.”

After finishing his words, the marking on top of Zero’s head started to light up slightly in a slight golden glow. He touched it for a few seconds and walked out of the room.

“Tell me if anything happens.”

As soon as he was far away enough, he opened his mouth to speak.

“I know… I’m sorry I failed my task, but I promise I won’t fail again, so please give me another chance.” Zero pursed his lips.


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