My Vampire System Chapter 1453: A different evolution

Seeing the low amount of B class beasts come out from the south section was worrying Chris for many reasons. As the highest ranking Pure agent after Zero, he was the most knowledgeable one about this entire operation. Even now he knew what was going on in different areas and also knew about the operations that had been going on in the stadium. Still, he didn’t know everything about the man, but with the information he had, he started going through the list of possibilities that might have led to this outcome.

‘We’ve upped our production massively for this event, and we’ve brought over ten thousand beasts, a mixture of C class and B class. So far, a fifth of their total number should have been released. They were all being held up in the south side of the stadium.

‘If they aren’t coming out now, there are a few possibilities. Did someone else take care of them? Did they manage to get some type of help we’ve overlooked? Or… no, it couldn’t be… isn’t Quinn in the south side at the moment?” The Pure agent wondered.

That’s when he could see something in the distance. Using Qi to enhance his eyesight, he could make out a figure, it was hard but even from where he stood, the energy coming off that beast was something else. The next second, a large red blast came out, and in seconds the ten or so B class beasts that had just come out had been defeated, their bodies no longer even visible.


Inside the arena, Quinn had just received a special option from the system, something he had never seen before.

‘The system… was it influenced by Ray?’ Quinn wondered. ‘Before, Eno had been able to influence the system, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ray can do it as well. He’s stuck in my head, and seems to have been integrated into the system somewhat. But what will it do?’

‘Do you really have the time to be worrying about that, right now?’ Ray rushed his descendant. ‘Without your Shadow powers, there really are only a few ways you can get out of this place, so just press yes.’

Seeing that the containers were still moving, and not knowing what was happening outside, was killing Quinn on the inside.


[Energy is now being transferred to the user]

[Your body is changing]

A great red energy escaped from Quinn’s body, a force that had pushed back all the beasts. The force was constant like a pulse and each time it hit them they no longer moved. No matter what the beasts tried to do, after a certain point they were unable to approach him.

Meanwhile, Quinn could feel a great pain in his body as it was changing. He quickly took off the Blood armour, as he could feel his body growing, and it was restricting his movements.

His whole body started to grow larger. When looking at his hands, Quinn could see that large dark red scales were running up his arms, his fingers became more claw-like, yet they still kept most of its human shape.

Worst of all, though, Quinn could feel that his face was slightly changing. Something was forming on the top of his head, yet it only affected the top half of his face. The thing was pointing out, and it closely resembled, the skull of a dragon.

His teeth sharpened, growing in size to fit his changed face, yet the bottom half of his face remained what it was. By now, his whole body had finished forming several hard red scales that covered him from head to toe, yet there were two more significant changes.

For one, a sharp large tail started to grow from his lower back and midway, three large spikes could be seen sticking out from it on either side. Lastly, two gigantic wings sprouted from Quinn’s upper back. They were mostly black in colour, the top half was solid, while the bottom of the wings looked almost see through. They were red, yet clear like glass, similar to that of the Blood fairy. Finally, his transformation had been completed.

[You have successfully transformed into the ‘Crimson Vampiric Dragon Warrior.’]

The system didn’t need to inform him, he could feel the change that his body had gone through. He could feel various types of aura that were pulsing throughout his body and he was sure, at this point and time, he was the strongest he had ever been.

‘A tail…and wings, they feel foreign yet familiar to me. I guess I might look something like a Dalki. All of this is your power Ray?’ Quinn asked, but there was no reply.

It was hard to imagine that Ray had given up most of his power leaving only a fraction. Yet with this little energy, his body had drastically changed. While in this state, Quinn checked the system, he was still unable to use his Shadow or summon the others. At the same time, he checked if a certain Quest had been completed.

‘It looks like the Quest to become something beyond a vampire isn’t complete, which means this is something else… just an influence of Ray.’

The red pulse that came off from Quinn had stopped, and the beasts in the room could finally move again. Yet none of them charged in immediately. They only did so, once they received an order to do exactly that, their bodies started to move.

For some reason, there was an instinct inside Quinn that was taking him over, as all of them came towards him, he had the urge to just shout at the top of his lungs. At that moment, his mouth opened wide as he looked up at the ceiling and let out a roar that wouldn’t pale in comparison to a certain Demon tier beast.


Standing outside, Nathan was still there with the crystal in his hand, he had no clue what was going on inside, but continued to use his powers, wondering what might have happened by now.

‘Was I imagining things? This whole arena should be soundproof, especially with how much Galthrium they used.’ Shaking off the sound he had heard, Nathan continued to do his job. However, soon enough, he got confirmation that he hadn’t been imagining things. He could see a hand pierce right through the thick Galthrium wall, treating it as nothing more than a minor annoyance, as it started to pull it apart bit by bit.

The first thing he could see was the skull of a dragon and the fierce red pointed eyes.

‘What monsters have Pure been creating?’ Nathan thought, falling over backwards trying to decide to stay or leave.


Chris continued to look down the hallway, until he could see what it looked like. A new beast. It had hard red scales and a skull on top of its head, but it was one that he did not recognise. He wondered if Agent 4 might have forgotten to tell him about it, some secret plan, in case they might need it, or something still in the experimental stage.

At the same time, the beast didn’t seem to be responding to the crystal or his actions.

‘If that is one of ours, then why isn’t it following any of my orders?’ Chris was starting to get a very bad feeling. The suspected beast continued to move forward and looked out at all those in the arena. The Pure members, together with the green beasts, were still fighting against the other two groups.

At that moment, Chris received an urgent message on his receiver.

“Agent 1, get out of there! NOW!” The voice on the other side was for Zero, but it was the most panicked he had ever heard his master. “Abort the entire mission!

“But what about all the beasts, and our members?!” Chris questioned. “I’m sure if I joined in the fight, along with you, we could-“

“NO!!!” Zero cut him off. “Forget everything! The entire mission has failed. We made a mistake. I made a very grave mistake… Don’t you see that I have completely underestimated how strong that man was?!”


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